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Conversational Landing Page – Everything You Should Know About

conversational landing page

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    Let’s admit that – traditional landing pages have certain limitations as they don’t allow the kind of engagement website visitors often seek. 

    Despite that, most businesses still use static landing pages to achieve their marketing goals. Why would you use such pages when they lack personalization and customization, and can’t adapt to user preferences in real-time? You shouldn’t.  

    This is where conversational landing pages can prove beneficial.  

    These pages can replace one-way interaction with dynamic engaging conversations. While designed to provide information, they can also help connect, engage, and interact with visitors and guide them through the website. In short, they will drive your conversion rate. 

    In this blog, we will learn about conversational landing pages, understand their benefits, know what makes these pages unique, see some examples, and explore various ways to create such pages. 

    But first, let’s get started with understanding what a conversational landing page is….   

    What is a Conversational Landing Page?

    A conversational landing page is a type of web page designed to engage visitors through a chatbot or live chat conversation. Such pages encourage website visitors to start an interaction with a bot or live chat agent rather than follow the instructions embedded in a static sales copy or CTA button.  

    conversational-landing-page.thematic.image jpg

    The goal of a conversational landing page is to welcome visitors, encourage them to share information, ask questions, sign up, or take a certain action, and many more. Unlike traditional static landing pages, these pages are dynamic and can engage visitors in a relevant conversation and guide them through the action. 

    A conversational landing page can answer visitor queries, resolve issues, share specific offers, and guide visitors via a chatbot or live chat. These pages not only boost the rate of engagement for the business but also drive the conversion rates by redirecting visitors to human help for complex issues. 

    Benefits of Conversational Landing Pages 

    Traditional static pages are no longer the preferred choice of landing page by marketers. Today, most businesses have switched over to dynamic and conversational landing pages that offer a host of benefits due to the ability to leverage interactive elements. They engage visitors in dynamic conversations to enhance user experience and improve marketing outcomes.    


    Let’s look at some of the key benefits of conversational landing pages –  

    • Enhanced user engagement – The use of a conversational landing page enables interactions with users in real-time where users feel encouraged to ask questions and seek information. This keeps them actively engaged with the business.  
    • Personalized offers– You can personalize conversational landing pages based on user behavior and response and adjust content dynamically. This will help you deliver a more tailored and relevant experience, improving user satisfaction with your brand.  
    • Intuitive user experience – A conversational landing page has interactive elements that help visitors navigate through the content more effectively, ensuring a more intuitive user experience.   
    • Data-driven customer insights – When you use a dynamic landing page, you can easily collect valuable user data through interactions. The data you collect can give deep insights into customer pain points, behavior, purchasing habits, etc. Such info is always beneficial for understanding the audience and refining your marketing strategies.  
    • Higher conversion rates –  With traditional landing pages, the average conversion rate is 5.89% across industries. However, By using dynamic landing pages, you can effectively guide users toward designed action, offer quick assistance, and address their queries immediately. All this can boost the conversion rates. 
    • Innovation in customer interactions –  Conversational landing pages can continuously learn, adapt, and improve over time. They bring a more innovative approach to the way you interact and engage with website visitors. You can use them to ensure a better customer service experience and create a differentiator in the market.   

    What Makes Conversational Landing Pages Unique?

    More marketers now ditch traditional static landing pages in favor of conversational ones. This happens because conversational landing pages are dynamic and have several distinctive features. Plus, using such pages means offering more tailored experiences that can prompt 80% of users to buy more. 


