Live Chat for Automotive Industry

Live chat for car dealers helps your automotive business to grow online sales and provide real time support with an omni channel messaging solution.

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imageVideo Chat

Help your buyers in making decisions on the website or mobile app by having a visual engagement.


Increase engagement with your car buyers by assisting them to fill up forms by collaborating on their screen.

Video & voice callsLive chat

Engage your automotive website visitors by offering real time assistance and answer buyer queries right away.

Omnichannel platformAI chatbots

Deploying chatbots aids car dealing companies to aid their prospects with instant assistance round the clock.

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Improve support standard with live chat automotive customer service

Live chat for the automotive industry and online car dealers can beat the traditional communication methods

Deliver real time support on your website

Deliver conversational customer experience with live engagement

Drive your engagement level with automotive buyers by using visual tools like co-browsing and video chat. Guide through complex problems and deliver an immersive digital customer experience.

Win more customers and grow your auto sales

Win more customers and grow your auto sales

Live chat for the automotive industry allows you to capture leads faster by providing accurate information of any car models, finance schemes in real time to close deals faster.

live chat

Minimize your contact center workload

Privilege your customers who prefer messaging for getting assistance. Using live chat for automotive customer service minimizes the load on your call center executives.

You are in Good Company

Over 10,000 happy customers use REVE Chat

Accelerate your automotive website sales with live chat software

Live chat allows to track visitors in real time, nurture leads and offer assistance promptly

OmnichannelOmnichannel messaging

Streamline the conversations from different channels such as website, mobile, social media under a unified platform to manage all your automotive queries efficiently. Engaging car buyers over their preferred channels delivers a better experience.

imgAdvanced routing

Adding live chat to your automotive website helps to create chat routing rules to connect the chat requests to the right rep or department. It helps in faster identification of the query by the experts and provides the relevant information in the first contact.

imgAutomated triggers

Initiate conversations with your online buyers by sending automated personalized triggers proactively based on time, location, page, or referral URL. It helps to increase the number of car buying inquiries, test drive bookings, and sales conversions.

imgCanned responses

Respond to FAQ questions faster, improve the accuracy of the replies ( complex car model names, URLs), and improve buyers’ satisfaction as they expect instant replies. Canned replies help to deliver a great live chat support experience.

imgWidget customization

Customize your chat widget to match the branding of your virtual events. You can enable settings for the welcome message, audio-video call, co-browsing, to provide customers advanced support options. You can also customize your solutions based on your event needs.

imgMobile SDK

Amplify your conversations with your automotive website visitors, even while you are on the move. Converse with Android and iOS users via messaging or video chat with the help of mobile SDK.

Rev up the revenue of your automotive website with live chat and AI chatbot

Maximize your RoI of your online car showroom with live chat and chatbot technology


Automate your lead generation funnel with bots

Deploy an AI enabled chatbot to automate your lead generation process when your sales team is busy or not available. Bots can engage and qualify visitors into leads by asking relevant questions and directing them to the sales team for the nurturing process.

Enrich your support standards

Offering real time support with messaging and face-to-face chat helps buyers in making quick sales decisions. Getting a visual experience of the car they want to buy and getting authentic answers to all their questions gives a great support experience.


Strengthen your customer loyalty

Implementing a live chat solution in your car selling website helps buyers reach you out easily for their inquiries about cars, prices, services, loans, etc. Providing them real time answers builds trust and cultivates loyalty eventually.

Deliver the best hybrid chat experience

Provide the best conversational experience to your online buyers by balancing your support with chatbots and live chat. Bots can handle simple queries to help live chat agents to handle complex conversations. Offering a smooth transition between a bot and human support boosts the satisfaction rate.


Stay ahead of the competition by adding live chat to your car selling website

Offer improved customer services for increasing sales and building stronger customer relationships


Turn your visitors into customers and stay engaged with them with live chat

Live chat for automotive industry allows you to help your customers find exactly what they are looking for

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