Importance of Customer Feedback for Your Online Business


Whenever or however you do any new things, you must know that it’s very necessary to know from your customers what you did is right or wrong. Your customer who uses your product will be the best person to tell you whether it works or not. So the smartest thing to do is gathering precious feedback from your customers to improve not only your product offerings or services but also the way your brand is perceived.


In case of your product comparison with your competitors’ ones to determine whether your product is better or worse than your competition, customer feedback plays a very crucial role. If you are losing your market share, you can ask your customers for their feedback in order to know the reasons, most importantly, you can ask them several questions like what they think about your service or product, do they get proper assistance, is the process of assistance provided to them instant and easy etc. What your customers will tell you as the feedback will be very helpful for you to improve your services. So don’t listen only, apply what you have learnt from the most valuable source of your business-your customers.


In this modern era, online customer reviews have come up as a whole new way of marketing for several companies. As per many online business analysts and experts, customer feedback plays a very crucial role behind the success of any online business. You can get feedback via email, phone call, but live chat customer support software will give you the chance to talk to your customer for taking instant feedback. The website chat software for customer service enables you to receive valuable feedback from your customers during and after the live support sessions. On the basis of those feedbacks your company can focus on the needs, queries, satisfaction and requirements of customers, which can enhance your website experience for future visitors.




So, let’s discuss some of the major importance of customer feedback which your business have got from the website chat software for customer service.

Helps to make better decisions

Customer feedback can be a great help in decision making and online live chat for business is the best way to get instant feedback apart from traditional phone calls or email. Customer response will help you to point out small tweaks, and makes you aware of the current and upcoming trends which may turn out beneficial for your business. Reviews are very necessary to understand the satisfaction level of current customers, which in other way helps you to take better decisions for your business in the long run. If a large percentage of your customers suggest a specific product feature or ask for some additional customer services, please listen to them after all your customer is your livelihood.

Multiplies customer happiness

Customers appreciate it when you give them a chance to express their opinions about products or services. You should instruct your chat agents or representatives to give immediate acknowledgement for the feedbacks regardless of its positivity or negativity.

It helps to improve your product or service

Customer feedback through the online live chat for your business can be used throughout the product development to ensure that the end product meets customers’ needs and solves all the problems. Listening to your customers can help you to create a product or offer a service what they actually need. In today’s competitive market, the companies who intertwine the product development and customer feedback will be the ones that reap very strong competitive advantages, have customers loyal to their brands and earn great customer advocates.

Get actionable insight for creating a better customer experience

Improving the overall online experience of your customers should be the main reason for gathering customer feedback. Offering amazing online experience that keeps them coming back and referring friends to you, no doubt it’s the best way to stand apart from your competitors. To make everything perfect, you need to ask your customers what they exactly want and based on that insight, offer consistent and personalized service. If you can offer such experience to them what they are not getting from your competitors, they will turn out to be loyal to you and will start ignoring tempting competitive offers.

Helps to retain your customers

Through the live chat customer support software, you can get instant feedback from your customers that will help you to understand whether they are happy with your services or not before they leave your website. If your customer becomes frustrated or perceives a competitive offer to be better than yours, he will start checking out other options and may stop doing business with you. Taking feedback from your unhappy customers helps you to improve your product offering and they may continue with your services.

Feedback helps to identify customer advocates

Customer advocates can be the best marketing tool for your company. They offer high value at very little cost. But how can we identify them? The answer is through customer feedback. When you collect feedback from your customers, advocates are the ones who give you high ratings or say positive things about your products or services. Don’t be afraid to ask them for customer testimonials or referrals. So contact them and build healthier, stronger and mutually beneficial relationships.


So, don’t take customer feedback as an exercise that you outsource to any other farm or pawn off to any intern. It is one of the most important parts of any established business. Don’t forget one thing- the more you get customer feedback the more it will be better for you. Encouraging customer response is a ‘must do’ initiative in the recent business scenario and it can’t be taken as an option anymore. Adapting customer-centric approach is very essential to survive in the online business industry.

Suvashree Bhattacharya
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  • Swakat Osman

    Do you have any data which can show that introducing customer feedback has increased certain % of sales for any specific industry?

  • Suvashree Bhattacharya

    Dear Rabiul. Thanks for liking our blogs. Keep visiting for more new posts!

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