Case StudyInaani

About Inaani

Inaani is a Singapore based leading retail and wholesale VoIP service provider with its active presence across the globe. The company offers wholesale VoIP carrier services, which facilitates the users to make low cost international calls using the internet as a medium. 

Challenges Inaani was facing:

  1. The amount of competitors present in this vertical today is overwhelming, so it’s important to stand out and differentiate Inaani from others.
  2. As Inaani has customers from all over the world, they need to provide 24/7 customer support based on different geographical areas and timing.
  3. Every commercial customer of Inaani has a dedicated account manager. There were situations when customers could not reach to the concerned managers for several reasons. 
  4. In spite of having a good website traffic, Inaani couldn’t engage with them directly for offering instant assistance.
  5. Evaluating the overall performance of the team was tough. They were struggling to understand whether customers are actually happy and getting required assistance or not.

“Basically we were facing two key challenges: less chance of customer engagement and lack of visitor insights. REVE Chat helped us to overcome these issues.”

– Mr Nurul Hassan, Chief Operating Officer, Inaani

What they have liked in REVE Chat?

  • It offers multi-channel customer support to the website visitors (live chat, voice and video chat).
  • REVE Chat’s ‘Advanced Reporting’ provides detailed reports on agent activities and visitor analytics so that Inaani can evaluate the overall performance of the support team.
  • With advanced features like ‘Proactive Chat’, ‘Auto Trigger’, it helps to engage with the website visitors for offering instant help.
  • Provides detailed information about the website visitors (geographic location, country, page visits, etc.) for offering personalized assistance.
  • Through Facebook Messenger, it allows the visitors to live chat with the support agents from Inaani’s Facebook page itself.
  • Helps to receive instant customer feedback during or after each support session.


  • By successfully offering 24/7 customer support, Inaani has witnessed a 10% increment in its total online leads.
  • While the website abandonment rate has decreased drastically, the total engagement rate with the customers has increased by 20%.

About REVE Chat

REVE Chat is a multi-channel cloud based live chat platform that enables online businesses to connect with their customers in real-time. It helps to offer instant assistance to the website visitors, get customer feedback, improve sales conversions and build brand loyalty. REVE Chat is easy to use and can be integrated with your website within a few minutes.

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