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How Can Shopify Chatbot Help Grow Your Ecommerce Store?

Shopify chatbot

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    Shopify is quite a popular platform to build an online store and drive the success of your ecommerce business. It has tons of business-centric features and maybe that’s why many companies trust it to grow the trajectory of their online presence.

    Adding a chatbot can further enhance the capabilities of the Shopify platform and ensure value to various aspects of the business, be it sales, marketing, or support. 

    In fact, a Shopify chatbot helps you offer customer service without involving a live agent. Thanks to an AI chatbot, your online store can stay available 24×7, serve customers at every stage of the journey and contribute to the sales. 

    More importantly, using a chatbot for Shopify lets you automate common questions so that customers get quick replies anytime and from anywhere across the globe. 

    In this blog, we will discuss how you can use a chatbot for Shopify to add tremendous value to your e-commerce store.  

    What is Shopify Chatbot? 

    A Shopify chatbot is an advanced computer program that can simulate natural conversation, and automate several tasks for an e-commerce store. Such a bot can either be artificial intelligence (AI)-driven, rule-based or hybrid, and can do customer communication without requiring the help of human personnel. 


    By using a chatbot for Shopify, your online store can handle customer queries on any scale, put support on auto-pilot mode, and drive the conversion rate. Due to the artificial intelligence capability, a chatbot for Shopify can also encourage sales for the business.   

    Benefits of Shopify Chatbot

    Adding an AI chatbot to the Shopify store can enhance the value of your e-commerce store manifold. In fact, the Shopify AI chatbot is a great way to offer personalized, real-time resolutions for customers. You can trust them to drive the rate of engagement, conversions, and sales. 


    Benefits are manifold when your Shopify store uses a chatbot –

    • Engage your customers better – Using an AI chatbot for Shopify can provide a great boost to your customer engagement as you can initiate conversions on the store, answer questions instantly and recommend products to buyers.  
    • Make buying easier for your customers – A Shopify chatbot is smart enough to easily guide consumers through the buyer journey, help them at various stages, generate personalized recommendations and make shopping easier for them. 
    • Augment your sales team – A chatbot Shopify ensures that you provide support round the clock without having a dedicated team in place. This will help you capture and engage leads any time of the day or night and augment the sales team. 
    • Personalize your customer communication – Customers love personalized offers as it makes them feel special and add value to their shopping. With a Shopify chatbot, it’s always easy to personalize communication in tune with the customer’s interests, preferences, and past search history. 

    How to use Chatbot for Shopify to Grow Your E-commerce Business? 

    Shopify is a top eCommerce platform for setting up a web store. It has virtually all the features that your online business needs to excel. And when you add an AI chatbot to Shopify, the capabilities of your store grow further and ensure better support, sales, and marketing. 


    A Shopify AI chatbot can be used in a variety of different ways. Some of them include – 


    1. Automate Various Tasks 

    When you run an online store, automation can help not only save labor costs but also boost the engagement rate with customers. A Shopify chatbot can help you automate tasks across sales, marketing, and support, therefore easily leading consumers along their journey with your brand.

    After all, 75% of companies use some form of automation in their marketing efforts. 

    With an AI chatbot, you can respond to messages anytime and from anywhere across the world. Plus, it’s also easy to automate tasks like order tracking, product recommendations, etc.  

    The bot can start conversations with website visitors and based on data, can send personalized offers instantly. And when your support team is always available, you needn’t worry about missing out on leads and prospects that often go away in lack of proper communication. 


    How can a chatbot enable automation on the Shopify store?

    • You can train the bot to answer common sales and support questions immediately so that all the doubts of buyers are solved on the spot itself.
    • Bots can be used to recommend products according to the demographics and this can ensure customized solutions at every step of the way.  

    2. Send Personalized Welcome Messages 

    Personalized messages have the power to drive the rate of engagement on your Shopify store. You can use them to make catch the attention of visitors and make them hooked. The best part, when you send personalized messages, it appeals to shoppers on a personal level which they find hard to ignore. 

