Write SaaS-Related Guest Posts For Us

Write for us on guest blog content on topics such as customer engagement, live chat, omnichannel customer experience, sales and CRM, Digital marketing, and website optimization.

Want to write a guest blog for REVE Chat? We are now accepting guest articles from experts if they align with our standards. We expect insightful and engaging content like this. 

Send your content collaboration proposal to [email protected]


SaaS and Other Topics We Cover:

We’re accepting well-written, informative guest posts covering the following areas:

  1. Customer engagement
  2. Live chat
  3. Chatbot
  4. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  5. Customer service
  6. Customer experience
  7. Sales and CRM
  8. Digital Marketing


What Are We Looking For Out of a Guest Post?

Acceptable Content Types

Blog posts (minimum 1000 words), case studies, white papers, webinars, and podcasts.

Example-Rich, Actionable Content

The theory is fine, but it’ll be great if you can show our readers how to implement an idea in real life.

Original Content

Your content should be original and not plagiarised. Avoid sharing similar content that already exists on our blog.

Simple, Effective, and High Clarity Content

Be generous with images, videos, and infographics to drive the point home effectively and comprehensively.

Non-Promotional Content

Our contributors never advertise a service or business. We’ll be thankful if you keep the sales pitch out of the story.

Rich Insights Backed by Data

People talk about retention & growth but we want to know your viewpoint on it. Feel free to acknowledge your sources.

Here’s What You Will Get:

  1. Give you a chance to showcase your domain or topic knowledge;
  2. Leverage our platform to get exposure in front of your audience. Our audiences are mostly entrepreneurs, sales and marketing managers, customer service executives, marketers, optimizers, etc.
  3. Writing for REVE Chat will not only give you exposure to thousands of people who are but also you will get a do-follow backlink to your website.

Guest Post Guidelines:

  1. 100% original content, never published anywhere else
  2. Ideally, the content length should be 1500-2000 words
  3. Articles have to be well-researched, informative, and cover actionable insights on the given topic
  4. If you make a claim back it up with a reference link,
  5. Break up your copy into readable/scannable pieces. Use sub-headings, bullet points, and numbers lists when possible, and break up paragraphs that are longer than 5-6 lines on a Google Doc.
  6. Include at least one (legal) image to be used with the post, preferably 2 to 3.

The Process

Step one: Submit your idea

Send an email to [email protected] to propose a couple of topics (one is welcome as well) with the article link you’d like to get a backlink to. We can’t guarantee a publication. Go through our Content Guidelines below to find what we are looking for in the SaaS/customer communication article.

Also, if we don’t publish your post within a month, you can use it anywhere else.

Step two: Editing your post

We are expecting a well-researched draft from you on the first go. But if we think there is work that needs to be done we will send you the article with suggestions. Please listen to our suggestions and resend the draft.

Again, we hold the right to publish or not. If we do not publish it, feel free to publish it elsewhere.


Sample articles

Here are the links to some of our published articles for your reference. Go through them to get a hang of the tone and writing style before you submit the guest post on Customer Support:

Terms & conditions for guest blog writers

  • When you submit your article here in any preferred way, you clearly understand and give your consent that you agree that you irreversibly and solely allocate and shift all the rights, authorities, and interests in and to the article, the informative content, and the entire cognitive related property (covering copyrights) to us. Hereafter, we shall be the exclusive owners of the article and all the rights related to the same.
  • Consequently, we have the authority to replicate, share, assign, modify, delete, and/or use this content in any style or manner over any channel that may be electronic or not, that we consider obligatory. This comprises the CTA (call to action ) markers in the content (articles, blogs, press releases) with the purpose to showcase and foster our business products and services.
  • You clearly understand to agree that you do not have the right to use, publish, modify, share, update, or replicate any content (blogs and others) at any point of time that is delivered by you to us, with any third party or on any other electronic or non-electronic channel, without our clear written approval in advance.
  • You hereby showcase and authorize that all the blogs, articles, and other content delivered by you, comprising the cognitive property and other things involved in the event, are either your authentic write-ups or have been warranted by you from the third-party owner with the right to license for the same.
  • You also give your consent to compensate, protect and stand with us and our team, company professionals, directors, and agents safe from any kind of damage, loss, costs, claims, or other expenses, no matter actual or expected rationally, that may crop up because of you or your write-ups breaking any of the terms and conditions mentioned here.