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    As the title suggests today we will discuss the top 5 chatbot solution providers that are getting popular in Singapore. But before discussing anything else, let me show you some important statistics.

    As per eMrketer, by 2024, the whole chatbot industry is expected to grow by 9.4 billion USD from 2.6 billion USD in 2019 at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth) of 29.7%.

    By now, most of us know what a chatbot is. It is a conversational robot developed and programmed to understand customer queries and provide appropriate responses. Different chatbots have different capabilities to perform like you can use a chatbot for your online business to provide instant customer support, in human resources to manage different operations, in the hotel industry, and in other contexts.

    So, chatbots will stay with us for sure. It can definitely replace humans by doing much of their work in the near future. Singapore can be called a flourishing AI center and people here are much more inclined to use new technologies. The Singaporean government is one such earliest adopters of the latest AI-powered chatbots.

    Here, I shall discuss the 5 best chatbot solution provider companies in Singapore helping many businesses to improve the overall quality of customer support and provide a better customer experience.

    How Singapore is Getting Accustomed to Chatbots

    Being one of the best tech-advanced countries, in Singapore, companies are gradually inclining towards the usage of chatbots. With artificial intelligence, being an important leader in digital modernization, more and more organizations have started using chatbots to provide the best customer service.

    Singapore’s government has already teamed up with Microsoft and created a high-end chatbot solution. This chatbot is smart enough to reply to different kinds of personalized questions asked by customers.

    They use chatbots not only to offer excellent customer service but also these can be used in other departments too like payment, marketing, and HR.  

      The 5 Best Chatbots to Consider in Singapore

    There are tons of benefits of AI Chatbots.  If you live in Singapore and looking for ways to uplift your business with Chabot then let’s take a look at our top five picks. So, without wasting more time, let’s look at the top 5 chatbots popular in Singapore. 

    1. REVE Chatbot by REVE Chat
    2. AiChat
    3. Key Reply
    4. Zumata
    5. Botbot.AI

    1. REVE Chatbot by REVE Chat

    Being an omnichannel customer service platform, REVE Chat helps companies offer excellent online customer service through live chat, voice, video chat, and chatbots. REVE Chat’s several unique features allow your support team to monitor website visitors in real-time and then reach out to them proactively to offer instant assistance. 

    REVE Chatbot, an excellent invention of REVE Chat is an AI-powered customer service platform that helps your company to automate the whole customer support operations. 

    You may not have enough manpower to provide 24/7 customer support. REVE Chatbot can become your savior and work when your support team members go offline. Customers can talk to the chatbot and it is capable of providing instant and accurate replies to their queries. 

    So, here let’s discuss some of the unique features of REVE Chatbot.

    • Customer Service FAQs

    Many times, customers ask different types of general questions. All you need to do is make a list of those queries and develop FAQs. REVE Chatbot can be configured with that information and whenever a customer asks any question from those set of FAQs, the bot is able to respond to those queries instantly. 

    • Fall Back Option

    Being a machine, every chatbot has some limitations. But REVE Chatbot also has solutions for it. Suppose, when the bot cannot make out what the customer is asking, it does not break the conversation there. Without making aware the user of it, the bot directly transfers that chat session to a real agent and he can start handling the customer from there without creating any kind of chaos.  

    • Sentiment Analysis

    Sentiment Analysis is a great feature of REVE Chatbot. It helps the bot to understand the emotions of the user and provides an accurate response leading to higher customer satisfaction. 

    It is a sub-field of Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) that lets the chatbot understand the customer’s sentiments and thoughts from the voice and textual data and react based on that.

    Here, you can configure the database with different types of good, bad, and abusive words. Whenever a customer uses such bad words and if the chatbot finds it in its database, it directly transfers the chat to a human agent without a delay. The agent takes the handover from there and tries to handle the situation. 

    • Bot Analytics

    REVE Chatbot also lets you understand how its performing and what improvement areas to consider. You can extract bot analytics to have an idea about the number of handled chat sessions, chat handovers, and so on to work on further improvements. 

    • Data Sanitization

    REVE Chat lets you arrange the unstructured data properly to get accurate replies from the chatbot. Data sanitization helps improve the chatbot’s overall performance and customer experience. 

    REVE Chat’s Other Features to Consider

    Apart from, REVE Chatbot, let’s look into other excellent features of REVE Chat:

    • Proactive Chat
    • Voice & Video Chat
    • Co-Browsing
    • Screen Sharing
    • Reporting and Analytics
    • Visitor Analytics
    • Auto Triggers
    • Canned Responses
    • Department Management
    • Omni-Channel Customer Support through WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and Facebook
    • Customization
    • Queuing
    • Developer API and Mobile SDK

    Important Clients: Scotiabank, Getac, Canadian Hearing Services, etc.


