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Live Chat Features

Live Chat

Talk to your website visitors and customers in real time on your website and apps.



Make your live chat appearance to match your website branding. Set various messages as per your business needs.


Let your visitors know your team is busy with an estimated wait time before they leave your website frustrated.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Get instant feedback about your team performance right after every chat session with post-chat customer satisfaction ratings.

Auto Triggers

Target your website visitors with the right messages at right time with proactive chat triggers based on the URL.

Department Management

Route chats faster across right teams and responds faster with creating and managing departments.

Visitor Analytics

Get real-time insights and website journey about your website visitors to help your team members have better conversations.


Engage your customers 24×7 and provide instant responses to their FAQs


Sentiment Analysis

Know your customer emotions and respond accurately to deliver higher satisfaction. Sentiment analysis helps to personalize the bot’s performance by harnessing historical user data.

Fallback Options

Fallback scenarios pops up when the bot fails to identify the user’s input giving multiple options using triggers or surveys to have a seamless conversation if the bot is not able to respond.

Bulk Machine Learning (ML) Training

Import all the general FAQs and answers to train your chatbot to deliver faster and effective answers that improves the overall accuracy.

Data Sanitization

Sanitize your unstructured data into structured one so that chabots can deliver accurate responses. Data cleansing trains the chatbot to improve performance and boost experience.

Bot Analytics

Analyze all the conversations handled by your bot like total conversations, handovers. Measure the accuracy of the responses with the help of right bot analytics to grow your business.

Visual Flow Builder

Identify your core business objectives and use case so that your team can build customer support, sales, marketing, or appointment booking bot instantly without any coding skills.

Customer Engagement

Deliver a personalized experience to your visitors and customers with real-time collaboration tools.


Live Chat

Deliver personal experience to your visitors and customers with REVE Chat’s modern live chat messenger.
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Video Chat

Engage with your visitors and customers and deliver a personalized experience with video chat. No plugins downloads required.
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Screen Sharing

Screen sharing helps customers to share their web screens with agents to provide real-time help on your website or app.
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Interact with your customers on your website, inside your web or mobile app to provide real-time assistance for completing the action using co-browsing.
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Voice Chat

Let your website visitors and customers make calls to your agents right from your website or app for any assistance without additional plugins.


Provide omnichannel customer support on popular messaging apps under one platform.

Facebook Messenger

Manage all your Facebook comments and direct messages in one place to deliver a unified customer experience.
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Engage with your users on Viber with feature-rich conversations using REVE Chat’s integration with Viber messenger.
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WhatsApp Business

Deliver prompt messaging support to your customers with WhatsApp Business and deliver a seamless experience.
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Engage with your Telegram messenger users and manage your support effectively using REVE Chat’s multi-channel messaging platform.
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Effectively manage direct messages, comments, and inquiries on Instagram. Provide Instagram followers with personalized and prompt support.
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Team Productivity

Manage and deliver efficient performance across team members to achieve your goals.



Track and categorize your chats by adding tags to them. Let your agents manage chat sessions more effectively by categorizing and managing them with the right tags.

Satisfaction Ratings

Collect feedback about your agents or team performance right after every chat conversation to measure customer satisfaction.

Desktop Notifications

Get instant desktop notifications about conversations and respond quickly when you are navigating other pages.

Customer View

Get a historical overview of customers’ activities and the conversations over the period of time. Keep all your customer data in one place to have a better understanding of your visitors.

Canned Responses

Create predefined responses about common queries to respond faster. Give your agents power to build a set of common queries and help them to reduce the resolution time.


Add in-app messaging, voice, and video support inside your web or mobile apps instantly.


Developer API

Add messaging to your web or mobile apps or integrate youtube customer conversation with your business apps using REVE Chat’s secured RESTful developer API.

Android SDK

Deliver in-app messaging and chat support in your Android apps in few minutes with REVE Chat’s SDK.


Deliver in-app messaging and chat support in your iOS apps in few minutes with REVE Chat’s SDK.


Integrate live chat with your CMS, E-commerce platforms and transfer your customer conversation to CRM with REVE Chat’s ready-to-use integrations.


Respond to your customers anywhere anytime with mobile apps.


Mobile Apps

Respond to your website visitors and customers anytime with REVE Chat’s mobile apps. Available on Android and iOS.

In-app Support

Engage with your users using in-app messaging to deliver higher attribution in your mobile apps. Segment your users to deliver the right messages for in-app engagement.


Add in-app voice and video support to engage with your users in a few minutes using REVE Chat’s mobile SDK for Android and iOS.


Get real-time insights and analytics about your customers and team.



Get a unified overview of your business and team performance with key metrics about your website visitors, customer charts, and your agent’s performance.

Visitor Analytics

REVE Chat’s visitor analytics gives you a complete website journey, conversations, and demographics for all website visitors and customers.

Agents Performance

REVE Chat brings all your agents ratings, utilization, and activities to give you a better idea about individual agent performance and their effectiveness.

Customized Reporting

Get customized data and reports about your customers and agents with REVE Chat’s customized advanced reporting.

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