7 Holiday Marketing Campaign Examples from Best Brands

7 Holiday Marketing Campaign Examples from Biggest Brands

Black Friday and Cyber Monday has just passed, and Christmas is coming. Most companies have already come in festive mood to lure customers for shopping season.

Cyber Monday hit a new record in sales this year with $6.59 Billion in sales, making it the largest U.S online shopping day ever.

This has come with the efforts of the companies which has been trying to lure customers for shopping more with discounts. In fact, some companies have extended their offers making it a “Cyber Week” sale hence generating more revenues.

Not only online stores some of the offline stores have also recorded high amount of sales numbers. Their festive mood was seen on their websites and social media pages.

Here, we will discuss some of the best holiday marketing campaigns by the companies to scale their sales by uplifting the festive mood:


1. Coca-Cola

It is one of the largest soft drink producer of the world. It has been there since 19th century and have always kept up the festive mood with its marketing. This year again, it showed the festive spirit on its website and Instagram handle. Below is the snapshot from its Instagram handle:


It lifted the mood of its audience by passing the noble message of Thanksgiving by using a hashtag #ShareACoke. It has also begun to work on the Christmas campaign by sharing a Christmas Story and making the background theme of Christmas. Below is a screenshot of the below.


Coca Cola Website Christmas


Coke has always been known for its emotional advertising strategies and touching lives of people with its holiday marketing ideas.


Key Takeaways

  • Relating #ThanksGiving and #ShareACoke on an Instagram post to connect better with audience.
  • Highlighting Coke on the thanks giving dinner table.
  • Making the website background in Christmas theme enables it to connect better with people.

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2. Amazon.com

One of the largest online marketplace of the world, Amazon also get into the holiday mood to boost their sales.

It promoted cyber Monday sales on its website and all social platforms alike. The thing which is worth noticing is that the creatives it used were consistent on all the social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

The screenshot below shows the holiday sale season on website:


Cyber Monday

Amazon Website Cyber Week Deal



Amazon Website Christmas Marketing Campaign



It also used the gif to show the light humor of the brand in the example below:


It used the post mentioned above on their Instagram handle as well.


Key Takeaways

  • Highlighting Cyber Monday deals on slider on the front page of the website helps in getting more eye balls.
  • In the next slide, connecting with the audience by relating to festive season by giving it a Christmas theme.
  • Showing the Cyber Monday deals on Facebook to get more traction from the fans.
  • Showing a gif, which is a current trend showcasing two ladies cheering the champagne with caption “Cyber Monday Deals? Oh, how delightful. https://amzn.to/cybermonday” makes it more delightful.
  • The lady in the gif is wearing a dress with Amazon smiley on it all over helping increase the brand recall.


3. Walmart

World’s largest offline retailer Walmart which has also launched online store in the past have not left the race. To promote the sales online, it posted the sales promotion on its website and Facebook page alike.

The best part of the promotion was that Walmart is celebrating “Cyber Week” and keeping the sale on, which lifts the mood of the consumers. This bring in more sale numbers and revenue also jumps.

Below is the screenshot of the Walmart website where it is promoting Cyber Week.

Walmart Cyber Week Sale on Website


Whereas, on its Facebook page Walmart hosted a live event showcasing the special deals on its website.


Key Takeaways:

  • By extending the holiday sale to a week, attracts more users.
  • Showing it on the slider of the front page with caption “The Deals Keep On Coming” keeps people stick to the brand.
  • Promoting it on largest Social Media channel “Facebook” definitely gives you more eye balls.


4. Boohoo

UK’s leading online apparel retailer Boohoo.com is also following the suit and offering the “Cyber Week” sale by prolonging the “Cyber Monday” deals for the whole week.

Though they have not been much vocal about their cyber week sale on all of their social media pages, but their website is whole about sale.

Below is the screenshot of their website showing the whole screen dedicated to Cyber Week sale only.

Boohoo Cyber Week Sale


Their Instagram handle also shows the post dedicated to sale:


It ain’t over yet!! ?? SHOP CYBER MONDAY – UP TO 50% OFF EVERYTHING ??

A post shared by boohoo.com (@boohoo) on


Key Takeaways:

  • It played rally smart by extending the sale for the whole week naming it as “Cyber Week”
  • But the smarter thing is to highlight it all over the screen of the website.
  • The offer is clearly visible “50% OFF Absolutely Everything” and “Free Delivery” is the best part.
  • For a brand like Boohoo, Instagram is a major channel since most of its audience is there. So promoting the sale on Instagram is really tactical decision.


5. Apple

One of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer also getting into the holiday season mood. Though there is no mention of the sale on its website but a simple video stating “Move Someone this Holiday” states that, it is also not left untouched by holiday season.

The video is posted on the front page of Apple website.


Apple Website Screenshot


Apple has always run simplistic yet powerful campaigns which aligns to its brand and targets the premium market.


Key Takeaways:

  • Since, this brand seldom provide offers but it kept the holiday mood up by showing a holiday video on their home page.


6. Forever 21

Forever 21 is an American fast fashion retailer. This brand has always targeted the youth and always tried to connect with its consumers. Forever 21 also extended its sale for the whole week giving it the term “Cyber Week”, below is the screenshot of the same.

It has also tried to connect with the consumers via Instagram, it’s most preferred social media marketing channel.


Forever21 Cyber Week Sale





Key Takeaways:

  • It has made the messaging quite clear by dedicating more than 90% of the homepage to “Cyber Week” sale.
  • The best part is, it categorized all deals into 3 categories and showed it clearly in one screen.
  • It has already begun the Christmas holiday Marketing campaign on Instagram by launching a social media contest.


7. MissGuided

It is one of the largest online apparel retailers in United Kingdom. It is known to a brand for the youth catering to age groups of 16-35. Likewise, to its competitors, MissGuided also didn’t want to lose the chance to connect with its consumers on holiday season.

This brand is however concentrating on Christmas now and have left Cyber Monday behind unlike its competitors. Below is the screenshot of its website and Instagram handle.


Missguided website




Key Takeaways

  • Preparing for Christmas quite early to tap the market.
  • All the promotion is done in alignment to the brand color i.e. Pink.
  • Dedicated a good amount of screen to the Christmas Campaign.
  • Promoting the same theme on Instagram handle with caption “Treat yourself to out Christmas gift shop… Santa can take care of other people’s presents right?” asking people to buy them first.



These campaigns have worked for the best brands in the market and have been able to connect with the consumers. You can learn from these campaigns and apply some of them to work for you as well.


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