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Live Chat

Live Chat, the fastest way to assist your website visitors

REVE Chat, as a website chat software can be integrated on the website within a few minutes. There are times when visitors on your website may get confused and seek instant help. REVE Chat brings a solution to this. Anytime, visitors can click on the chat banner to initiate live chat assistance. Read More

Live Chat

Video Chat

An impressive way to connect with your website visitors

With REVE Chat, your website visitors can initiate video chat with your support agents from the same chat window. Video chat facility helps your support agents to personally interact with the customers.

With the help of WebRTC and VoIP technology, it allows your website visitors to initiate video calls with your support agents whenever they need. So, with this website chat software, it will be much easier for you to manage your support service more efficiently. Read More

Video Chat

Voice Call

Offer excellent Voice Calling experience to your website visitors

Apart from website live chat, your customers also can make voice calls to the support personnel whenever they need any assistance.

In the traditional form of customer support, like hotline numbers, people need to call you if they require any help. But with ‘Voice Calling’, one of the most important features of this website chat software, they directly can initiate audio calls to your support agents within the website itself without paying anything extra. Read More

Voice Call

Department Routing

Allow your website visitors to talk to the right agents

Department Routing’ helps to route chat requests to specific departments and allows your visitors to talk to the right agents.

You can create several departments with support agents handling specific issues, for example Sales, Support, Payment & Billing. Whenever a visitor selects any of these departments, he will be directly routed there. Read More

Department Routing

Visitor Analytics

Detailed information about website visitors at your finger tips

Know your website visitors by their names, geographic location, current page visits etc. and offer them more personalized support.

Apart from offering website live chat, REVE Chat also helps you to analyze the customer behavior. By ‘Visitor Analytics’, you will be getting a deeper insight of your customers. Read More

Visitor Analytics

Auto Trigger

Automate your live chat assistance with personalized Triggers

‘Auto Trigger’ allows to send automatic chat invitations to the website visitors after a certain time. All you need to do is to set some responses and exact timing, those messages will automatically pop up after the predefined time in front of the visitor.

In this case, you don’t need to send chat invitations to customers manually, it will be completely automated. Read More

Auto Trigger

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Make data driven business decisions

sales conversions

Improved sales conversions

With live chat software, offer your website visitors instant assistance and increase your sales.

Service Cost Reduction

Reduction in service cost

Live chat online with multiple visitors simultaneously for better support efficiency.

Customer feedback

Instant customer feedback

Receive valuable customer feedback to gain insights and improve the quality of service.

Visitor Tracking

Track your visitors with ease

Live chat software allows to get meaningful insights about each and every website visitor for providing more personalized assistance.

Brand Loyalty

Build brand loyalty

Live chat online to connect with your website visitors and build meaningful relationships with them.

Engage proactively

Engage proactively

Proactively engage with visitors in real-time before they leave your website being frustrated.

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