Zencart Live Chat Plugin Integration

What is Zen Cart?

Being an open source eCommerce software, it allows maintaining your online store without having any HTML knowledge.

Now through REVE Chat, you can offer live chat assistance to your e-Commerce store created on Zen Cart platform. For using REVE Chat on your website, SIGN UP first and then follow the below-mentioned steps for integration.

The Zen Cart live chat integration process:

  1. Download the REVE Chat plugin for Zen Cart

  2. Unzip your downloaded zip file

  3. You will find a folder named ‘YOUR_ADMIN’ under catalog folder which you need to rename



  1. Next, open the folder where you have saved all your Zen Cart files. The file source will be like,  ‘https://cpanel.yourdomen.com/zencart’. There you will find a folder just like the below green marked one. You just need to copy that folder name and paste it to rename ‘YOUR_ADMIN’ folder.



  1.  After renaming, copy both of the green marked folders and paste it in your Zen Cart directory.




  1. Next, open your Zen Cart interface and select ‘REVE Chat Configuration’ under ‘Extras’.




  1. If you already have registered for REVE Chat, then just provide your registered email address in the given space and click on the ‘Submit’ tab. 




  1. Now select ‘ Layout Boxes controller’ under the ‘Tools’ tab.




  1. Next, you will be redirected to a new page. There find ‘sideboxes/reve_chat.php’ from the given list and click on the ‘edit’ button.




  1. Under the ‘Edit Box’ select ‘ON’ button for ‘Left/Right Column Status’ and click on the ‘Update’ button to save and update your changes.




  1. REVE Chat will be successfully integrated with your Zen Cart platform.





  • Zen Cart Live chat plugin enables your live chat agents to provide instant assistance to website visitors in real-time.
  • Live chat plugin by REVE Chat for your eCommerce store enables you to check your visitors IP, location. Customer service agents can use this information to provide customized offers.
  • Live chat agents can check the pages which your website visitors have accessed with live chat integration, this will help you serve them better.
  • REVE Chat’s live chat plugin can be integrated with Facebook page messenger allowing you to give multi-channel support from a single dashboard.

Download Module

Zen Cart version 1.0.6

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