Screen Sharing with Live Chat for Websites and Apps

Assist your website visitors and customers with screen sharing and live chat for online sales and customer support

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Screen Sharing with Live Chat for Websites and Apps

No installationNo installation

Screen sharing with WebRTC technology, requires no installations or plugins.

Co-browsing Co-browsing

View and interact with the web browser of your visitor at a single click.

Video & voice calls Video & voice calls

Voice and video calls helps in making customer conversations meaningful during the chat sessions.

Live chatLive chat

Connect with your web or apps visitors in real time and engage them by triggering right messages.

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Increase productivity and improve customer engagement
with screen sharing, live chat & video chat

Start engaging your visitors with screen sharing in a few minutes

Department managementDepartment management

Connect your website visitors to the right departments for better performance. In order to reduce the handling time manage departments and distribute chats to various teams.
Learn more about Department Management

Mobile SDK Mobile SDK

Easily add video and voice to your iOS and Android apps by using REVE Chat’s mobile SDK. Provide your customers a better customer experience with instant in-app service.
Learn more about Mobile SDK

Developer APIDeveloper API

Start chat and messaging by integrating REVE Chat API. Engage your customers better and deliver a better customer experience.
Learn more about Devloper API


Confidentiality of business information shared by customers is crucial. REVE Chat screen sharing tool conveys your information in a secured manner with 256-bit encryption.

Widget CustomizationWidget Customization

Level up your your branding by customizing your live chat window. Enhance your user engagement level with personalized greetings and right messages based on customer journey.

Omnichannel platformOmnichannel platform

Assist and engage customers across various channels under single platform by offering effective support by the visual tools like co-browsing, screen sharing, video chat and live chat.

Deliver personalized product walkthroughs

Arrange sales or product demos on your web or help desk to help your
customers with visual engagement tools

Assist customer in real time

Easy end user support

Screen sharing is a boon for support agents as this helps them to interact with the customers in real time. Customers queries are identified properly and resolved quickly that increases customer retention.

Remote customer service

You can see your customer browser screen with a single click. Guide your customers and make them understand things better and improve the quality of customer service. Once you guide them on their screen and show them how to do it, they tend to trust you more.

Walk through your website

Screen sharing helps your visitors to share their screen instantly for sales demos and collaboration. Seamlessly, go to customer’s screen from live chat without any installations and guide efficiently.

Instant collaboration with customers

With a single click sharing the screen saves time and give better buying experience. Connect with your customers in real time to provide quick resolution.

Assist customer in real time

Land more sales with powerful screen sharing tool

live chat and video to co-browsing

Increase team productivity with real time collaboration

Seamlessly engage with customers by reducing handling time and make real time communication easy.

Trusted domainsTrusted domains

Allow chat access to the specific domains trusted by you. Manage only the domains that are certified and authorized for chat. Access will be disabled to anyone outside the certified domain list. 

Visitor notesVisitor notes

Save additional details of your website visitors and customers that can be used if needed in the future.

Advanced routingAdvanced routing

With advanced routing the incoming chat requests are routed to the right agent. Routing can be automatic, based on URL or robin-rule to deliver an efficient live chat performance.
Learn More about Advanced routing

Canned ResponsesCanned Responses

Prepare and use pre-set responses for the commonly asked queries by customers. It reduces handling time and makes the customer conversation effective.
Learn More about Canned responses


Guide your website visitors and customers personally through the complex process by understanding the problem over first-hand. Assist your customers for both sales and technical support.

Team productivityTeam productivity

Interacts and assists the customers in real time reduces handling time and makes team productive. Using the visual engaging tools during the chat sessions makes the conversations meaningful and raises the chances of sales.

Add new element to customer service with screen sharing

Foster effective collaboration with customers by guiding them in their buying journey

Real time collaboration with customers

In-depth online demonstration

Agent can use the power of screen sharing and actually demonstrate to customers about product details. It gives you a new approach to answer your potential customers in a more engaging manner.

Remote training and guidance

During the training session, go directly hands-on with the product and your team members. Screen sharing gives a direct communication medium where team members can easily work on complex issues in virtual environment.

Improves sales conversion

Screen sharing helps to describe the features and benefits of your products & services to your customers to provide clarity and close sales successfully. Develop a sense of trust and connection with customers.

Deliver efficient technical support

Sharing screen with technical experts in real time allows them to the problem in first-hand. The customer can be guided to a solution and resume work as soon as possible.

Onboard your customers with personalized walkthroughs

Best screen sharing software for customer service

Facilitate more engaging, productive interactions to deliver top notch customer service
and experience to the customers.

Improve customer experience and sales
with best screen sharing tool

Give your business best solution to engage with visitors
using REVE Chat’s screen sharing tool

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