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REVE Chat helps brands to engage, support and sell to their customers on WhatsApp messaging channel

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2 billion

WhatsApp access the app on a monthly basis


of users said they would like to communicate with businesses over WhatsApp


of customers said that the number one reason customers wanted to message businesses was customer service


of users wanted to set appointments with WhatsApp and 43% for receiving updates

Boost Business Performance with 5 Star Brand Experience

Personalize your conversations, using WhatsApp Business and deliver a smooth buying experience to your users

Seamless Experience

Make customer support feel easy and personal. Let customers enjoy seamless experiences with your business.

Messaging Support

Deliver prompt messaging support with WhatsApp Business to add a new dimension to customer engagement.


Provide WhatsApp support in a team set up with group features. Keep your agents organized according to their function and skills.

Acquire Customers

Deliver quick replies to customer queries and manage chats efficiently to convert your interactions into sales.

WhatsApp as a Business Messenger

Combine a suite of support tools from REVE Chat with WhatsApp Business support features to benefit from a business messenger and transform conversations into leads. Expand your customer communication to more messaging channels and let your agents handle tons of interactions quickly. Use WhatsApp for customer service in multiple ways and deliver value to your customers.

Efficient Handling of Customer Chats

No need for your customer support to switch between channels while handling customer chats as all messages will now land in your REVE Chat inbox, whether Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, or website. You can manage multiple WhatsApp messages from one point yet serve customers better by prioritizing messages from multiple WhatsApp numbers.

Converse with Your Customers 24x7 with WhatsApp Chatbot

Personalize your conversations, using WhatsApp Business and deliver a smooth buying experience to your users

Omnichannel Bot

Deploying REVE Chat’s chatbot allows you to manage conversions across important channels like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Website, and deliver a consistent omnichannel messaging experience in real time.

Enable Hassle Free

REVE Chat allows a smooth way to enable the WhatsApp chatbot and start conversing with customers. Giving a way to customers that provides them instant answers improves user satisfaction.

Facilitate Seamless Customer Experiences with WhatsApp Business

Communicate with your customers in a simple and hassle-free manner. Showcase your products and engage with customers throughout their shopping sojourn.

Asynchronous Conversations

WhatsApp Business gives consumers the freedom to switch between real-time and non real-time dialog and get support on their own terms.

WhatsApp Verified Accounts

Verified WhatsApp accounts can help gain customer trust via private messaging, and also minimize fraud often common to public channels.

Encrypted Messaging

Make conversations more secure and personalized through WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption between your business and customers.

Department Management

Distribute all the chat requests to the agents across the right departments. Use department routing to offer quick assistance for queries and increase customer satisfaction.

Chat Routing

Route WhatsApp messages to the right agents and reduce your resolution time. Organize your agents according to their functions and match them with customer requests.

Rich Media

Make customer conversations interactive with rich media support. Exchange images, videos, GIFs, and other types of media files with your customers and improve their experience.

Be Where Your Customers Are

WhatsApp business can help you interact with your customers on their preferred channel and provide real-time support instantly to boost customer experience. You can use it on any device, sync all your chats to your computers, and keep the conversation going.

Assist Customers With Instant Solutions

The use of WhatsApp means an ability to respond faster to your customers and save time. You can use canned messages for the common questions and add value to interactions. Plus, it is possible to build loyalty with customers by being more direct and personal through WhatsApp messaging.

Use the Native Support Features of WhatsApp With REVE Chat

Deliver great customer support by using the native support features of WhatsApp with REVE Chat.

Personalized Messaging

Reach more customers and win their confidence easily with personalized messaging. Communicate via private messaging to make support feel valuable.

Push Notifications

Send timely notifications and updates based on personalized data. Be proactive with time-specific payment requests, appointment reminders, and much more.

Automated Messages

Provide quicker and more efficient support to customers with native features like automated messages and quick replies.

Sales & Marketing Ready

Give your business an edge over competitors by using the built-in sales and marketing capabilities of WhatsApp such as catalogs and process payments.


Serve customers better by analyzing all the messages delivered and leverage other key metrics from the analytics to drive the value of engagement.

Templated Messages

Use template messages to quickly provide the right information and send notifications as and when needed.

Easy Integrations with 40+ Tools

Connect REVE Chat with your favourite third party tools that help your business to grow.

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