Chatbot Template for Pricing Queries

Create a pricing chatbot to handle customer queries efficiently. Guide visitors with the right product and pricing info.

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Benefits of Pricing Queries Chatbot

Display Product Pricing

Show product pricing to customers in a visual way with a chatbot. Automate the pricing features and increase online sales.

Pricing Comparison

Give customers a chance to compare the prices of your different products. Deploy a chatbot and make the comparison a breeze.

Pricing Page Help

Add an AI chatbot on your pricing page and help customers get over any confusion. Answer their queries and help them choose the right product.

Purchase Order Form

Receive more purchase orders with the right bot. Replace your purchase order form and drive your sales.

Product Quotation

Send product quotes to clients using a chatbot. Automate your quotation and drive sales.


Use Case for Pricing Queries Chatbot


Retail Industry

B2C and retail stores can integrate chatbots to handle pricing queries successfully. Show customers the price of each product and win their trust.


Hotel Aggregation Site

Implement a pricing chatbot to your aggregation website and give customers ease of comparison. Fetch data from other sources and make shopping fun.


IT Industry

Send engaging product quotes to clients and drive your conversion rates.

You are in good company

Over 10,000 happy customers use REVE Chat



Grace Chipofya
Contact Centre Operations Manager
Telekom Networks Malawi

REVE Chat helped us to assist our customers virtually with co-browsing and live chat support. We were also managed to get a better idea on our visitors activities and guide them properly.

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