Omnichannel Customer Engagement for Conversational Experience

Every customer deserves a delightful conversational experience. Make it happen across all customer interactions with the power of video chat, co-browsing and live chat

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Customer Engagement Software Platform

Omnichannel serviceOmnichannel Messaging

Manage all conversations across web, mobile & social media to deliver real time engagement under one platform.


Co-browse with your customers by guiding them in real time for effective sales and customer support.

Video and voice chatVideo Chat

Enhance customer satisfaction by delivering faster and personalized customer engagement with voice and video chat.

Live chatLive Chat

Talk with your website visitors in real time and fix their queries with live chat for effective conversations.

Live engagement platform trusted by businesses across the globe


Provide Personalized “In-Person” Guidance

Move from “show” to “show & tell” approach with REVE Chat’s co-browsing and video chat solution. Guide your customers with collaborative tour of your products and services


Interact with your customers browser in real time and navigate together through a complex form fill up process. Offer hassle free solutions with no extra downloads.
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Facebook messengerFacebook Messenger

Deliver instant social support with Facebook Messenger. Grow your business by acquiring new customers and give them ways to reach out you with Facebook Messenger.
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AI chatbotsAI Chatbots

Automate your sales & support FAQs with Chatbots to engage customers 24×7. Easily scale your support with bots to manage a higher volume of conversations without extra costs.

Mobile SDKMobile SDK

Use REVE Chat’s Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android Platforms, to implement in-app messaging support for your users that drives higher engagement and increase retention.

Visitor notesVisitor Notes

Provide additional comments or notes about your conversations with website visitors. The notes help the other agents to follow up for sales or technical support.

Messaging appsMessaging Apps

Manage all your conversations across messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business, Viber, and Telegram all with REVE Chat’s customer engagement.

Automate Your Conversations with an AI Enabled Customer Communication Platform

Automate your customer experience with multi-channel conversations and optimize performance with the advanced customer engagement

Assist customer in real time

Assist Your Customers in Real Time

Empower your team to deliver interactive assistance to customers in real time. Combine co-browsing with video chat to offer faster solutions that improve first contact resolution.

Onboard and Engage Customers with Video Chat

Use video chat for product demos during the customer onboarding process to communicate the core positioning of your brand to the new users that has a positive impact on sales.

Chatbots + Live Support

Automate your sales and support with AI enabled chatbots. Use bots as the first contact channel to handle FAQs and route the complex conversations to the human agents.

Track Your Customers Journey with Real Time Insights

Map the complete customer journey to get real time insights. Deliver instant answers based on the customer behavior with the help of proactive chat triggers

Assist customer in real time

Digital Engagement Platform for Businesses of All Sizes

live chat and video to co-browsing

Reinvent How you Serve Your Customers

Power your team with a better way to deliver customer conversations, all in one easy to use customer engagement solution

Developer APIDeveloper API

Integrate your business apps for in-app messaging using REVE Chat’s developer API. Transfer your customer conversations and information across your other apps for managing workflow seamlessly.

Canned ResponsesCanned Responses

Save answers for the common questions asked by the customers. Canned responses help in answering customers queries instantly, reduce the resolution time and improve customer experience.

Omni channel conversationsTrusted Domains

Stop your agents from receiving anonymous chats by creating a list of trusted domainsManage the specific domains that are trusted or authorized for chat conversations.

Branding and customizatioCustomization

Customize your live chat widget to match your website branding. Set personalized greetings and business messages to engage visitors to set expectations. 


Set a specific wait time and queue the incoming chat requests when the support agents are busy. Queuing gives the visitors a better idea about the average response time.

Department ManagementDepartment Management

Route the chat requests to the right departments in order to reduce the response time. Delivering quick assistance by the right agents enables better customer satisfaction.

Best in Class Customer Engagement for Omnichannel Conversations

Make your conversations more collaborative with REVE Chat’s live engagement platform

Real time collaboration with customers

Deliver OmniChannel Customer Support

Provide real time assistance to your customers across Facebook messenger, website, messaging apps with REVE Chat’s customer engagement solution and deliver quick resolutions.

Provide Real Time Customer Support with Co-Crowsing

Allow the support & sales team to collaborate with the customer’s browser in real time. Instant customer support helps visitors to build trust and increase brand loyalty.

Powerful Analytics Right at Your Fingertips

Get deeper insights about your website visitors and engage them at the right time. Quick assistance helps engaging customers better and increases sales conversions. 

Manage Social Customer Support at One Place

REVE Chat’s customer engagement platform brings all your social support across Facebook Messenger and messaging apps to deliver interactive support to your customers.

Onboard your customers with personalized walkthroughs

Live Customer Engagement for
Real Time Assistance

Give your customers a better way to communicate with you using REVE Chat’s
omnichannel customer engagement

Redefine Your Customer Interactions with
Best Customer Engagement

Make customer conversations effective with suite of live engagement
tools such as co-browsing, video and live chat.

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