How to Retarget and Retain Customers Using TikTok Ads?

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Are you a marketing professional or a business owner? Are you aware that TikTok retargeting plays a crucial role in retaining customers? Your goal might be driving sales, increasing application downloads, or creating relevant content at the right time. But using the TikTok sales funnel is crucial for a powerful retargeting strategy. You would need an appropriate retention strategy on TikTok that helps you retain your hard-earned customers.

Businesses should understand that not only their present customers but also their past customers are crucial. In case you want to gain more new audiences for your TikTok business profile, you can leverage Trollishly and grow audiences authentically. As a result, combined with a proper strategy, you can turn them into potential customers.

The days when businesses relied solely on Instagram and Facebook to retain their valuable customers are gone. The TikTok platform is bringing in a medium to engage, target, and retarget customers in fun and engaging ways. Let’s figure out how to retarget and retain customers using TikTok ads:

What Are Retargeting Ads on Tiktok?

Retargeting ads on TikTok, also known as TikTok remarketing ads, enable you to show social media advertisements to people who have already engaged with your TikTok videos in some way or visited your website. TikTok retargeting ads help in delivering relevant videos to your target audience that are likely to engage or convert them into new or returning customers.

Marketing professionals utilize TikTok retargeting ads to reconnect and reunite with potential audiences and boost sales, app downloads, and audience loyalty. The TikTok platform lets your business reach past customers or past website visitors who have engaged with your ads in the past.

How Do Retargeting Ads Work on Tiktok?

TikTok retargeting ads involve a straightforward process that allows you to find people who already know and have interacted with your business. TikTok ads let you retarget potential customers through the custom sales funnel.

Using the custom sales funnel, creators can create ads that target remarketing and boost your TikTok profile’s audience base. You may also buy tiktok likes to make your TikTok videos get featured on FYP. This might also give your videos an algorithmic boost.

Tiktok Consumer Funnels

TikTok is a medium for discovery and has been specifically designed to minimize the traditional consumer funnel. Whenever TikTok users open the app, they are automatically taken to the personalized video feed, sorted according to their personal preferences and interests.

These days, people discover new brands on social media apps, especially in their content feeds. TikTok’s custom audience feature is a valuable tool that helps visualize the different paths your customers pass through while becoming prospects and customers. The custom audience feature has four stages. They are awareness, attention, conversion, and re-conversion.

  1. Awareness Stage

The first stage of the consumer sales funnel is the awareness stage, where your TikTok audiences find and watch your branded content or ads. This awareness stage is the first stage at which your audiences witness your brand and branded content on the TikTok platform. It was just an unconscious introduction and recognition of your brand.

The TikTok platform has powerful and smart algorithms that will keep its users fixed on their screens for multiple hours. For example, users get flooded with personalized videos curated directly through their For You Page. So if you create authentic and more reliable videos that are relevant to your audiences, you can get featured on their For You Page. Even though your videos might be branded content, if they are engaging enough and resonate well with your audiences, they will definitely reach them.

  1. Attention Stage

The following stage of the custom sales funnel is the attention stage. This involves engaging your potential audiences with branded content. The engagement could be anything from a like to a click on the link in your ad. Whatever the engagement could be, it helps establish your brand’s trust and credibility among your prospects.

The major goal of this attention stage is to stay ahead of the competition on the platform. One of the great ways to stand out from the competition is by staying relatable and adapting to the latest trends and hashtags using TikTok video features to engage your audience.

  1. Conversion Stage

The next stage of the custom sales funnel is the conversion stage. The significant reason to run TikTok ad campaigns is to explore and seek potential leads to perform the desirable actions on your landing page. Conversions could be anything from account registration to app downloads to making a purchase.

Using the custom sales funnel, you can attract new customers or even turn existing audiences into potential leads. At this conversion stage, you can add direct call-to-action buttons to your TikTok ads. By doing so, CTAs make audiences perform a certain action, such as go to your website and make a purchase or go to your application and download it.

  1. Re-Converting Stage

The last and most neglected stage of the consumer sales funnel is the re-converting stage, as it involves retargeting and converting your previous customers again. Using TikTok, you may create a custom audience pattern that consists of your past customers. The crucial stage of the consumer sales funnel is the re-conversion stage. It involves re-engaging potential prospects who have had a solid affiliation with your brand previously. It is the stage that every business misses out on, but it is as crucial as the conversion stage.

So make sure to keep in touch with previous customers and keep engaging them. You may also encourage them to share your product’s reviews, and you can post them as UGC or even as branded ads on your page. Also, avail yourself of the support of trollishly to make your videos reach new audiences. This might also lead to more new prospects.

Tiktok Custom Audiences

The custom audiences on TikTok are audiences that can be segmented according to their behavior or specific audience characteristics. There are different ways to segment people into custom audiences that help target them much more effectively. They are:

  • Engagements custom audiences
  • Customer file audience
  • Website traffic option
  • App activity
  • Lead generation option

Segment the Retargeted Audiences

Apart from usual audience demographics such as gender, age, and geographical location, the TikTok platform lets you refine your goals based on specific user behaviors. For example, this could be the number of profile visits and website visits.

By using user behavioral insights, you can obviously discover your most engaged and loyal audience communities and target them clearly. Connecting with and engaging prospects is as important as keeping them coming back for more. There are three strategies you can use to retain your customers by leveraging TikTok retargeting ads. They are:

1) Associating with influencers to retain your customers trust

2) Harness TikTok’s creative video features and trends to retain your customers.

3) Have an aligned and consistent message on and off the TikTok platform.

The above three strategies are the fundamental factors in obtaining brand awareness and conversions. They will also help in focusing on customer retention.

Winding Up

TikTok retargeting ads are great for customer conversion and brand-building, especially for customer retention. An ideal TikTok advertising strategy should involve influencer identification, a strong content strategy, customer audience development, an onboarding process, an advertising strategy, and audience segmentation.

Ultimately, you will understand at the end who you want to target and who you do not. If your TikTok ad campaign is not getting enough recognition, then you would need a better and well-developed strategy. Additionally, use the above article to retarget and retain customers using the TikTok paid ads feature.


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