Viber Messenger Live Chat App Integration

Allow your customers to reach you through Viber. Here, customers can send messages to your support team through the Viber public account and the team will be able to receive and reply to those messages from the REVE Chat dashboard itself.

Key Benefits of REVE Chat Integration with Viber Business Account

  • Improve agent’s productivity under one account and make your customers satisfied with less wait time.
  • Agents can easily receive and reply to Viber messages in the same way they receive and respond to live chat.
  • Boost conversion rate and easily share the latest updates about products and their new features with your customers.   

How to connect REVE Chat with the Viber business account?

You can integrate your REVE Chat with the Viber business account by following the below-mentioned steps.

 1. You need to have a Viber account. If you do not have one, create a public account. 

Note: To know more click here to create a public account.

Viber integration

2. Enter API key generated from Viber admin panel.

3. Click on connect with Viber button. 

Viber integration

4. Click on the Remove API key button.

5. Then users need to log in to Viber and scan the QR code. For that go to Viber mobile app and click the ‘More’ option. 

Viber integration

6. From the top right corner click on the QR code scanner icon. Scan the QR code of the bot page.

Viber integration

Your connection to the Viber business account is successful.

How can customers send messages via the Viber app?

  • You need to share the public Viber account with the customers.
  • When they will search for you by your account name in Viber, they can start the conversation with you like normal messaging.

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