8 Best Customer Experience Examples and Practices to Inspire Your Brand

Best Customer Experience Examples

In the age of digital business, where customers are knowledgeable and expect better customer experience every time they associate with a brand, having a plethora of choices becomes an added benefit. When it comes to choosing a product or service they look for the complete value they can avail on investing in it. So the customers always prefer the offer that provides the best quality parallel to their budget.

Good customer experience goes a long way in giving people a good perception of your business. There are many customer experience example that apply the same theory.  A research made by Bain & Company says, if there is a 5% growth in customer retention, the company profits will rise by 25% to 95%. 

At the heart of all this lies customer experience. Even in this digital era, reviews and word of mouth clearly outshine any other marketing strategy. Hence, if you can improve the experience of each and every customer, you will not only be able to retain them, but also gain new customers.

Why delivering the best customer experience is important?

Customer experience or CX refers to the impression that you leave with your customers about your brand across every stage of their journey.  It won’t be wrong to say that customer experience is the pulse of every business. A good business panning always focuses on a customer-centric strategy.

 Importance of CX

  • Enhances satisfaction among customers
  • Helps to make first-time customers into loyal customers
  • Improves customer advocacy
  • Keeps you differentiated among your competitors
  • Develops a personal and trustworthy connection with customers

Of course, this is easier said than done. Customer experience is not restricted to a specific sector. It is imperative for all businesses irrespective of size and sector. The below mentioned best customer experience examples will showcase how the top organizations around the globe have decoded the secret behind providing outstanding customer experience.

Decode the best customer experience examples

1. Happy employees make happy customers

Good customer experiences play a significant role in the aviation industry.

“Internal customer experience determines the external customer experience” – Shep Hyken

Happy employees makes happy customers and leads to best CX

Southwest Airlines grabbed the top rank in building excellent work ambiance and culture to make their employees happy and comfortable. They created a healthy work environment for employees comprising teamwork, work values, and motivation.

What Southwest Airlines did?

In the year 2011 Southwest Airlines set a remarkable example by being considerate for their customers. In order to see his 3-year-old grandson for the last time, a man reserved a last minute flight to Denver.

He was delayed to the airport due to excessive traffic. He reached the airport 12 minutes after the plane was scheduled to leave, but the pilot of the plane waited for the man prior taking off.

Best Practices

  • When you treat your employees going an extra mile, they are ready to travel extra mile for you.
  • Motivate employees by appreciating their good work and acknowledging it.
  • Make employee training an integral part of the company culture.

2. Make the customer experience a strategic objective

Effective customer service is the best way to build customer loyalty. Carefully listening and learning customer requirements is an imperative part of the business strategy to improve CX.

Maximum customer interaction helps to know their interests and what exactly they are looking for. Today, there are many online options for food and beverage brands, so you need to make your way to stand out.

What SuperValu did?

The president of SuperValu tried out an exceptional way to know the real value of their products. He conducted a roundtable discussion twice in a month. And for this discussion, he invited twelve customers. He prepared a questionnaire comprising questions related to the quality of the product, levels of service, about the ad promotions, and price of the product.

The questions were asked to those twelve customers and every feedback given by them was positively recorded. Further, the feedbacks were used to examine the store managers and enhance the procedure of strategic planning for the company.

Best Practices

  • Offer multiple channels for customers to drop a feedback and take their opinions seriously.
  • Conduct regular surveys (online or offline) to collect customer feedback and impart them into strategies.
  • Make the customer experience a strategic objective in business practice.
  • Implement the customer feedback in the further strategic planning.

3. Live chat for customer engagement

The technological advancement of live chat technology has covered almost all the business sectors. A report says – the popularity of live chat on the company websites has elevated by 8.3%.


Live chat for better customer engagement


Adopting and implementing live chat technology to the customer service approach is imperative because there are instances when customers require/demand support instantly instead of an hour later or after one day.

What U.S. Patriot Tactical did?

U.S. Patriot Tactical implemented live chat technology by using SMS to chat services that allow customers to start a live chat with their support expert just with a simple text message.

In order to make the communication smooth and instant, they displayed their “Text-to-Chat” phone number on their official website for order inquiries, status, and returns. It helped customers to connect with the support executive without any hassle and quickly resolving the issues.

Best Practices

  • Delivering real-time assistance for effective resolution.
  • Use of live chat tools such as video chat, co-browsing, screen-sharing enhances the customer service management and deliver better customer experience.

4. Personalization always appeases customers

Personalization has always been in trend. The personalized products and gifts never fail to impress customers. You can build loyal customers and win over customer trust with the concept of personalization.

Personalized customer service for better customer experience


It is hard to know the interests of a first-time customer.  Still, you can delight them with easy ways.

Let’s see how?

What did Laura Ashley do?

Laura Ashley took up the responsibility to make a customer. The customer who ordered a bedding set online was surprised to deliver the product two days prior to the date of delivery. The surprise was doubled with a pair of lounging socks along with a personalized note.

It was ensured that the other branches of the company have centralized information that the business will add on this surprise with a personalized note to connect with their customer and enhance customer service.

