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Live Chat

Live Chat, the fastest way to assist your website visitors

Customers are waiting on your website. What about offering help instantly, much faster than traditional phone or email support?

REVE Chat, the online live chat software can be integrated on the website within a few minutes. There are times when visitors on your website may get confused and seek instant help. REVE Chat brings a solution to this. Anytime, visitors can click on the chat banner to initiate live chat assistance. So, adding live chat widget on the website is one of the most effective way to communicate with your website visitors.

Live Chat

Video Chat

Face to face communication within your website.

This feature allows visitors to talk and see the support agents in real time. Whenever they need any help, they can easily get this facility. In the REVE Chat widget, there will be a ‘Video Call’ button by clicking on which they can make live video calls. Through online live support software, you can provide more personalized experience to your customers whenever they land on your website.


Voice Call

Now turn every conversation into an amazing experience with REVE Chat's awesome voice calling experience.

REVE Chat brings a new dimension to customer support with its Voice Calling facility. Here customers don’t need to wait endlessly for support personnel to respond. With a simple click, now they can directly call your support personnel whenever they need any help. In the REVE Chat window, there will be a ‘Voice Call’ button clicking on which they can make live calls.


Facebook Messaging

Let visitors chat with you directly from your Facebook company page

Have you ever wanted to provide live chat service to your Facebook company page visitors? With REVE Chat now you can. Once you integrate REVE Chat with your Facebook company page, the customers can simply click on the ‘Message now’ button to start chatting with your support team. They can also connect with you through Facebook messenger.

The support agents will receive and reply to the Facebook messages directly from the REVE Chat dashboard.

Auto Trigger

Viber Messaging

Let customers connect to you through Viber

REVE Chat allows online businesses to engage with customers through messaging based communication like Viber. As a business owner, all you need to do is creating a public account in Viber and then integrate it with REVE Chat. Customers whenever will send messages to the Viber public account, your support team will receive those messages on REVE Chat dashboard itself and also can reply from there.

Viber Messaging

Department Management

Route chat requests to specific departments and let your visitors talk to the right agent.

‘Department Management’ helps a visitor to choose with which department he wishes to chat and routes him to his chosen department. When a new chat request comes to a specific department, only agents listed in that group will be able to see that and one among them can accept it to initiate the chat session.

In your company, you may have multiple departments handling different segments such as sales, customer support, billing etc. Your customers also will have different type of queries and routing them to the right department will help to resolve their issues much faster and also eliminate extra chat transfers.

Department Based Routing

Visitor Analytics

Detailed information about website visitors at your finger tips

To deliver excellent support service, first you need to know your customers. ‘Visitor Analytics’ lets you track and monitor website visitors and get detailed information about their past visits, pages they have viewed, total number of chats have been initiated and many more.

It helps to analyze the customer behavior so that you can communicate in a more personalized and targeted way. You can monitor the key metrics and optimize the whole process for both of your support agents and website visitors. So opt live chat for website and see the difference.


Auto Trigger

A unique way to automate your Proactive Chat invitations

‘Auto Trigger’ helps you to automatically create some desired actions based on certain predefined situations. All you need to do is to set some responses and exact timing, those messages will automatically pop up after the predefined time in front of the visitor.

Suppose a website visitor is checking out your ‘Pricing’ page for a while and someone getting an idea about the product pricing is a great signal that he is actually interested in your services. So with the triggering system, you can reach proactively to that customer to start a conversation and all these will be automated.

Auto Trigger


Let your customer know expected waiting time in the chat queue

Add live chat support to website, and handle chat requests more efficiently when all your agents are busy in assisting other customers. Queuing allows your visitors to get an idea about how long they need to wait to start a conversation with your support agent. At the same time they also can see their progress and exact position in the queue.

Website visitors enter in the queue when all the agents are busy and their maximum chat limit is reached. It helps agents to focus on the ongoing chats before starting new ones. With ‘Queuing’ you can modify the total number of concurrent chats for every agent.


Proactive Chat

Engage with your website visitors through Proactive Chat

Connecting with your customers has become easier with ‘Proactive Chat’. It lets you reach to the website visitors for offering instant help even before they ask a question.

With ‘Proactive Chat’ you can target a specific website visitor and then by using visual sound effects can deliberately invite him to initiate a live chat session. The chat invitation message can be a small chat window with a custom message saying for example, "Welcome to REVE Chat. How may I help you today?"


Canned Response

Use canned response for faster replies

Save replies as canned responses to the most common questions asked by your customers. It will not only shorten your response time but also eliminate typo errors. Canned response allows you to type the reply once, save it and then reuse it during live chat with just a few keystrokes.

It improves the efficiency of your support team and keep the website visitors happy with fast response.


Visitor Banning

Ban those Visitors with SPAM Messages

Visitor Banning helps in banning certain IP’s from making any chat communication. It allows to ban an IP from which you might receive spam messages. Once banned the visitor will not be able to initiate the chat from that IP but can visit the website.

A visitor can be banned by selecting “Visitor Banning” option in “Settings” tab on the left side of REVE Chat dashboard. On the screen IP Address, Comments (for reference) can be added for banning the visitor. The banned visitor list can be checked anytime and any IP can be removed from the list.

Ban those Visitors

Chat Transcript

Get Every Chat Transcript on your Email

Receive all customer chats without logging into dashboard every time using email transcript. This option becomes very useful when there is shortage of time to check every chat. This option allows you to save time and efforts.

All the offline messages can also be forwarded to an email id using this option. An offline message is the message which a website visitor leaves when no one is available. There’s no need of logging into dashboard every time for checking if there’s any offline message. This option again saves a lot of time and helps in providing better service.

Transcript on your Email

Chat Monitoring

‘Chat Monitoring’ allows you to monitor the detailed chat conversation between your agents and website visitors in real time and improve the quality of your support service.

Customize to suit your website

Customize the look of REVE Chat and make it an integral part of your overall website design. Under ‘Customization’, you can choose the theme colour, language, overall style of the live chat button, chat window, Pre-chat and post-chat survey forms, set customized messages. Also you can add the social media icons for allowing website visitors to access your company’s social media channels straight from the chat widget which in other way boosts your reach.

Multiple website integration

Integrate REVE Chat to multiple websites and manage the whole chat flow from a single dashboard with REVE Chat, provide support to as many websites as you wish and manage the whole support service from a single dashboard for added convenience and ease of use. It is a built-in-feature that allows to assist visitors of other websites at a time.
The REVE chat widget will also look the same and work in the same way as per your central account settings. In the dashboard, you will be able to see the referral website URL for the incoming chats.

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