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live chat for sales

Live Chat AssistanceLive Chat

Provide live chat assistance to your website visitors to convert them into leads and sales conversions.

Video ChatVideo Chat

Make sales demos effective with face to face video chat and improve sales engagement.

Co-browsing solutionsCo-browsing

Co-browse with your website visitors in real time for your sales, support, marketing or product onboarding.

Screen sharingScreen sharing

Interact with your customer’s screen to get an instant view of the customer query and provide the right answer.

Engage your website visitors with live chat to drive sales conversions


Drive sales conversions in real time with live chat

Turn your website visitors into sales conversions with the right messaging at the right time

Omni channel communicationOmni channel communication

Manage all your customer conversations across different channels like the website, Facebook messenger, messaging apps under a unified platform in order to deliver real time assistance over their preferred channel.

CRM integrationsCRM integrations

Convert your chats into leads directly into your CRM with REVE Chat’s ready integrations. REVE Chat’s developer API helps to boost your sales productivity and follow up on the process with better sales engagement.

Department managementDepartment management

Distribute chats to the right departments agents in order to provide quick answers to the customer queries and enhance customer conversation. Provide real time support by routing chat requests effectively.

Visitor analyticsVisitor analytics

Gain insights about your customer behavior and send a personalized message to engage customers. Based on the journey start a proactive chat with the customer to improves the sales process.

Customer profileCustomer profile

Track your customer data and personalize your communication by learning more about them. Viewing visitors activities help your agents to collaborate with them in real time.

Visitor NotesVisitor Notes

Add internal comments or notes about your conversation so that other team members can follow up for any sales support. Notes help in better customer engagement by resuming the conversation based on the previous interaction.

Drive sales conversions with an omni channel
live chat platform

Provide real time assistance to your website visitors and convert them into leads and sales

Multichannel customer support

Get a unified view of your customer journey

Understand your visitor journey as they move through your website. With proper visitor analytics, agents can provide customized support and offer for more sales.

Provide personalized sales demos with video chat

Provide better sales assistance in real time with video chat. Engage with them through voice or video chat to provide a personalized demo and convert them into leads.

Co-browse with your customers for real time sales assistance

Co-browsing provides real time assistance to customers in an interactive manner. You can solve your customer’s queries using co-browsing and improve real time interaction.

Connect your customers with sales

Routing the chats to the support and sales agents across the right departments helps to fix customers queries and issues instantly. Enhance the quality of query handling process of customers and reduce customer waiting time.

Assist customer in real time

Boost your lead generation efforts with live chat

Improve your online conversions with live chat

Improve your online conversions with live chat

Engage with website visitors and customers across web, mobile and messaging apps
with REVE Chat’s with an omni channel live chat platform

Widget customizationWidget customization

Customize your chat widget that matches closely to your website branding. Welcome visitors with customized greetings that engage them effectively and provide better live chat sales experience.

Team productivityTeam productivity

Improve the productivity of your sales and support team with live engagement tools. Deliver better customer engagement by handling customer queries in real time.

Trusted DomainsTrusted Domains

You can handle the specific domains that are trusted or authorized for chat conversations. Access is restricted to unauthorized domains.

Canned ResponsesCanned Responses

Save the responses for frequently asked questions by the customers and use them during the chat conversations. Make conversations effective by raising the chances of sales and reduce the response time.

Automated TriggersAutomated Triggers

Send a customized message your website visitors based on the customer journey that provides insight about their interests and behavior. Hitting the right message at right time provides better customer engagement.

Developer APIDeveloper API

With REVE Chat’s Developer API, deliver better customer engagement with in-app messaging support and improve sales conversion.

Accelerate your sales cycle with chatbots

Automate your lead qualification and sales conversions with bots and live chat

Collaboration with visual engagement tools

Product demos for customer onboarding

Provide additional information about your products and services to make customer onboarding process seamless. Better clarity about the product enhances the customer experience.

Instant support and guidance

Deliver instant support and guidance to customers related to sales or support. Providing quick solutions without making customers wait improves develop a long lasting relationship with your business.

Personalized chat conversations improve sales

Interact with your customers in a friendly and favorable manner based on their journey. Personalized conversations make customer engagement more effective and improve sales.


Build trust and loyalty in customers

Engage your customers with personalized conversation by listening to their problems and provide an effective solution. The friendly interaction builds trust and loyalty in customers and increases conversions.

Onboard your customers with personalized walkthroughs

Integrate REVE Chat to your business apps in one click

Grow your sales funnel faster with live chat

Assist your customers and convert them into leads with REVE Chat’s
live chat platform for online sales conversions

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