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Live ChatLive Chat

Analyze customer profiles to reach out to your prospects on your e-commerce website in real time and improve sales conversions with live chat.

Voice and Video chatVideo Chat

Advise your customers via voice and video chat for quick decision making on final successful purchase. Good customer service makes good sales.


Using co-browsing for e-commerce & retail allows customers-agents simultaneous interaction giving more in-store experience

Screen sharingOmnichannel Messaging

Deliver a superior service experience on various channels in your strategy and ensure that your customers get real time assistance

Live chat apps to support customers through your website and apps


Convert chats into sales conversions for your e-commerce store

Reduce cart abandonment and guide customers in buying journey through proactive chat.

Convert chats into sales conversions for your e-commerce store

Boost your sales conversions

Live chat assures multiple chat handling and less wait time, it has less perceived risk.  Engage customers with live support chat software, making it easier for your e-commerce first-time customers into repeat buyers.

Reduce cart abandonment with proactive live chat

Save your carts by proactively engaging your customers with live chat. Track your website visitor and customers activity with real time visitor monitoring, and proactively trigger right personalized message. It reduces cart abandonment significantly.

Reduce cart abandonment with proactive live chat
Help your customers with live assistance

Help your customers with live assistance

With live chat, resolve your customer’s problem right as they appear in one touch. Combine other live engagement tools such as co-browsing, video chat to improve the chances of sales with effective solutions.

Grow your retail business with a live chat platform

Live chat solution helps to lower customer service costs handling business when and where your customer wants

facebook-messengerFacebook Messenger

Acquire more customers with Facebook messenger to grow your e-commerce business. Deliver better social support and engage your customers with Facebook messenger

destinationVisitor Journey

Mapping your visitor’s journey helps to gain a better understanding of the buying experience from the customer’s perspective by combining the pain points of the customers and acting to specific requirements.

rountingIntelligent Routing

Direct all the incoming chat requests automatically to the dedicated support agents and instantly engage them. In case the agents are busy, the chat requests are queued, and are attended once the wait time is over.

Chat RoutingNotes

Add internal comments about your customer conversation simplifies the follow-up for the sales support process. Help your team members to deliver better customer engagement and more sales conversion.

Chat TagsAutomated Triggers

Trigger right messages to your website visitors and customers at right time. Based on the buying journey, send personalized messages to guide through a seamless checkout process.


Raise your brand awareness by customizing your live chat widget that matches your e-commerce website. Create a consistent and professional image that appeals to the customers and engages them for sales conversion. 

Quick and easy support with live chat for retail
and e-commerce customers

Prevent your customers from cart abandonment with automated live chat
for your e-commerce or retail store.


Develop trust and build customer loyalty

Gain customer loyalty for your brand with personalized chat conversations and live customer engagement tools. Try to exceed your customer’s expectations by always acknowledging him as an individual to develop lasting relationships.

Bring in more customers

Acquire more leads by integrating live chat and real time website analytics. Interact with every visitor on your website by proactive chat and nudge them towards conversions.

Handle multiple customers at the same time

Live chat allows you to handle multiple chats at the same time, reduces the average response time and improves customer satisfaction level. Save time by using canned responses to send instant answer to the frequently asked questions by customers.

Set welcome greetings for customers

Set and send personalized chat greetings to welcome your customers and assist them throughout their buying journey. Boost your e-commerce sales with the right and timely messages. 


Grow your business with omnichannel e-commerce service

Deliver virtual brick-and-mortar experience to your ecommerce customers with live chat.

live chat

Boost conversations with conversational e-commerce

Reach out proactively to your customers and deliver personalized
experiences with REVE Chat

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