    Know more about the REVE Chatbot pricing 

    2. AiChat

    AiChat was established in 2015, by the co-founders of WeChat. Initially, AiChat was a conversational commerce organization offering digital concierge facilities via various messaging applications like Messenger, SMS, and WhatsApp. But they also understood the positive impact of AI and how it can automate the whole operation. 

    Being inspired by the unique technology, they started researching more on AI and finally had come up with a high-end chatbot to manage services in a better way. Now it has become one of the best chatbots in Singapore. 

    Soon, the chatbots got so popular that companies started asking for its enterprise version. So, the founders finally launched AiChat officially in July 2016. Since then there was no stop, AiChat has become a favorite for many companies and transformed from a very simple chatbot to a high-end AI-powered customer communication solution. 

    AiChat not only provides accurate responses to different customer queries and FAQs but also helps companies to provide effective customer service, making them happy and satisfied leading to improved sales conversions. 

    Today, AiChat is a leading AI-based conversational solution service provider in Singapore offering great assistance to more than 200 companies across Asia.  

    Some of the Unique Features of AiChat

    • AI and real support agent collaboration
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Spelling checker
    • Reports and analytics

    Important Clients: Marina Bay Sands, Philips Lighting, Petron, etc


     3. KeyReply

    Founded in 2014, KeyReply is one of the most popular AI-powered platforms for enterprises to offer automated customer support facilities. It supports different Asian languages thus helping many organizations to improve overall regional operations. Its AI-powered conversational solution not only helps companies to offer great customer support but also helps to improve internal operations on different segments like human resources and marketing.

    KeyReply has worked with various business giants like IBM Watson and Cisco to make its AI solution more compatible and user-friendly. KeyReply has been chosen to be an integral partner By Facebook and currently, it’s the only organization that has got such recognition. 

    Some of the Unique Features of KeyReply

    • Multi-Language support
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    • Integration with different knowledge bases, CRM, and backend systems
    • Customizable reposting and analytics
    • Seamless takeovers by the real human agents
    • Provides training sessions for the users on a regular basis to improve the bot’s performances

    Important Clients: National Health Care Group, Parkway Pantai, AIA etc.


     4. Zumata

    Zumata is a technology-based company that provides enterprise-based solutions to several companies. To reduce operational costs and improve customer communication, Zumata has introduced enterprise chatbot solutions.

    Zumata’s high-end chatbot is powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to automate many organizational functions seamlessly and provide instant responses to your queries without even letting you know that you are actually talking to a machine, not a real human agent. The chatbot can understand and reply in nearly 40 languages. 

    Some of the Unique Features of Zumata Chatbot

    • Can understand and reply in nearly 40 languages
    • With NLP, one can understand user intent and provide accurate responses
    • Seamless integration with different messaging applications like Facebook Messenger, Line, Twitter, Kik, Skype, WeChat, and so on
    • Capable of handling unlimited conversations 
    • Provides 100% data security 
    • Provides both reporting and analytics

    Important Clients: The Regent Hotel Singapore, Phillip Securities, MSIG, Holiday Tours, etc


    5. Botbot AI

    It is one of the best conversational chatbot solutions in Singapore. This special AI-powered chatbot helps to automate textual interactions and provides an effective customer experience. They are the proud AI chatbot provider of many companies to automate nearly 18599 interactions. 

    Some of the Unique Features of Botbot AI

    • Natural language understanding technology
    • Capable of understanding and replying to multiple languages
    • Recognizes interaction contexts and provides prompt replies
    • Records customer details for providing personalized assistance
    • For complex issues, the chatbot redirects the interactions to real support agents for better assistance
    • To execute certain tasks, you can also set triggers for the chatbot

    Important Clients: Microsoft, Singtel, DBS, TP Bank, etc


    The Feature Comparison Chart for Your Reference


    Some Important Statistics

    “In Singapore, as per nearly half of the IT professionals, after the covid 19 pandemic, most of the companies have quickened the adoption of AI tools in their businesses.”-Source

    “By 2023, it is estimated that chatbots are going to save 8 billion USD globally”-Source

    “Soon 80% of companies are looking forward to implementing AI chatbots.- Source

    Wrapping Up!

    Thanks a lot for reading my article till the end. Do you know any other good chatbots worth mentioning in Singapore? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below. 

    If you want to know more about REVE Chatbot and give it a try then you can sign up for the 14-day FREE TRIAL to understand all its unique features and functions. Till then, goodbye!

    Start using REVE Chat now!

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