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Top 8 Ways Co-browsing Solution Improves Your Customer Engagement

Ways to improve co-browsing solution for customer engagement

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    Delivering a consistent customer experience is one of the powerful ways brands can sustain in today’s time when customer choices are empowering and increasing. In order to deliver a unified customer engagement, it is imperative that brands should look through the eyes of the customers. Co-browsing for live customer engagement software can help vastly to make the whole process faster and more interactive.

    “Sustaining an audience is hard,” Bruce Springsteen once said. “It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.”

    Learning customer expectations and aligning them to an aspirational vision helps in delivering a high-value customer experience. It is important for the customer support team and the company should act consistently, in interacting with customers for the success of the business.

    Live engagement with co-browsing is an emerging trend that businesses are implementing to enhance their customer service. It helps customer support reps to guide customers through complex situations in real time.

    Co-browsing for customer engagement

    By 2023, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. – Walker

    Customer: I am having some problems filling up the enrollment form. I am completely stuck.

    Agent: Don’t worry! You just have to click on the “co-browse” button on your screen and give me the code.

    Customer: The code is XXXXX.

    Agent: Ok, let me co-navigate along with you. We can both fill up the form together.

    Customer: Great! And it’s done! “Thank you so much for your on-time assistance. It was really a great experience.

    Agent: Super! Good day.


    To deal with such conversations co-browsing serves as the best solution. It resolves the problem in the first contact enhancing the team performance.

    Visually engaging the customers with the best co-browsing solution combining voice and video chat allows to fill up a form in minimum time and get things done and reach their immediate goal.

    Importance of visual engagement tools

    Aberdeen Group found out that businesses using visual engagement tools marked 83% in annual revenue and an array of positive growth.

    Visual engagement tools are gaining momentum as businesses are responding to the changing trends and adapting to what actually customers want. Customers now prefer purchasing across various platforms, and having a way to engage consumers closely and effectively has driven businesses to prioritize visual engagement tools.

    • Increases the website conversion rates through interactive conversation in real-time
    • Raises customer service standards with quick and effective engagement
    • Assists customers through the sales funnel and gives insights
    • Provides immediate visual context for the issue to agents to resolve instantly
    • Delivers quick and effective response and reduce resolution time

    8 Ways co-browsing improves your customer engagement process

    Co-browsing solution acts as a catalyst for making the interaction between the agents and customers quick and productive. It allows your agents to view customers’ web pages in the real-time scenario and can solve complex queries by personalized solutions to the customers improving the engagement process.

    Let’s discuss key use cases of how co-browsing can boost client engagement strategy.

    1. Convert your website visitors into leads

    Co-browsing offers the best way to engage your website visitors and increase conversions. In fact, it can increase website conversions by 45% because all you’re really doing is offering instant customer service.

    A great example can be when a visitor or customer is comparing websites quotes they look for taking expert advice and information at an advanced stage of their buying journey. Quotes that have been presented to the customer on the website are instantly accessible by the agent, who can advise and close accordingly.

    When co-browsing solution combined with video chat it helps in engaging the customer interactively and quickly resolving the issue.  Effective guidance helps customers to make timely decisions and drive chances of sales conversion.

    When you assist your customers in the exact time they need and engage them with personalized conversions builds trust and they choose to go the extra mile by being your brand advocates.

    2. Deliver customer support remotely

    Forrester report says, there are many companies in retail, financial services, healthcare among others have chosen video chat and co-browsing as a mode to connect with customers and provide interactive support to them in real time.

    UK footwear retailer Schuh extended video chat by deploying it to mobile and maximizing the number of video agents by 20% in two years and now the video is its busiest customer service channel.

    Co-browsing is a real-time collaboration platform that allows integration with a complete suite of tools that used to ensure a personalized service environment comprising of real-time sharing of information, live discussions, and effective conversations.

    Benefits of remote support through co-browsing and video chat are:

    • Personalized interactions – Co-browsing with video chat enables the agents to provide step-by-step assistance in resolving the customer query.
    • Build customer trust – The secure and prompt service assistance of co-browsing solution boosts the confidence of customers and increase loyalty
    • Sale conversions at minimum costs – With co-browsing, the agents learn and identify customer’s problems in the first contact. Thus, agents deliver effective resolutions in real time, which improves customer acquisitions and low-cost sales conversion.