    In addition, a Shopify chatbot ecommerce can be used to greet each person with a warm welcome message which can encourage them to visit the store. You can also engage visitors with relevant and contextual conversations as AI chatbots can pull customer data anytime.  

    Plus, there is always the flexibility to create the right messages in tune with the tastes and likes of the visitors. And when you are able to send timely proactive triggered messages to visitors, there is always a great chance of improved customer satisfaction and more sales.  

    Tips to use the Shopify chatbot for sending personalized messages 

    • It’s important to set a customized welcome message according to the specific stage of the customer journey. 
    • You should always trigger proactive messages with the view to provide little guidance to buyers through the purchase cycle.  

    3. Start Conversational Commerce 

    Not many e-commerce pay heed to the conversations that are very much part of the sales. Well, they should better know how 91% of consumers want real-time assistance while connecting with a brand.  

    Since customers are human animals, they would surely love a bit of chatting and some interaction before buying something. This is where conversational commerce powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots can help. 

    Now, many stores use chatbots through channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber to add a tinge of conversations to the whole shopping thing. This way, e-commerce firms can enable buying products through chat interfaces.  

    In conversational commerce, online stores need to create an interface where potential customers can converse, message, and benefit from natural language technology. This will give buyers the freedom to use any channel to engage with the business and buy their products. When that happens, you can boost sales with a Shopify chatbot.  


    Best practices with conversational commerce 

    • You will need a chatbot plugin that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology so buyers can interact and buy from the channel of choice.  
    • The success of your conversational commerce endeavor will depend on how smoothly your customers can engage with your brand and products.  

    4. Minimize Shopping Cart Abandonment 

    Do you know that cart abandonment is responsible for e-Commerce brands losing a whopping $18 Billion in sales revenue each year? 

    Cart abandonment will always be a big issue for your Shopify store no matter how much you get it equipped. So, rather than worrying about the occurrence, your focus should be on minimizing cart abandonment. 

    Your online store will need the right tools and software if it wants to keep more visitors engaged without leaving the shopping midway. You basically need to integrate chatbots and live chat software to manage or minimize the effects of cart abandonment. 

    With a smart chatbot on your Shopify store, it will always be easy to guide customers through the purchase cycle and add value to their time with your brand. 

    How can a Shopify chatbot reduce cart abandonment? 

    • An AI chatbot can be used to trigger customer messages at various stages of the sales funnel to effectively target customers that have abandoned the purchase.
    • A Shopify chatbot app can send automatic reminders to users in regard to completing the checkout process where products were added but the sales were not done.  

    5. Recommend Products to Buyers  

    Many buyers expect online stores to recommend them products. However, not all stores do that and this often leaves customers to either trawl through thousands of products or buy what the search results suggest. 

    On the other hand, stores that have product recommendation features get more conversions and sales compared to those that don’t. This clearly shows the great rewards that come from suggesting relevant products or offers to buyers. 

    And if you want to add this feature to your Shopify store, all you need is an AI chatbot. The bot can pull customer data and ensure personalized service or offers. By using conversations as a filtering system, the Shopify chatbot can present the right product in front of buyers. 



    How can a Shopify AI chatbot help with product recommendations? 

    • Bots that are developed using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies can easily remember past purchase history and thus can recommend in tune with buyer’s preferences. 
    • A chatbot for Shopify can use real-time data and customer analytics to match perfectly fit the bot flow and ensure a functional product recommendation system in your store.  

    6. Offer Omnichannel Support to Customers 

    No matter how well-stocked your Shopify store is, you will still need to engage customers across channels to drive sales and achieve optimum results with conversions. At the same time, you also need to ensure the customers have a seamless and frictionless experience with your brand.  

    This is where offering omnichannel support to customers can help. You can thus provide them with multiple ways to interact and engage with your brand. Since there are so many channels around, you also need to make sure that customers get the freedom to choose any channel and reach you.

