Abante Cart Live Chat Extension Integration

What is AbanteCart?

AbanteCart is a free eCommerce application which is distributed under the Open Software License (OSL 3.0). This open-source platform is coded in PHP language and connected with MySQL database like its peers.

As this is a free software based on open-source technology, it dons no limit on inventory, traffic, number of customers etc. This highly versatile eCommerce platform has a lot of extensions developed by developers all around the world to extend the functionality of the platform.


REVE Chat integration with AbanteCart

To add a REVE Chat on your AbanteCart store, follow the bellow steps:

  1. Download REVE Chat extension archive.
  2. Go to Admin > Extensions > Install Extension.


  1. Click on Extension Upload tab. Click on browse button and select the downloaded revechat.tar.gz file.
  2. After package upload, please read the Package License Agreement.
  3. If you accept, its statements click on the “Agree” button.


  1. Congratulations, REVE Chat extension is installed successfully.
  2. On the next window make the extension status “On” and save.
  3. Now click on the additional settings tab. You can also go to additional settings by clicking Admin > System> REVE Chat.
  4. Provide your REVE Chat account email and click connect.
  5. On successful connection with REVE Chat, you will find a success message will be displayed.
  6. Now go to your site’s home page. If everything is ok, then you will find REVE Chat widget on your site.



  • Abante Cart Live chat extension integration helps live chat agents to provide instant assistance to your website visitors.
  • REVE Chat’s live chat plugin can be integrated with an eCommerce web-based store, mobile app, messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram messenger allowing you to provide multi-channel customer support from a single platform.
  • REVE Chat’s Live chat plugin also enables the customer service agents to check website visitors IP, location. This information can be used to provide customized offers.
  • You can check the pages which your website visitors have accessed with live chat integration, this will help you serve them better.
  • Using proactive chat triggers enables the live chat agents to initiate the communication with website visitors thereby providing instant assistance.

Download Addons

Version 1.0.8

Supported version: 1.1.x to 1.2.x

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