    3. Co-browsing software for interactive customer engagement

    As co-browsing solution requires no downloads and installs it connects instantly with your customers to respond to their queries. You can deliver a good co-browsing experience to your customers by using live chat, screen sharing, and video chat.  

    best co-browsing-solution

    Using the scrolling, highlighting and drawing co-browsing tools on the customer screen to explain during the co-browse sessions engages your customers better. You can enhance the interaction by giving better product demos, educate new users and quickly answer them in real time.

    4.  Reduce the number of touch points

    With co-browsing, you can assure the resolution of the customer problem in the first go. No matter it is a technical issue, sales issue, form fill up or something else, co-browsing is the ultimate solution to deal with these issues and improve customer satisfaction.

    It reduces the total of touchpoints for customer service. It delivers real time resolution to the customers in the first interaction itself and raises the chances of sales. It saves sales service costs by better providing better customer engagement.

    5.  Increase your customer retention with co-browsing software

    Customer retention is completely based on trust. And the trust is developed through a convenient and effective brand-customer exchange. Visual customer experience has the potential to build trust and a mutual connection between your brand and your consumer.

    Most importantly, it settles down their fear. Customers will retain when they know what they are getting and know that they can trust it.

    Co-browsing when combined with live chat and video chat helps to provide immediate resolutions that reduce the total response time and boosts customer engagement.

    As per Customer Focus, 46% of customers leave a website if they can’t find what they are looking for. When the customers are satisfied with the service they retain your brand and bring in more customers.

    6.  Deliver better ROI

    The co-browsing software integrated into your e-commerce website allows your customer support team to see the customer’s browser and will help them in completing the purchase. It improves the engagement metrics by quick real time assistance.

    When the queries are fixed instantly, customers get satisfied and are happy with your support services. An interactive customer engagement results in a higher conversion rate and thus delivers a better ROI.

    7. Make your customer onboarding faster

    Onboarding customers is a very important part of every business. If you appear complex to your customers while onboarding, possibly you might lose potential customers. It happens that superior products lose if the customer support team is not prompt enough.

    By using co-browsing for the right onboarding, you can overcome the problem. The benefits of the co-browsing solution in the customer onboarding process are as follows:

    • Guide your customers in taking product demos/actions
    • Assist your customers to complete the setup process if they are unable to manage it.
    • Save time by making conversations crisp and meaningful.

    8.  Increase customer loyalty

    To meet customer expectations is imperative to stay in the competition. You should put extra effort to take every opportunity to deliver the best services to your customers. Customers become loyal to brands when they are satisfied with your service and their issues get resolved the first time.

    Businesses can meet their customer’s expectations and increase satisfaction by using over live engagement tools. These real time tools help to retain customers and gain new customers and improve business performance.

    How co-browsing helps to build customer loyalty?

    With the help of co-browsing, problem resolution is so fast, this boosts customer satisfaction. For example for a bank, you can use co-browsing to build loyalty in the following ways.

    • Provide premium service with the help of co browsing
    • Add co browsing and other live engagement tools on your bank kiosks
    • Help your customers filling up banking for loan application with co browsing

    9. Reduce cart abandonment

    The role of a sales representative becomes important when a customer is facing a problem in completing the purchase. And this becomes even easier with co-browsing software integrated into your e-commerce website. Undoubtedly, this enhances your service and will improve the shopping experience of your customers.

    There are many reasons why people might drop off their carts – one off which can be giving the credit card details because of the feeling of insecure issues. With the co-browsing solution, sales reps can assist the customers to fill out an order form assuring all the sensitive details to be hidden.

    The cart abandonment rate can be considerably reduced by educating and suggesting the customers deeply about the products and walkthrough a seamless checkout process by guiding them throughout the buying journey.

    8. Seamless customer experience

    The latest WebRTC technology is highly flexible and fuss-free. It makes customer engagement effective by combining live chat and video chat while co-browsing.  It helps to deliver better customer experience without compromising on the user experience.

    WebRTC based co-browsing requires no downloads or plug-ins. Just with a single click, your customers can share their browser. It works on all browsers allowing to connect with the agent with just one click.


    In today’s scenario where customer engagement is given the topmost priority, co-browsing technology is a great way to help your customers and find a solution for them in a much faster way they want. Co-browsing software helps to gain more satisfied customers and accelerate business growth.


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    Table of Contents

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