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imgEncrypted Messaging

REVE Chat fortifies the privacy and security of the patient’s health information.


Capture the critical doctor-patient live video sessions for compliance and maintaining patient records.

imgMake it Mobile

Make a trip to the doctor over your mobile and access quality care anytime anywhere you need.

imgVideo & Voice Chat

Get counseling or therapy directly with your doctors with video and voice chat solutions.

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Safe and secure e-consultation platform to connect you with patients anytime anywhere

Provide an online booking system to enable patients to view a live appointment calendar that offers a high-end patient experience


No plugins or downloads

Start video chat sessions with a single click. As it is embedded into the live chat interface, there is no need for extra downloads for doctors & patients and leave their screen.

Personalized care at scale

Easily scale your live video conversations with patients and deliver consistent personalized health care solutions in real time.

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Enhancing doctors patient’s collaboration

Create a real-time ecosystem within your healthcare app by integrating live chat, co-browsing, chat APIs & SDKs to allow patients to reach out to you.

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Over 10,000 happy customers use REVE Chat


Grow your healthcare organization with REVE Chat’s live chat, visual tools, and chatbots

Deliver modernized communication solutions, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce interaction costs


With visual engagement, healthcare organizations can instantly collaborate with patients to offer instant onscreen guidance in real time. Cobrowse solutions enable healthcare institutions to simplify beneficiary transactions or discover new offerings.

imgAI chatbot

AI chatbots can provide healthcare professionals with appointment details and help them update patient records. They can also help patients easily request prescription refills and pay bills while providing helpful, actionable alerts for optimal patient engagement.


Create separate departments to manage your conversations better. It helps you to provide effective solutions to patients faster and reduces queue time significantly.


Directs all the requests to the right time based on the routing rules i.e. time based, broadcasting, and URL based routing. Providing effective solutions improves the first contact resolution metric and delivers a great experience to the patients.

imgRich media sharing

Allow your patients to share their medical reports such as ultrasound, MRI, CT scan records with the experts. Examining the reports in real time helps to initiate the treatment process as early as possible.

imgChat tags

Prioritize your specific chat conversations to categorize under a definite topic to the medical expert or patient. You can organize and sort your conversations much better by adding tags.

Set up your conversational platform to focus on the best quality patient care

Deliver exceptional patient journeys, from the first touchpoint to diagnosis and post patient care.


Virtual consultations

Simplify interactions and ensure the best consultations from top doctors directly with voice and video calls. You can create better communication possibilities between patients & doctors instantly.

Faster and convenient care

Enable your patients to communicate directly with the chat with doctors in real time. The instant conversation with physicians results in better care to patients.img

Counseling and therapy with live assistance

With co-browsing and video chat, healthcare organizations can instantly collaborate with patients and caregivers any time, across any device. Allow patients to interact directly with healthcare experts in real-time to share & discuss health issues, queries & diagnoses.

Ensure privacy & security of data

Ensure all the messages and media files exchanged between the patients and medical experts on the healthcare messaging software is end-to-end encrypted.


Provide intuitive healthcare live chat experiences to customers

REVE Chat improves website engagement rates and patient satisfaction levels


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