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Integrate and customize live chat widget on your website and start talking to your visitors in real time.

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Interact with your customers in real-time and visually guide through product demos and remote technical support with co-browsing using live chat widget.

Video chatVideo chat

Provide direct assistance to your customers in their buying journey instantly with video chat for customer support.

Live chatLive chat

Turn your website visitors into leads and provide real-time support with live chat widget on your website.

Mobile SDKChatbots

Engage your customers 24×7 and provide prompt answers to the common sales & support related queries.

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Connect with your customers in real time with
website chat widget

Live chat widget helps businesses to provide real time sales and
support assistance to website visitors

Screen sharing Screen sharing

Interact with your customer’s screen to see what and where the customer is facing the problem and deliver instant solutions. Better understanding about the customers queries enables effective customer service.

Widget customizationWidget customization for your WordPress site

Customize your live chat widget to match your website branding as per your preference. Deliver personalized greetings with proactive triggers for better user engagement.

Visitor analyticsVisitor analytics

Gain better understanding and give reports about your visitors and customers. With proactive triggers assist your customers in their journey and drive more chances of sales.

Advanced RoutingAdvanced routing

Automatically route all the chats to the right agents across different departments. Deliver quick answers to engage customers better and build trust for your brand.

Trusted domainsTrusted domains

Control the specific domains that are secured and authorized for chat conversations. Any domain that is not authorized will not be allowed any access to initiate chat conversations.

Chat monitoringChat monitoring

Monitor all the chat conversations between your website visitors and support agents in real-time. Measure the impact of your customer service and improve the productivity of your agents.

Add live chat widget to your help desk system
for real time support

Help your customers for real time sales and support with live chat, video chat and co-browsing.

chat widget for website

Engage with your customers on the web and mobile

Live chat widget within your web or app helps deliver real time support to your users anywhere anytime. Provide your customers with a complete engagement platform with the chat widget for website.

Provide omni channel conversational

Manage all customer conversations across multiple channels like website, mobile, messaging apps under a unified platform and deliver real time support to customers where they are.

Deliver real time customer service

Collaborate with your customers in real-time with live chat, voice & video chat and co-browsing tools. Know the exact issue the customer is facing and provide an instant solution in an interactive manner.

Turn your website visitors into leads

With live chat widget, engage your website visitors in an interactive manner and turn into leads. Connecting with the visitors in real time and resolving their queries instantly improves conversion.

Assist customer in real time with website chat widget

Start talking to website visitors instantly with customized live chat widget

live chat widget for e commerce business

Answer your customers in real time with website chat widget

Live chat widget or chat box helps businesses to provide real time assistance
to website visitors and customers

Mobile SDKMobile SDK

Provide in-app chat and messaging support to your customers using mobile SDKs. Integrating mobile SDK in your apps help in chatting on the go and making customer engagement effective.

Department ManagementDepartment management

Efficiently distribute the chats among various departments for faster response to the customer queries. Accelerate better customer satisfaction by reducing the handling time.

Mobile optimizedMobile optimized

Connect with website visitors instantly from any mobile devices or tabs irrespective of OS used. Visitors connecting through mobile are routed to the concerned team expert, departwise and begin the conversation.


Queue time helps businesses to set specific wait time based on the chats and agents availability so that the customers get better understanding about the typical response time.

Learn More about Queuing

Automated TriggersAutomated triggers

Reach out to the website visitors with proactive triggers to initiate chat across on your website and boost visitor engagement. Sending a personalized message in right time enhances customer experience.

 Chat APIDeveloper API

Provide better engagement to customers with the REVE Chat Developer API. Improve chances sales by meaningful chat conversations.
Learn More about Devloper API

Support your customers in real time with live chat widget

Provide instant assistance to your customers inside your helpdesk with REVE Chat’s live chat widget

Collaboration with visual engagement tools

Advanced customization

Customize your live chat widget for website according to your branding requirements. Personalize the look and feel of your live chat widget to match your brand and expectations.

Give your app users instant support

Deliver instant assistance to your app users with in-app chat support along with co-browsing and video chat. Provide an excellent live chat experience with improved customer support

Connect with visitors in real time

With live chat widget, you can connect with your website visitors in the real-time and guide them successfully with sales or support assistance.

Track customer journey

Learn your customer behavior across his journey in order to deliver superior engagement. Enhance customer service by reducing response time and rate of cart abandonment.

Onboard your customers with personalized walkthroughs

Integrate live chat box with your favorite business apps

Connect REVE Chat’s widget with your business tools for seamless communication across your teams

Provide real time engagement using modern
live chat widget for websites

Engage your customers with feature rich conversations to improve conversions

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