Collaborative browsing to Eliminate Confusions

Co-browse online with customers, share browser and provide real time help

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Companies have witnessed 9.5X customer retention rates after adoption of digital channels.


Companies using co-browsing enjoy a 2.4% annual improvement (decrease) in support costs year-over-year.


Businesses using visual engagement tools marked 83% in annual revenue and positive growth.


Co-browsing users achieve a 7.2% annual increase in this key business metrics.

Effective Support with the Best Co-Browsing Software

Be where your customers are. Deliver a unified customer experience with REVE Chat’s multi channel customer engagement platform

Co-Browsing by Code

Continue conversations from messaging channels or calls over the web with the same agent for better experience.

Switch Pages

Empower your team with video recordings to monitor chats for better productivity & quality assurance.


Add live video chat to your iOS and Android apps by using REVE Chat’s mobile SDK.

Combine Tools

Collaborate with your customers in real time to resolve issues faster by combining live video chat.

Continued Conversation

Shorten your resolution time by collaborating with the same agent using co-browsing by code. Improve first contact resolution by sharing the unique code and reduce touchpoints.

Boost Your Team Productivity

Co-browsing online helps collaborating with clients in real time and accelerate team productivity. Improve KPIs like average resolution time, CSAT scores, and identify areas of improvement.

Real Time Collaboration Made Easy with the Best Co-Browsing Software

Identify customer issues and personally guide them by using the co-browsing online for better engagement and increased conversions

Live Chat

Engage customers effectively with live chat & co-browsing by sharing their screen to provide a virtual in-person experience.

Co-Browsing by Code

Allow customers to continue the chat from phone or messaging channels to the website with the same agent via unique code.

Zero Installation

WebRTC based co-browsing solution needs no installations. Connect instantly with clients by pairing co-browsing with live chat & video chat.

Highly Secured

Assures top security to the video conversations, the documents, and other crucial details shared with the agent during the co-browsing session.

Co-Browsing API

Enrich real time customer conversations by integrating REVE Chat’s API within your business application and deliver a great user experience.

Mobile SDK

Provide real time support to your Andriod and iOS app users with REVE Chat’s mobile SDK for shared browsing and more.

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Deliver Remote Technical Support

Empower your support teams to help customers with co-browsing tools and deliver remote support from anywhere without downloading any plugins.

Personalized Client Onboarding

Whether it’s onboarding or product demo, deliver personalized sessions to your customers while using your app with REVE Chat’s best co-browsing software.

Easy Integrations with 40+ Tools

REVE Chat helps connecting with your favourite third party tools that helps your business.

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