Chatbot Template for Lead Generation

Collect your customer data and automate lead qualification to grow your business with a lead generation chatbot template.

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Benefits of Lead Generation Template

Book Instant Meetings

Automatically book meetings with your leads. Give customers ease of scheduling appointments and let your sales help drive conversions.

Understand the Audience Better

Get lead generation ideas and understand your audience better with chatbots. Make human handover for better customer engagement

Auto Qualify Leads

Use chatbots to prequalify leads when sales agents are busy. Prepare industry-specific questions and let bots qualify your sales prospects by using them.

Segment Your Customers

Use customer data to create relevant audience segments and generate more qualified leads. Deliver marketing messages that are specific to your target audience.

Replace Lead Generation Forms

Ditch the method of converting customers with lead generation forms. Use chatbots to streamline the data collection process and bolster your lead generation strategy.


Use Cases of Lead Generation Chatbot


Loan Application Chatbot

Make your loan application process breeze. Deploy a friendly chatbot and qualify loan applications.


Real Estate Chatbot

Implement a chatbot onto real estate portals and drive sales. Give customers the option to ask for rental requests or property viewing.


Car Dealership Chatbot

Improve the research and purchase experience of car purchases with a chatbot. Guide visitors to the right car model and show other car services.

You are in good company

Over 10,000 happy customers use REVE Chat



Grace Chipofya
Contact Centre Operations Manager
Telekom Networks Malawi

REVE Chat helped us to assist our customers virtually with co-browsing and live chat support. We were also managed to get a better idea on our visitors activities and guide them properly.

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