    When you adopt an omnichannel customer engagement strategy, your Shopify store can deliver consistent messaging and information across channels.  

    Benefits of an omnichannel strategy 

    • Your Shopify store can now be available for customers irrespective of the channels and can meet their needs anywhere on the web.
    • The analytics will help you provide contextual support and ensure value for customers on the channel of their choice.  

    7. Allow Easy Online Order Tracking 

    When customers place an order for any product, the last thing they want is to wait. And it makes them doubly frustrated when the order is delayed and the customer support team does not give the exact idea of the location of the package. 

    When you have the best Shopify chatbot integrated, it can definitely save you this kind of situation as it can let you provide all the order-delivery-related details and info to customers. Once the bot is integrated into the chatbot widget, it can help customers easily find details about their order status. 

    With an AI chatbot, your online store can allow order tracking anytime and this can great value to your e-commerce business. 

    How can a Shopify bot ensure order tracking?

    • You can use a chatbot platform and build the bot in a way that it can respond to all order tracking requests successfully.
    • It’s equally important to have a hybrid bot + human support so that live chat can prove handy for situations where the nature of queries is complex. 

    8. Collect Customer Feedback

    Feedback is always a key aspect of running a successful e-commerce enterprise. When you regularly collect feedback, you are aware of whether customers are happy with your product. And if you don’t, how can you know the level of satisfaction with your products?

    A lot of online stores however face problems in collecting feedback as buyers generally find it boring to fill out forms or answer questionnaires. Plus, a lot of customers find the whole feedback collecting process lacking interactivity.


    A Shopify chatbot integration can prove invaluable when it comes to collecting feedback from customers. In fact, it can make the entire process simple, quick, and interactive.  

    When you use an AI-powered chatbot, it’s always easy to collect real-time feedback at any stage of the customer journey. 

    Engage More Customers and Drive Sales with REVE’s Best Chatbot for Shopify Store

    Shopify is obviously the best choice for running a successful e-commerce business. Since it comes packed with all top commerce features, companies find it the right choice to engage with customers and drive sales. 

    We, at REVE Chat, are aware of how your business can boost the engagement level further and drive more sales if it has the right tools and software at its disposal. Our AI-powered Shopify chatbot can create a huge difference in your online store operations and bring a positive impact across sales, support, and marketing.     

    Our feature-rich and advanced AI-powered chatbot can help you streamline all your customer interactions from across channels under a single platform. You can now offer contextual answers to customers and support them at every stage without requiring human intervention.

    The best part, our Shopify chatbot can be used together with live chat software, co-browsing tool, and video chat software to make conversations more valuable for customers.  

    Leverage the Shopify Platform Fully with REVE’s AI Chatbot  

    Your e-commerce business will need an advanced chatbot if it aims to get the most out of the popular Shopify platform. Such a bot can help you automate activities across support, sales, and marketing, therefore making it incredible for customers to engage with your brand. 

    With REVE’s chatbot for Shopify, you can take your online store to an altogether different level and ensure value to customers at every stage of the journey. 

    You can start a free trial of the chatbot and experience the way it contributes to the success of a web store.

    So, grow your online store with the help of our Shopify chatbot and start delivering an amazing experience to your customers.

    Start using REVE Chat now!

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    Praveen Singh

    Praveen Singh is a content marketer, blogger, and professional with 15 years of passion for ideas, stats, and insights into customers. An MBA Graduate in marketing and a researcher by disposition, he has a knack for everything related to customer engagement and customer happiness.

    As a writer and analyst, he pours the heart out on a blog that is informative, detailed, and often digs deep into the heart of customer psychology. He’s written extensively on a range of topics including, marketing, AI chatbots, omnichannel messaging platforms, and many more.

    Mr. Singh also has a passion for subjects that excite new-age customers, be it social media engagement, artificial intelligence, machine learning. He takes great pride in his learning-filled journey of adding value to the industry through consistent research, analysis, and sharing of customer-driven ideas.

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