Chatbot Template for Information Collection

Collect customer data easily with chatbots. Run surveys, get feedback, and drive automatic lead qualification.

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Benefits of Information Collection Chatbot

Lead Generation

Generate and collect leads with zero effort with a chatbot. Automatically convert your visitors into qualified leads.

Feedback Collection

Get customer feedback without any human intervention. Use feedback data to improve your products and services.

Grow Your Email List

Embed a chatbot on your website or blog and grow your email list. Increase your subscriber base fast with an information collection bot.

Exit Survey

Deploy chatbot to record views of customers leaving your site. Automate the exit survey process to delight visitors at the last minute.

Contact Us

Replace your static contact us with a chatbot and get more inquiries. Make “get in touch” form more conversational with the chatbot.


Use Cases of Information Collection Chatbot


Charity Institution Chatbot

Use a chatbot to encourage people to donate more. Engage in conversation and direct visitors towards the donation page.


Job Portal Chatbot

Screen a lot of job applicants smoothly with a chatbot. Automate the pre-screening process and minimize your workload.


Ecommerce Assistant

Make eCommerce customer service easier with a chatbot. Talk to customers and convince them to buy from your online store.

You are in good company

Over 10,000 happy customers use REVE Chat



Grace Chipofya
Contact Centre Operations Manager
Telekom Networks Malawi

REVE Chat helped us to assist our customers virtually with co-browsing and live chat support. We were also managed to get a better idea on our visitors activities and guide them properly.

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