Live Chat for Financial Services and Banking

Bring personalized, in-person experience to your customers with live engagement tools such as co-browsing, video and live chat

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Live Chat for Financial Services

Instant Co-browsingCo-browsing

Collaborate with your customers in real time with co-browsing and live chat to deliver a better in-person experience.

Screen sharingScreen sharing

Guide your customers across their banking journey and help them remotely anywhere with screen sharing.

Video & voice chatVideo & voice chat

Deliver premium support and personalize your conversations with voice and video chat for real time support assistance. 

Secured live chatSecured live chat

Deliver secured live chat conversations with 256-bit encryption to ensure complete data security during conversations. 


Live chat apps to support customers through your website and apps


Amaze your banking customers with in-person experience

Bring the personalized touch to your banking customers with live engagement tools

Bring the personalized touch to your banking customers with live engagement tools

Reduce your customer support costs

Canned responses are ready to use answers that help in handling multiple chats and facilitates faster responses. Live support tool increases the efficiency of service reps by automated routing and delivers better banking support.

Personalize your online engagement

Reach customers across multiple channels and engage with personalized and contextual experiences. Experience better business results with personal communication with customers.

Personalize your online engagement
Instant customer service with one click

Instant customer service with one click

Live chat provides instant solutions for banking and financial queries with the help of digital engagement tools like video chat, co-browsing in order to deliver better customer service.

Live engagement suite for financial institutions

REVE Chat helps financial institutions to deliver engaging interactions with their
customers for real time sales and support assistance

live chat Intelligent routingIntelligent routing

Route all the incoming chat requests to the right agents for quick and effective customer engagement. The chat requests are queued setting a specific time to notify the customer not to leave the site.

live chat departmentsDepartments

Connect your customers to the right departments for meeting the financial needs of the customers effectively. Provide immediate answers to the finance related queries by adequate department management reduces resolution time.

Learn more about departments

live chat features auto triggerAuto Triggers

Guide your website visitors and customers by triggering the right messages and timely messages while they are inside the portal. Send personalized messages to engage your customers better to deliver a better customer experience.

Mobile SDKMobile SDK

Integrate REVE Chat’s live chat SDK with your iOS and Android mobile apps to offer live chat assistance for all banking and financial queries. Enable your support team to send and receive messages in your mobile application.

Live chat software Developers APIDeveloper API

REVE Chat’s robust API allows you to easily integrate with Integrate your business apps with REVE Chat using the REST API and SDKs. Supplement chat or messaging inside your apps to provide live chat support to your customers.

live chat advanced customizationAdvance customization

Customize your live chat to match your website design. Give some friendly touch by adding your company greeting messages. Tailor the chat forms to collect the financial requirements from the visitors.

Give your financial services customers a new way to interact with you.

With REVE Chat’s platform, designed for banking and financial services, customers
choose how they want to interact and switch channels in one click.

Give your financial services customers a new way to interact with you

Instant customer feedback through post chat surveys

Allow your website visitors to comment on their overall customer experience, as well as rate the quality of financial and banking services they received from the agent they chatted with, after every conversation.

Personalized sessions for better customer experience

Get in touch with your customers instantly and guide them in quick decision making. Face to face video helps in personalizing the chats and save customers from dropping out.

Enterprise grade security for customer data

REVE Chat provides enterprise-grade security protocols to meet the industry requirements which includes PCI compliance forms, credit card masking, and GDPR security in order to safeguard all your data. 

Live platform for facilitating digital conversations

Give your customers a digital customer experience by balancing your support assistance with live engagement tools, without missing out human touch. Provide your customers with the right customer engagement and improve CX.

Live engagement tools tailored for financial services and retail banking

Live engagement tools tailored for financial services and retail banking

Make your online banking experience seamless with co-browsing, video and voice chat

Live engagement tools tailored for financial services

Live chat platform for banking and insurance services

Reach out proactively to your customers and deliver personalized
experiences with REVE Chat

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