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REVE Chat Security Policy

REVE Chat Security

Many of our existing and loyal customers have concerns about how we store and manage their sensitive data. Below are some of the features adopted by REVE Chat to protect our customers.

Data Security

Data transmission, data centers and storage security are very much important to any cloud based service system. So, we have taken all necessary steps to keep our information protected.

Our data centers, provided by Coreix , are located in the UK. They are behind a number of security clearances. In case of complete failure of the primary data center, REVE Chat will continue serving its clients from an alternative server.

Our user data are stored on secure servers. So, no customer can view data of another customer. Similarly unauthorized REVE Chat developers cannot access user data. For another level of protection, we keep a backup of our data on a daily basis.

We encrypt each chat message of all conversations, so if anyone gets access of another user’s data, they cannot decode the chat messages.

All user passwords are stored as encrypted via SHA2-512.  So, nobody can see or decrypt it. We never delete our user data from our system even if our user does not continue anymore.

Masking Nonpublic Information

All information handled by REVE Chat is considered private and subjected to the highest level of security. We have ability to support your organization’s security and privacy requirements. If private information is collected from your visitors, it can be masked prior to transfer to the Operator as well as when stored in Database. The masking process is irreversible and once executed, the data will no longer be available in its original format. For example, if anyone type his credit card number 4444-2222-3333-1111, it will become ****-****-****-****.  This masking process will be helpful for those people who want to ensure and support PCI-DSS requirements.

Application Tier Security

REVE Chat is developed using 4 tier architecture. At 1st tier, we have used firewall to filter all traffic and prevent malicious request, ddos attack, cross site scripting etc. At 2nd tier, we are using a load balancer to distribute our load. At 3rd tier, our application server is working. At 4th tier, we have placed our database server.

Transport Layer Security

All Connection between the browser and REVE Chat server maintained over SSL with 256bit(SHA-1) encryption protocol. So, if any intermediate gateway or router intercept our packet, it will not able to decrypt our information.

Data center Security

All our servers are based in London, UK. For high availability, all our dedicated servers are offered with dual power supplies, the option of dual uplinks and a 100% uptime SLA. Our data centers are all staffed 24x7x365. All Our servers are built to effectively withstand natural disasters.

Reporting Issues and Threats

If you have found any issues or flaws impacting the data security or privacy of REVE Chat users, please write to with the relevant information so we can get working on it right away.

Your request will be looked into immediately. We might ask for your guidance in identifying or replicating the issue and understanding any means to resolving the threat right away.

Please be clear and specific about any information you give us. We deeply appreciate your help in detecting and fixing flaws in REVE Chat, and will acknowledge your contribution to the world once the threat is resolved.

 Get in Touch with Us

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to get in touch with us at and we’ll get back to you right away.


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