Best Practices for Live Chat Customization & Branding

Live chat banner customization

Whenever you enter into a brick and mortar store, sales personnel are there to guide you. In case of online business, live chat also works as a concierge service, as it allows your agents to personally guide and help visitors, while they go through the various sections of your website. It helps them to get the most out of your web presence, while allowing you to understand their diverse needs on a one-to-one basis.

You may think that selecting a proper place for the chat banner will not be a very tough job. To customize live chat widget, you just need to change the color, add some messages on the chat window and that’s it! Well, you are absolutely wrong.

 You must think before placing and designing the chat banner. Being the first point of contact, live chat banner should suit the look and feel of your website and overall brand. How to do this? REVE Chat allows you to customize live chat banner the way you want. Let’s discuss!

1. Good design of the chat window (when agents are online)

The chat window design should not be congested and complicated. It should give the website visitor a sense of ease and must harmonize with the overall look of your website. Also placing of it is very important.

‘An effective chat banner should be easily noticeable and still visually consistent with the rest of the webpage.’


Many people may browse your website from their mobile devices. So make sure that the chat window is adjustable for a variety of screen sizes. The REVE Chat window automatically adjusts itself to the size and layout to fit mobile screens of different sizes. The chat banner is also adjustable to the mobile screen size so that it is clearly visible and easy to find. 


2. Are you offline?

‘You can customize live chat widget even when you are offline.’

REVE Chat’s’ ‘Offline Message’ feature allows customers to send offline messages when your live chat service is not available. Once one of your support agent will come online, he will get those messages and can reply directly from his dashboard.

REVE Chat enables you to design your ‘Offline Message’ banner as well.


What you can customize?

a) You can choose your preferred offline chat banner from the given templates

b) Select image background color

c) Select text background color

d) Input your preferable message

3. Link to your social media profiles


‘As a part of the chat window design, you can also add icons of your company’s social media pages to increase the reach.’

Website visitors can directly visit those social media pages by clicking on the buttons from the chat window itself and check images, customer reviews, posts etc. It will help them to understand about your brand in a better way. 

4. Add live Voice call /Video chat button

REVE Chat allows you to provide a truly personal experience to your customers whenever they land on your website.

‘In the REVE Chat window, there will be a ‘Voice Call’ and ‘Video Call’ button clicking on which website visitor can directly call or video chat with your support agents.’



5. Get info about customers through pre chat form

Pre chat form will be filled by customers who want to initiate live chat sessions with your support agents. Through this pre chat form, you will get important info like name, email address, contact numbers of the visitors who want live assistance.


REVE Chat offers full customization of this pre chat form.’

Now you can make it mandatory for the website visitors to provide their personal details like ‘Name’, ‘Email’ or ‘Phone Number’ if you wish. The complete ‘Chat Launching Window’ design will be shown in the ‘Preview’ section of your REVE Chat dashboard. 


6. Get instant customer feedback through post chat survey form


You can get instant feedback from your customers through live chat’ Post chat survey form. REVE Chat allows complete customization of this feedback form. You can select the background color from the given color variations, add greetings messages. Also you can select your preferable customer feedback option from the given ones. 



Suvashree Bhattacharya
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Suvashree is responsible for handling the website content, blog and social media marketing activities at REVE Chat. Graduated in English literature, she has done her Masters in Journalism and Mass Communications. Her interests include reading, painting and travelling.

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    • Hello Zaara. As of now we are offering embedded REVE Chat banner, but pop up banner also can be done. Kindly share your contact details so that we can get in touch with you on this regard.

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