Visitor Monitoring: Know your website visitors for real-time engagement


Customer signifies the life blood for any business. Making them happy and satisfied is imperative. In any business, you should understand their needs and behaviour in order to offer more personalized customer support. Several organizations with online presence invest huge amount of resources for making their customers happy but one thing some of them miss: the opportunity to know their clients which may lead to the downfall in the business.

What ‘Visitor Monitoring’ signifies?

Several live chat software offer an excellent feature Real-Time Visitor Monitoring to understand the customers in a better way. It allows to monitor and track website visitors, analyse their status and activities on the website, past visits and interests as well as collect personal information like the visitor’s email address, geographic location, referrer and many more.

Why Visitor Monitoring is helpful?

Suppose a visitor has come to the website to check your product offerings. After having a look, he gets interested and goes to the pricing page for more details. So he can be your prospect client. Here two situations can occur. Firstly, he may want to know more about the product and wish to talk to you on that. For that he will search for the ways to contact you. Secondly unable to find any contact details he may leave your website being frustrated.

Here with visitor monitoring, you can tract website visitors. You can see on which page the visitor is spending more time, in this scenario he is viewing the pricing page. With live chat, you can directly talk with him on your website itself and assist him with all his quiries. You never know, he may end up buying your services.


Understanding the benefits

1. Get useful customer insights

Website visitor tracking allows to get useful customer insights like visitor’s geographic location, past visits, browser type, pages visited, referrer websites and many more. All this information will help to know that website visitor in a much better way and understand his needs.

2. Greater chances for proactive engagement

Real-time monitoring empowered by notifications about new visitors on the website enables chat agents to proactively engage with them right on the spot. Apart from that through website visitor tracking, as the agent gets information about which pages the visitor is viewing, his/her past visits, geographic location, all these help him to send that visitor a more personalized greeting and increase the possibility of getting positive response from the visitor.

3. Better customer service

Getting information about where the website visitor is coming from, webpages he/she checked, number of past visits or any other additional info given by that website visitor before starting the chat session, will help the support agents to provide more personalized assistance.

4. Shorter interaction with the website visitors

Having access to the visitor’s personal information helps the chat agent to respond faster. As the agent clearly understands the customer and his queries, he can provide the proper solution in less time.

What does ‘Visitor Monitoring’ provide?

1. Name
2. Geographic location
3. Email address
4. Duration of stay on the website
5. Current page
6. Total website visits
7. Total no of chats
8. Total chat duration

Live chat not only helps website visitors to find the support agents whenever they need any help but also help the agents to reach to the visitors proactively for offering instant assistance. It undoubtedly helps to generate more useful leads and make the customers more satisfied. Visitor monitoring actually automates the whole sales process and use of the customer information helps you and your company to get benefited.

Suvashree Bhattacharya
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Suvashree is responsible for handling the website content, blog and social media marketing activities at REVE Chat. Graduated in English literature, she has done her Masters in Journalism and Mass Communications. Her interests include reading, painting and travelling.

  • Shirley

    Hello, I am Shirley, I’m also using REVE Chat live chat solution which is best for online chatting for my website visitor. It’s visitor monitoring feature is really great. It’s very helpful for my business. It’s “current page” feature is very good. It’s help me lot’s. For this feature, When my visitor visit my product page then I proactive knock my visitor and want to share your query.

  • Daniel

    In live chat software real time visitor monitoring is a great feature. I am using REVE chat trail version to verify the features of this software. By this I am able to know the visitors geographical location which helps me to know the visitors location that where they are form. As a result I can know that how many visitors are visit my website and I get a statistics about my website how popular it is not only my country but also aboard. According to this I can easily engaged and serve the visitors by proactive knock. Thank a lot to REVE chat.

    • Thanks Daniel for your appreciation.

      With ‘Visitor Monitoring’ you can easily understand the pick hours when your website gets maximum visitors, based on which you can manage your support service more efficiently.

  • Nafi

    It’s a very good option of proactive knock that can help the owner of a website to serve the Visitor and give the best knowledge of there product and know the customer also.
    Can we get the specific address of a visitor by Geographic location for mailing?

  • Thanks shirley.

  • Abu Al-Fadl

    With live chat software I can reach those visitors who are not willing to contact me over phone. Now its easier for me to increase sales, getting more turnover and achieve customers satisfaction. I can monitor visitors activity from office and home using any device. Great job reve chat.

  • Dear Nafi. REVE Chat provides you the visitor’s geographic location in Google map, but it can not decode the exact address. If required, we can mail you that map location. Thanks

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