Smart Banking Chatbot with Examples & Use Cases

Make banking easier for your customers. Use a chatbot to stay available 24x7, automate routine tasks and give quick replies to queries. With an AI banking bot, consult people on finances and money without any human intervention. Leverage the advanced features of AI chatbots for banking to streamline your workflow and get more effective. Let artificial intelligence make people feel comfortable seeking information and sharing sensitive information.

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What is a Banking Chatbot?

A bank chatbot is an AI-enabled conversational interface to interact with customers and provide help. It either uses artificial intelligence or simple if/then statements to recognize words or phrases and respond accordingly.

Chatbots in banking are incredibly powerful and can manage smart communications on behalf of the bank. With a banking bot, it’s possible to handle millions of users simultaneously and enhance their experience.

REVE Chat: A Smart Banking Chatbot Solution

Make a Zero-Coding Bot

Build a bot without any coding skill. Customize the look-n-feel of each aspect of the bot to meet your business goals. Build bot in no time and put to it work quickly.

Qualify Your Leads

Engage your visitors and stay available for them round the clock. Convert the website visitors into qualified leads automatically. Let AI bots transfer leads to your sales team.

Scale Your Sales

Deliver automated customer support and sales conversions with chatbots using REVE Chat’s AI powered live chat platform. With chatbots, reduce issues managed by live agents and enhance customer experience.

Deliver A Great Conversational Experience

Respond accurately to the inputs of customers with our bot. Deliver authentic conversational experiences at each step of the way. Route chats to a human rep to ensure a humanized support to the complex queries.

Bulk ML Training

Train your bot to deliver faster and effective answers to customer queries. Import all the general FAQs and answers to train your AI chatbot. Let training improve the overall accuracy of customer conversations.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Analyze customer’s sentiment and respond them in tune with their moods. Use the power of AI to interpret customer’s queries and offer quick replies. Answer basic questions immediately to boost customers’ satisfaction.


Present & Future Use Cases of Banking

Banking chatbots are revolutionizing the way consumers interact with their financial institutions. With the ability to handle a wide range of tasks, chatbots offer a convenient and efficient alternative to traditional banking methods. In this eBook, we will explore the various use cases for banking chatbots, the benefits they offer, and how they are changing the industry as a whole.

If you are a financial institution looking to implement chatbots or a consumer interested in using them for your banking needs, this eBook is an essential guide to understanding the role of chatbots in modern banking services.

Importance of Omnichannel Chatbot in Banking Sector

Gather Valuable Customer Feedback

Use the conversational interface of chatbots to boost customer engagement and gather valuable customer feedback. Leverage the user inputs in the easiest way possible to improve the delivery of banking services.

Increase Product Adoption

Embed AI chatbots on the website or app to increase and get visitors interested in your products or services. Offer quick information on different banking questions to boost customer engagement.

Personalized Offers

Make use of the chatbot analytics to deliver relevant and personalized services and offers to your customers. Add value to users with the captured data about the behavior, trends and patterns.

Virtual Financial Assistant

Trust your AI bots to get smarter and work as a financial assistant to handle more advanced banking tasks. Save time and money by letting bots handle basic queries and transferring complex ones to human agents.

Practical Use Cases of Banking Chatbot

Core Banking Activities

Bots can help users with a whole host of core banking tasks. Using a bot, one can do all, such as check their account balances, send money, pay their bills and monitor money transfers.

Lead Generation

Banks can use chatbots to add a more appealing touch to the entire lead generation process. Be it a loan application or new credit card, or reward point redemptions, bots can do all for the bank.

Engage Consumers

Many banks have chatbots deployed on the website or on browsing pages with start conversations with visitors. This helps them analyze user behavior or interests, or introduce to them banking products.

Monitor Transaction History

Bots can help users get a quick overview of their transactions. It’s possible to get a quick weekly or monthly spending report. Bots can also send alters in case there is any activity in the bank account.

Send Alert for Suspicious Activities

Banks now deploy bots to send immediate alerts or quick notifications to customers in case of any unauthorized access to their accounts. With AI bots, any suspicious activities can be reported to minimize the risks of phishing attacks or hacking.

Automated Support for FAQs

Bots are available 24x7 and banks can deploy them to solve customer problems any time without requiring human intervention. AI bots with advanced algorithms and machine learning ability can answer complex queries.

