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of customers prefer Viber to connect with a business

70 million

and more interactions happen every hour via Viber app

1 in 4

Viber users tap the buy button on seeing the product ads


of customers text via Viber for support related queries

Social Customer Support

This feature allows a company to chat with their customers on viber messaging platform using live chat dashboard from REVE Chat. It helps them in providing omnichannel support. Customer Experience is escalated since they get support on their favourite messaging channel; and not have to do anything extra.

Better Engagement

As you’re connected with your customers on their favourite messaging channel, they can communicate with you much easily hence, the engagement quotient increases. They will also tell their friends about the awesome support they are getting from you which brings you more leads.

Handle Customer Communication Seamlessly with Viber Chatbot

Provide your customers 24x7 support, handle repetitive tasks, and provide a queue-free form of communication with Viber bot

Personal Communication

Viber chatbots can provide customer support by interacting with users directly, answering their questions with personalized messages and solving their problems instantly.

Smooth Set Up

It is very simple to enable Viber chatbot and start chatting with your users. Identify the issues faster and provide effective solutions.

Respond to Your Customers Instantly and Engage them Better

Connect with your customers via Viber chatbot and provide them instant answers to their queries and boost their experience

Social Analytics

Measure your customer conversations across Viber messaging app channel to measure the team performance and KPIs for social customer support.

Omnichannel Communication

Streamline all conversations across channels with the help of Viber chatbot and deliver seamless consitent expecience.


Welcome your users by setting personalized greetings to build good relationships with customers. Greetings help to initate chats in a more engaging way.

Intelligent Routing

Route your Viber messages to the right agents to improve productivity and reduce your resolution time. Routing improves customer satisfaction and improve the support experience.

Department Management

Distribute chat effectively across agents/team over departments. Provide quick sales and support assistance that boosts customer satisfaction.

Customer Analytics

Gain insights about customer behavior to provide better engagement with personalized messages. Engaging customers via meaningful conversations level up conversions.

Prompt Social Customer Service

REVE Chat platform helps to deliver prompt replies to customer queries across Viber messaging channel. Manage conversations efficiently with superior service across all social channels in one platform.

Stregthen Customer Relationships

Improve response time with the Viber chatbot and increase customer satisafcation level. Stregthen your bond with customers and increase their lifetime value.

Effective Social Customer Support with Viber Chatbot

Engage with your customers across Viber messaging channel and deliver prompt service with REVE Chat omnichannel messaging platform

Better In App Messaging Support

Connect with your customers across thier preferred channel and resolve their queries instantly. Deliver superior experience with 24x7 engagement with a Viber chatbot.

Evaluate Messaging Performance

Measure your customer’s activity across Viber messaging application with the help of the key metrics and KPIs such as first response time and total social conversations.

Faster Response to Customers

Deliver prompt support and instant solutions to customer queries by responding on Viber channel. Make use of canned messages for common queries to save time and provide faster replies.

Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Build long lasting customer relationships via real time assistance over their desired channels. Make your communication personalized via Viber messages by understanding your customer needs.

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Connect REVE Chat with your favourite third party tools that help your business to grow.

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