10 Effective ways to motivate your customer support team


As per a theory proposed by renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow, people have 5 basic kind of needs which they want to be satisfied: Physiological, safety, belongingness, esteem, and self-actualization. All of these 5 basic needs together create a hierarchy model, with the most basic need at the bottom.



Let’s assume that the two most basic needs in the hierarchy, Physiological and Safety are fulfilled. Here, would you like to know some of the most effective ways of motivating employees: your customer support team and ensure their regular growth for each level in the hierarchy? Let’s discuss.

1.  Maintain a balance between personal and professional life

People desire to maintain a balance between their professional and personal lives and  has a huge impact on their jobs too. Workers are attracted to those companies that understand this basic need for balance. Office work should not consume most of the time of your customer support team.


a. Try to introduce flexible work hours

b. Recognize your employee’s family needs

c. Making your employees satisfied will also lead to better performance

2.  Create the proper team spirit



“Teamwork divides the overall task and working together can multiply the success”. To maintain the team spirit and motivate employees, break down all the barriers in your workplace and let your team work independently.


a. Let them work on projects as a team

b. Try to include them in the strategy making process and brainstorming sessions

c. Make sure that every team member feels comfortable in sharing his/her ideas and opinions

d. Everyone in the team should contribute to the project

e. Take out some time and organize different activities so that they can communicate behind the scenes

3.  Develop a healthy competition

People are competitive by nature. They will always try to reach whatever targets are given to them. So try to create a competitive environment amongst your support agents as healthy competition is the perfect way to avoid boredom at your work place. It also helps them to perform in a better way and discover new and effective approaches to their own performance.


a. Announce performer of the month or week to maintain the competition amongst your support team

b. Always appreciate individuals for their good work

4.   Create the perfect product to offer

Your customer support team always stands behind your brand. In simple terms, they associate themselves with your product offerings. So there is nothing more demoralizing than handling back to back customer complaints regarding your service. When your own customers will love your service, your support agents also will start to love their job and be happy to be associated with your company.


a. For motivating teams improve the quality of your product and make it perfect

b. Make sure that your team is proud of your product offerings

5.  Make them understand how important they are



The common perception is that customer support job stands for a low skilled, entry level position. But it’s absolutely a wrong thought. First of all, clear this out with your support team, because if they can’t respect what they are doing, they will never be able to give their best.


a. Make them understand that they are the first point of contact for customers and often the only contact that the customers have with your company

b. Take time out to make them believe how important they are in the organization

c. Always encourage the good performers from the team

6.  Schedule frequent one-on-one meetings

Always take some time out of your busy schedule to have a one-on-one meeting with all of your support agents. These initiatives will help you to understand whether they are happy or not being associated with the company, the problems they are facing and what they expect from you. All these will help you to gauge their level of frustration and work with them to resolve the issues.

7.  Share achievements with the team



A positive encouragement always helps to boost morale, especially if it happens in front of other team mates. It is one of the best ways of motivating employees.


a. Take some time out to celebrate the achievements

b. Handing out gifts or taking the team mates out for a lunch can make the moments even sweeter

8.   Arrange regular training sessions to keep your team up to date



Regular and relevant training is very important and a good way to motivate employees. It’s really helpful and keeps them up to date and more focused on their job responsibilities.


a. Give quality training that covers the issues they face regularly during the support sessions

b. Select good performers amongst the team and tell them to share their experiences and tips

9.   Share happiness with the family

Happiness if shared with the family generates the highest motivation and satisfaction. For motivating teams, arrange several family get together events where they can bring their families to introduce each other and share achievements.

10.   Add some colour to the work place

Inspire your support team to work hard and for that you need to create such environment. The office should not be bland, so you can create a more vibrant ambience by adding bright colours at the workplace using motivational quotes, images. These low cost investments can create a significant impact on your overall workforce.

Suvashree Bhattacharya
Author’s Bio

Suvashree is responsible for handling the website content, blog and social media marketing activities at REVE Chat. Graduated in English literature, she has done her Masters in Journalism and Mass Communications. Her interests include reading, painting and travelling.

  • Jerry

    These are great motivational tips! Thank you for posting them. I really like how you positioned training as motivation, because so many times people think of training as just a job requirement, when it really can be motivational to help enhance skill sets.

  • Jim

    Excellent ideas. A really good article for retaining business through energetic staff. Thanks

  • Thanks Jerry. Yes, training both in terms of product knowledge and dos and donts of customer support is very important for motivating the team, because it helps to improve their ability to perform in a much better way. The more they improve their performance, the more they will be appreciated and rewarded.

  • Thanks Jim. Actually the job of a customer support agent is a bit exhausting. So it’s important to make sure that your support team always stays motivated.

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