Chatbot Template for Appointment Booking

Automate your appointment scheduling and allow visitors to self-schedule with chatbots. Gather additional data to generate leads for your sales team.

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Benefits of Appointment Booking Chatbot Template

24×7 Appointment Booking

Reach out to all visitors and let them fix appointments 24×7 with chatbots. Qualify leads and then allow them to schedule meetings.

Target Your Potential Customers

Target, qualify, and schedule meetings with your potential customers. Use chatbots to meet the people that match your ideal customer standards.

Choose Your Availability

Configure your chatbots for lead generation and give slots to customers. Set your time & duration for the appointment to manage customers efficiently.

Automate Scheduling with Human Touch

Manage the complexity of appointments with live touch to the chatbot. Allow customers the benefit of human handover and make scheduling fun.

Send Appointment Notifications

Send your qualified leads reminders and meeting notifications based on their time zone. Give your visitors a suitable time to meet and never miss an opportunity.


Use Cases for Marketing Chatbot


Hospital Appointment Chatbot

Let patients book doctor appointments using a chatbot. Engage with them and remind about pre and post-appointment actions.


Hotel Reservation Chatbot

Give visitors detailed information about room availability. Let them book with you on the date of their choice.


Corporate Meeting Chatbot

Fix meeting with your clients or potential leads quickly. Connect with qualified leads and schedule meetings in fixed slots

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Grace Chipofya
Contact Centre Operations Manager
Telekom Networks Malawi

REVE Chat helped us to assist our customers virtually with co-browsing and live chat support. We were also managed to get a better idea on our visitors activities and guide them properly.

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