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Website Live Chat Plugin for Online Sales and Customer Support

Add REVE Chat’s live chat plugin on your website and start talking to your customers and visitors in real time

Easy Setup. No Credit Card Required.

Website live chat plugin for Online Sales and Customer Support

Video & voice chat

Deliver personalized chat conversations with video and voice chat for real time sales and support guidance.


Interact with your customer’s browser in the real time to identify the problem and resolve faster giving a virtual in person experience.

Mobile SDK

Drive higher engagement and retention with in-app messaging support for your users with REVE Chat’s mobile & chat SDK.

Customer journey

Gain insights about your visitors and customers journey to deliver better contextual conversations.

Trusted by businesses around the globe

Connect with your customers in real time with website live chat plugin

REVE Chat’s live chat plugin helps businesses to provide real time assistance to website visitors and customers

Widget customization

Customize your live chat widget as it is an important touchpoint to your brand. Set personalized welcome greetings and pre-chat messages with your business information.

Intelligent routing

Route the chats automatically across the right teams based on time and URLs to deliver effective information to your customers. Distributing the chats improve the communication and response time with the live chat plugin.

Visitor analytics

Get deep insights about your website visitors such as from where is the visitor coming, total time spent on a particular page, most visited pages. With the knowledge gained, deliver proactive support to your visitors and improve sales conversions.

Department management

Connect your website visitors to the right departments for better performance. Distributing the chats across the departments help to reduce the resolution time and boost customer satisfaction.


Based on your visitor’s journey trigger right messages at the right time to guide them in the right direction. Personalized messages help the visitors to feel comfortable and they can make a faster buying decision.


Set a wait time for the new chat requests when the agents are busy and notify them. Attend the chats once or before the queue time is over to address the customer problems.

Add live chat plugin to your help desk for real time support

Support your customers in real time with live chat, voice & video chat and co-browsing. Add live chat to your website or inside the app and start chatting with your customers.

Deliver real time support to website visitors & customers

Deliver real time support to website visitors & customers and make their buying journey frictionless with the REVE Chat’s live chat website plugin.

Give an in person experience with live customer engagement

Use the live engagement tools to interact and guide your customers in real time. With co-browsing and video chat, personalize your conversations and deliver a better customer experience in real time.

Reduce bounce rate with triggers

Trigger right, timely and personalized messages to your website visitors and customers to guide them with what they are looking for and reduce the bounce rate.

Deliver a superior customer experience

Deliver quick and effective support to customers and boost customer satisfaction with the live chat plugin for website. Build customer trust and loyalty with superior live customer service.

Answer your customers in real time with live chat plugin

Live chat plugin or chat box helps businesses to provide real time assistance to website visitors and customers

Mobile SDK

Provide real time video and voice support to your iOS and Android apps users by using REVE Chat’s mobile SDK. Engage your customers personally and deliver a better customer experience with in-app messaging.

Developer API

Start chat and messaging with your customers by integrating REVE Chat API. Address their problems with instant solutions and increase the customer satisfaction level.

Trusted domains

Manage the specific domains that are authorized for chat conversations. Access will be restricted for chats for the rest of the unauthorized domains.


Simplify the sales support follow up process for your team members by adding internal comments about your conversation. Visitor notes help in effective customer engagement and more sales conversion.

Canned responses

Use pre-drafted responses for the commonly asked questions by the customers during chat conversations. Using canned responses in a balanced way reduces the response time and delivers better customer service.

Chat tags

Add tags to specific chats to organize, sort and filter them. Identify the live chat conversations with chat tags so that it is followed up by the support team.

Live chat plugin to proactively chat with customers

Trigger right messages to website visitors to engage them and improve the sales conversion rate

Reach proactively to your customers

Reach out to your website visitors and customers and engage them by sending proactive triggers in real time. Gain a better understanding of the visitor’s journey with the help of live chat plugin and meet your customer needs.

Boost your sales conversion rate

Live chat plugin for website helps to provide a complete customer engagement platform to your visitors and customers. Deliver prompt support by chat routing and using canned responses to increase the sales conversion rate.

Improve your first contact resolution

Get first-hand information about the customer’s problem with the live chat plugin. It helps to address your customers with the right solutions in the first contact itself.

Reduce the queue time with faster resolution

Routing of incoming chats to the right department allows the customer to get a faster and effective response. It improves the average response time and boosts customer satisfaction.

Deliver better live chat experience to customers with live chat plugin for websites

Give your customers the best experience of real time support and guidance in the busying journey

Organize customer chats in real time for sales, support & onboarding with live chat website plugin

More conversions with best website chat plugin

Live chat plugin for website guides and assists customers to nudge towards sales

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Easy Setup. No Credit Card Required.

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