Smart Ideas to Use your ‘THANK YOU’ Landing Page

Landing pages are always among the most important web resources for a business. And those who know how to ace them find no issue with conversion. 

A ‘Thank You’ landing page is equally important. It’s a page that is displayed after the successful completion of a call to action, be it a sale or subscription or downloading content or signing up for a demo. Most companies, generally overlook the importance of this page. After all, your objective is fulfilled and it’s time to search for new customers and the next sale, right? You are absolutely wrong.

On the thank you page, by putting some boring messages like, “Thanks for shopping with us! Keep visiting for……” you are signaling your customers to leave your website and forget about the brand. Instead of that, you should grab the opportunity of the scenario you have built and engage with them in a better way. 

Example of An Ideal Thank You Landing Page –  

ideal thank-you-page


Here I have mentioned some smart thank you landing page examples and ways to use the page for building good relationships with customers, increasing sales conversions, and spreading endorsements.

1. Seek Customer Feedback



To get a complete picture of what, how, and why the customers interact with the website, customer feedback is the best option. Getting instant feedback from your customers is the secret weapon to spot and solving problems and new business opportunities.

You can add a feedback form or comment section on the thank you page design that allows customers to submit comments easily.

To get started, here are a few sample questions:

a) What made you subscribe to our newsletter?

b) What do you think about our new product or service?

c) What else we can offer?

d) Would you like to change anything about our product?

2. Add Social Buttons to Let Customers Share their Recent Purchases



People sometimes want to let friends know about their recent purchase if it’s too exciting. Here you can help him/her out. Allow them to share their happiness across all the major social media sites. So in the thank you page design, place social media buttons to make the process easier. This will allow the friends of your customer to know more about your products and services. 

3. Provide Referral Codes on the ‘Thank You’ Landing Page



As a part of the thank you message, you can provide a referral code that the customer can share with his friends and relatives. For every person who will make any purchase using that referral code, the customer can earn additional discounts for the next purchase. It’s a great way to increase repeat purchases from the existing clients and also you will get new buyers.

4. Add Links of Your Popular Content



Turn the thank you landing page into an enriched resource page by adding links to your best content. It will change customer’s perception towards your brand. They will be engaged with your website for longer time, which may drive more sales. As a bonus, linking to the best content of your website will not only increase the Google ranking of those web pages, but also if liked by the customers they may share in their respective social media profiles.

Examples of such content, you may include:

a) Infographics

b) Videos

c) Case studies

d) Testimonials

e) Popular posts

f) Blogs

g) Tutorials

5. Add Testimonials

Displaying testimonials in multiple places on your website can help to increase your conversion rates. Most people know how great testimonials can be for increasing conversions on home and landing pages.

So why not add them as a part of your thank you message for those brand new subscribers that haven’t made a purchase yet?

6. Run Promotional Campaigns



Many companies run product promotions or ads on their logout pages, but forget about the thank you landing pages. Since it’s the place where your actual customers land up, so thank you page is the best place for different product promotions like:

a) Special offer for customers.

b) New updates or product launch

c) Advertisements

7. Ask Customers to Follow You on Social Media

It may seem unnecessary as probably you already have placed social media links in the sidebar or footer. But like other things, these social media buttons also may get overlooked by the website visitors. 



So, simply ask your customers on the thank you page if they would like to follow you on social media. Make them aware that it’s another process to subscribe and making things more convenient for them. For example, if you have an account on Pinterest, make sure that you have at least one image on every page of your site so that customers get something to pin.

8. Display Recent Purchase

On the thank you page, you can display a list of items very similar to what the customer has just purchased or other people have purchased and you never know, he or she may feel like buying more. 





How Can REVE Chatbot Add Value to Your “Thank You” Landing Page 

Using a chatbot on your landing page can help you engage your customers better and ensure value to them at each step of the journey. 

With an AI chatbot, it becomes easy to put customer support on auto-pilot, seek feedback and provide quick answers to queries.

REVE’s chatbot is full of advanced features and it will help you be available for customers all the time. 

From suggesting new offers to welcoming shoppers with customized messages to tracking past purchase history, everything is easy when a chatbot is deployed on your “Thank You” landing page.  

The bot can be combined with live chat software to offer human touch and make customers feel great about purchasing with you.

Make Your “Thank You” Landing Page More Valuable with REVE Engagement Tools

Now it’s the time to stop assuming that thank you pages are useless and generic. Instead of that start using it for greater opportunities that can increase online sales conversions and better customer experience. 

You can easily find great thank you landing page examples if you search the web a bit and use their ideas to best effect. 

Plus, you can start a free trial of top customer engagement tools from REVE Chat and take the right step towards making your landing page more valuable for your customers. 

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Suvashree Bhattacharya
Author’s Bio

Suvashree Bhattacharya is a researcher, blogger, and author in the domain of customer experience, omnichannel communication, and conversational AI. Serving as a content marketing strategist at REVE Chat, she develops contextual and interesting content for customers from different industries and segments like customer service, customer satisfaction, engagement, messaging platforms, etc. Passionate about writing and designing, she pours her heart out in writeups that are detailed, interesting, engaging, and more importantly cater to the requirements of the targeted audience. Her interests include reading, painting, and traveling.


  1. Raymond Simmons says:

    At first I thought there is no need to “Thank you page”. After reading this blog, it’s completely changed my idea.

    “Thank You page” for details about a variety of things. We should really put more attempt to creating “Thank You Pages” because they help to improve our marketing. Provide a referral code you will find new buyers, Create feedback form for customer feedback to solve problem. Thanks for beautiful article. It’s very help full for me.

    1. Suvashree says:

      Hello. Thanks for your appreciation. Yes, ‘Thank You’ page is very important for repeat business and connect with your customers. So it should not be neglected.

  2. Gavivi says:

    It really smart idea to achieve repeat sale. First time sale is a chance of having second sale and its on and on. So, we should not concentrate just for one time sale rather we can try to keep those customer as a long time buyer. Both older and new customer are important for a business to reach out at the goals.

    1. Suvashree says:

      Hi. yes, consumers who land up on the ‘Thank You’ page, are important because they are the prospect leads. ‘Thank You’ page should be designed in such a way that it helps to build good relationship , engage with them for future business.

  3. Léonard says:

    It is a great way to share the feeling of the customers with their friends and relatives through social media as like as Facebook, twitter and so on. Share through the social media number of count of like and share makes popularity of the blog or site. Thank you page also helps to improve the marketing. Thank you for sharing this ” Thank You” blog.

  4. Suvashree says:

    Thanks Leonard for your appreciation.

  5. Jams says:

    It is a very good idea I think. It is very important for our client to continue to business with us. Thank you for the nice blog.

  6. Jams says:

    It is a very good idea I think. It is very important for our client to continue to business with us. Thank you for the nice blog.

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