Best Practices

  • Follow simple ways to turn your first-time customers to loyal customers. For e.g.personalized notes, using names, photos, sending goodies on birthdays, anniversaries etc.
  • Offer loyalty schemes and money off vouchers to your customers.

5. Collect maximum information about your customers

With the emergence of new technology and trends the startup company, Casper attempted trial over Artificial Intelligence. The company deals with mattresses, sleep-related items and also host a one-year convention over getting sleep in just 40 winks.

The sleep experts at Casper developed a chatbot Insomnobot3000 specifically for those people who face problem in getting sleep (insomnias).

How did Insomnobot function?

The chatbot remains active between 11 pm and 5 am. One has to just text Insomnobot3000 from his/her smartphone and it starts. It might give you some advice or sometimes initiate an interesting conversation.

The chatbot also helped Casper to collect all the customer data (phone number, email id) that can be used to send promotions and product information in the future.

Best Practices

  • Use technology cleverly and wisely collect customer data and other details related to different attributes.
  • Develop an emotional connection between the customer and your brand.

 6. Better customer service with social media

Social media is one of the best tools to improve customer experience. Make the optimal use of your listening abilities to create amazing customer experiences.

Social media helps to engage with your customers in a conversational way and fetch consumer insights. By using various social listening tools, brands can understand their customer preferences and can use them to enhance the customer experience

There are well known social listening tools such as Hootsuite, Social Mention, or you can do so by simply searching with hashtags, brand terms or relevant keywords.

A simple hashtag can make happen so many things. Like the below example:

What Tommee Tippee cups did?

Ben Carter suffered from severe autism. He used to drink only from the Tommee Tippee sippy cup. His father was looking for the replacement of a Tommee Tippee sippy cup that was a limited edition.

So, he tweeted with a hashtag saying #cupsforBen and the tweet went viral gathering thousands of retweets and likes. Finally, Tommee Tippee declared to create a limited run of 500 of the discontinued cups, especially for Ben.

Best Practices

  • Be an observant and carefully listen to what your customer speaks about his interests.
  • Social media can be for actively listening and respond in real time to what customers say about your brand.

7. Show appreciation towards your customers

Never miss out a chance to appreciate your customers. Generally, customers expect that the companies they interact will appreciate their business.

What TD bank did?

The Toronto-Dominion Bank, N.A. developed one of the best customer appreciation campaigns.  

So let’s know what makes it the best?

Money speaks the best way. Thanking customers by giving money is probably the best way.

  • This bank followed the same. They just gave away hard cash.
  • Not only money but also in the latest campaign the bank created TD Thank You Account where they surprised millions of their North American customers at ATMs, in branches, and on the phone with personalized messages of thanks and touching gifts.

Best Practices

  • Surprise your customers with creative ways of showing appreciation towards them.
  • Appreciating customer behavior develops an emotional connection between them and build customer loyalty.

8. Impact of Artificial Intelligence in customer experience

The food delivery industry finds it very difficult to establish profitable companies. The constant discounts and order canceling lead to a lot of loss for the company. In turn, many food delivery companies around the globe have had to close shops. Swiggy, despite its late entry into the Indian food delivery market, has now become India’s fastest growing unicorn.

Customer service based on Artificial Intelligence
What techniques did Swiggy employ to achieve such high success rates?

  • AI-based Chat: Artificial intelligence based chats help users in resolving their queries immediately. For instance, if you want to cancel an order, you can go to the chat option. There, you will be provided with several options and clicking on them will automatically move the conversation forward.
  • Subscription Economy: If you want to be a successful organization in the 21st century, then you must think about subscription-based services. For instance, Swiggy has the Swiggy Super User, Amazon has Amazon Prime and so on. Subscription based services help you in retaining more customers, thus keeping the flow of money continuous.

Best Practices

  • In the omnichannel world, artificial intelligence can be used to provide excellent CX at any point of the customer journey.
  • Fetch data insights with the help of artificial intelligence and enhance the customer experience of your brand.

Additional best practices to enhance your customer experience

Customer experiences are the impression that the people hold about your brand. The below mentioned simple tips can level up the customer experience strategies:

  • Acknowledge customer feedback: Weighing your customer’s feedback and tuning your strategy to meet their requirements can take you a long way. A slight change in the campaign to show the customers are prioritized helps to be the part of the game for a long time.
  • Make customers part of your strategy: Make customer experiences that include value, and relevant so that your customers accept your brand and become loyal campaigners.
  • Make customer-centric strategy: If your well-structured customer experience fails to reach your customers it is of no use. Online and offline trends of customer behavior should be considered.
  • Create smooth customer experiences: It is important to optimize all the touch points that are followed by the customers. For e.g., If a customer taps “shop now” on an Instagram post, should be able to access your online store and find out the product easily.

Final thoughts

Customer experience is now an established part of any business strategy. The learnings from the above customer experience examples, you can understand how you can enhance every customer touch point.

Whether it’s about sales or customer service, by following the above best practices, brands can truly differentiate and add significant value to their customers in both tangible and intangible ways.

Snigdha Patel
Author’s Bio

An avid reader, eclectic writer, blogger, and content writer by profession at REVE Chat, Snigdha Patel endeavors assiduously to understand complex support channels and provide information regarding them through comprehensive blog posts.

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