Mexican Govt Empowering Citizens With REVE Chat’s Advanced AI Chatbot

Mexican Government's autonomous body INAI is announcing the launch of an AI-powered chatbot developed by REVE Chat.
Mexican Government's autonomous body INAI is announcing the launch of an AI-powered chatbot developed by REVE Chat.

The Mexican Government is facilitating access to information and protection of personal data for the citizens with AI-powered chatbot technology. The National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information, and Protection of Personal Data (INAI), an autonomous body of the government of Mexico, has recently launched a Virtual Attention Center (CAVINAI).

The authority has deployed an AI-powered chatbot, developed by REVE Chat, to help people access public information and protect personal data. It has deployed the chatbot on both the website and WhatsApp. The citizens of Mexico can access information from INAI’s website ( and WhatsApp.

With the help of the Artificial Intelligence-enabled chatbot, the Government of Mexico aims to guarantee two fundamental rights i.e. easy access to public information and protection of personal data. Any citizen can browse their website or connect with them on WhatsApp and ask for public information. Approximately, 96.87 million internet users of the country can avail of the service by simply using a smartphone or a computer.

The commissioner of INAI Adrián Alcalá Méndez pointed out, “Through this medium, we will bring the right of access to information and protection of personal data closer to anyone who has access to a mobile phone and who has Internet access. The idea is to fulfill a mission, with a vision and an objective that is to bring closer and promote the exercise of the rights protected by INAI.”

After Deploying, in the first 30 days, the bot handled more than 4 thousand unique sessions. And out of these queries, 13% have been made over WhatsApp.

M. Rezaul Hassan, the CEO of REVE Chat said, “Modern organizations are now using smart AI-enabled chatbots to communicate with their audiences. Government organizations are not an exception. They are also making smart decisions in choosing smart technologies for better communication with the citizens.”

He further added, “The chatbot we provided to the Mexican Government is equipped with artificial intelligence. It can answer complex questions asked by the citizens and provide them with quick support. So, we are very glad to be a part of the Mexican Government’s initiative to enable their citizens to exercise the right to information and protection of personal data.”

REVE Chat, a customer communication-oriented SaaS platform, has provided the chatbot to the government of Mexico. The Singapore-based company offers live chat, chatbot, co-browsing, video chat, and other solutions on various channels including Facebook, WhatsApp, website, Viber, Telegram, etc.

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