XCart Live Chat Addon Integration

What is X-Cart?

X-Cart is not only open-source but also offers a premium model which means you can pay according to the built-in features you want. It is built on the PHP platform offers you the lifetime license.

Its feature list is quite impressive, but upgrading can be a little expensive. If your store is performing well then, it’s a good option. There’s an ample room for you to customize in this platform if you have the time and knowledge of HTML.


REVE Chat integration with X-Cart

To place REVE chat on your X-Cart store, follow the below mentioned instructions:

  1. Go to Admin > Module then click on Upload add-ons button

Reve Chat Integration with xcart: Step 1

  1. Browse for XC-ReveChat-v5_2_0.tar and click File will be uploaded and X-Cart will rebuild the application. It may take several minutes.

Reve Chat Integration with xcart: Step 2

  1. After the build was successful you will find REVE Chat Plugin in the module list.
  2. Check the “Enable” checkbox if not checked. And then click It will again build the application and will take several minutes.
  3. If the “Enable” button is checked then click on “Settings”.

Reve Chat Integration with xcart: Step 5

  1. A form will appear to sign in or sign up for REVE Chat. Please fill the form and submit. After sign-in is successful the REVE Chat widget will be available in web pages.



  • Live chat add-on by REVE Chat enables an X-cart powered eCommerce store to provide instant assistance to website visitors in real-time.
  • Integrating live chat add-on in the website, mobile app and social media channels make the process of communication easier and faster.
  • Customers love live chat app integration on an eCommerce store as it reduces their query resolution time and hence boosts the customer satisfaction rate.
  • A live chat plugin can also be used to provide customized offers to website visitors on the basis of their previous interactions and location.
  • A good live chat widget like REVE Chat also gives the insights on visitor footprints to chat agents. It helps the agents in analyzing the customer journey and provide better support.

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