REVE Chat's Banking Chatbot for Prompt Customer Service

Transform digital banking and give customers advantages like never before. Use the advanced features of banking customer service chatbot to automate routine operations and boost engagement. Interact with customers seamlessly, offer prompt answers, and speed up response time without any human touch.

With AI bots, stay prepared to face the future challenges of conversational banking. Use chatbot-powered data and analytics to deliver a personalized customer experience. Free up the time of agents and make them more productive by using a chatbot for customer service.

8 Banks With AI Chatbots

Awesome Examples of Banking Chatbots

Eva from HDFC

Eva is a perfect chatbot for everyday banking. It helps customers do virtually every task, be it getting quick answers to FAQs, making various payments, or checking on a loan status. Customers can use it to apply for quick loans as well.

Ally Assist from Ally Bank

Ally Assist was one of the first chatbots in the banking sector. It is still very popular among customers for getting seamless personalized service. The bot allows every banking task, right from bill payments to money transfers to account information requests, etc.

Amy from HSBC

Amy is a popular virtual assistant chatbot available on the HSBC website’s several product pages. It provides 24/7 instant online support to customers with any type of banking inquiries, and can also offer quick answers to common questions related to the bank’s products and services. The bot not only answers queries in the English language but also understands simple Chinese.

Ceba from Commonwealth Bank (Australia)

Ceba is a virtual banking assistant that uses artificial intelligence to help customers with more than 200 banking tasks. Available on the bank’s app and website, the bot can answer a range of everyday banking questions and enables tasks such as checking account balance, card activation, making payments, etc. Plus, it’s one of the few banking chatbots to have human escalation.

Citi Bot SG from Citi

Citi Bot SG is quite a utility chatbot for customers for doing a variety of banking tasks. It helps users get basic account information through Facebook Messenger. The bot provides quick answers to queries related to account balance, transactions, credit card rewards and payment information.

Eno from Capital One

Eno is a powerful digital assistant available on the bank’s website and mobile app. It protects your money and helps you shop safer online. The bot uses natural language processing to answer account information queries of any complexity. Plus, it can send instant alerts if there is suspected fraud in the account.

Erica from Bank of America

Erica is an AI-powered virtual financial assistant available within the bank’s app. It’s a good bank bot to help customers manage their money more easily and in a smooth manner. The bot has an interactive interface that helps in getting banking information easily, be it related to account balances, credit scores, etc. Plus, it can also send bill reminders.

NOMI from Royal Bank of Canada

NOMI is a smart chatbot that eases banking tasks for customers and makes account management easier. It sends quick reminders and alerts to make bill payments easy for regular users. Customers can expect tailored insights based on their banking or spending habits. Plus, it has tools for customers to smoothly manage day-to-day spending and get a budget recommendation.

21 Amazing Names for Banking Chatbot

Abbott BuzzBot Wowbot Dalary Botie Liam Paisley Robotina Paige Bravot Stevie Artie Penelope Jodie Robotina Huntly Zara Xiomara Thea Juniper Barney

Banking Chatbot Trends & Stats

Save 30% in Customer Support Costs

Banks can save up to 30% in customer support costs. (Chatbots Magazine)

Save 4 Mins Per Query

Chatbots can save banks 4 minutes per inquiry. (IJERT)

90% Automated Interactions by 2022

90% of interactions in banks will be automated by 2022. (Juniper Research)

43% Prefer Chatbots to Address Issues

43% of banking users in the US prefer to use a chatbot to address issues. (eMarketer)

3rd Most Popular Sector For Informational Chatbots

Banking is among the top three sectors where informational chatbots are most popular.

Let's Get into Conversational AI Banking

Redefine the new-age banking. Give your customers the best of non-human conversations and interfaces. Discuss finances, offer advice, take questions, solve doubts - do it all with chatbots. Let users manage their money through voice or text messages. Deploy an AI-powered virtual assistant and change the way banking is experienced.

Customized Chatbot Solution for "Your Bank"

Deliver an amazing digital experience with a customized banking chatbot. Provide 24x7 automated support and quickly resolve queries without making customers wait in support calls. Get a bot developed specifically for your needs to ensure personalized touch to all banking services.

With a dedicated chatbot for your bank, now do quick customer onboarding, enable everyday banking tasks. Make the bot recommend products and offers based on the searches, interests, and demographics of the target audience. Drive personalized engagement in real-time.

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