    Let’s understand a few points to know what makes conversational landing pages unique – 

    • Conversational landing pages employ various dynamic elements of chatbots and live chat. They also have interactive forms and quizzes. This allows them to create a more engaging user experience when interacting with the website. 
    • Dynamic pages can track user behavior and collect data. This helps them tailor content and recommendations to specific needs and ensure a relevant journey for each user.  
    • Traditional landing pages just provide a one-size-fit approach for content whereas dynamic pages allow adjustments of content based on user responses. 
    •  With static pages, it’s not possible to guide visitors through information based on specific needs, so giving a more targeted experience is not possible. Such restrictions do not exist with conversational landing pages. 
    • Conversational pages can improve over time based on user interactions, analyze conversation patterns, and ensure more effectiveness with interactions. 
    • Visitors get immediate responses and assistance when interacting with landing pages, ensuring a more responsive experience for them.  

    How Do You Create a Conversational Landing Page? 

    The purpose of creating a conversational landing page is to guide visitors through the website and content in a conversational manner. It involves the creation of a web page that can engage users in a dialogue-like experience and encourage desired actions. 

    Here are the steps to create a conversational landing page –  

    1. Define your objective   

    When you look to create a conversational landing page, the first step is always to define your objective and understand your audience. This step is key to aligning the content, conversation flow, and design with the specific needs of the audience. With goals and audience defined, you can expect the landing page to engage the visitors effectively and help achieve your goals. 


    Here are some objectives you need to define for your conversational landing page –  

    • Determine the main purpose of the page, be it lead generation, follow-up, contact information collection, product or service promotion, information sharing   
    • Define the goals you want to achieve, be it related to conversion rate or engagement metrics    

    2. Understand your audience  

    A good understanding of the audience is essential to leverage conversational landing pages. If you know who your audience is and what their needs are, you can always cater to them well and achieve your goals effectively. When you don’t understand the audience, it can create a mismatch between what you deliver and what is expected of you. This scenario is never good as it can lead to resource wastage and customer frustration. 


    Here are the ways to understand your audience –  

    • Create detailed customer personas representing your audience 
    • Develop an in-depth profile by using factors like demographics, psychographics, and behavior 
    • Conduct surveys and interviews to understand customer problems and pain points 
    •  Identify gaps and opportunities by analyzing your competitors   

    3. Choose a conversational interface 

    Choosing a conversational interface is a key step in creating a dynamic landing page for your website. The interface you select should depend on the kind of customer interactions you expect and the level of personalization you want to deliver.

    You will have the option to choose among a chatbot, live chat, or a hybrid model. No matter what interface you choose, the key is to keep it aligned with the audience’s needs and focus on enhancing the user experience on the landing page. 


    Here are the choices for the interface and their specialties – 

    • Chatbots are the right solution for the interface when you want to deliver automated responses based on pre-defined scripts. 
    • The chatbot can ensure 24×7 support, handle repetitive queries, automate tasks, and engage in multiple conversations simultaneously. 
    • Live chat is the best option when you want to engage in a real-time conversation with your visitors and want to offer them personalized support. 
    • You can implement a hybrid approach on your landing page as well where the chatbot will take care of the initial conversation before live chat takes care of complex issues.  

    4. Develop a conversation flow 

    A well-structured conversation flow is key when you look to create an engaging conversational landing page for your visitors. In this stage, you need to understand user intentions and know how you will effortlessly guide them through the content. It’s the conversation flow that will help you address user queries effectively and provide them with a seamless and engaging user experience on your landing page. 


    Here are the things to consider when developing a conversation flow – 

    • Identify the main reasons why users might visit the landing page, and then anticipate their pain points and needs and the types of queries they may come up with. 
    • Develop a proper, layered dialogue or conversation scenarios you might face in guiding users through the page and content.   
    • Use conversational prompts and create steps within the conversation flow with the focus to give users the option to choose their desired path through the content.  
    • Add FAQs into the conversation flow and let the conversation flow adapt to the evolving user inputs or query scenarios.    
    • Build the conversation flow by using a chatbot development platform where you can use NLP technologies to ensure more natural responses.  

    5. Design user-friendly interface 

    A conversational landing page can ensure a seamless and engaging experience for visitors only when it has a user-friendly interface. This kind of interface is key to encouraging interactions and boosting engagement. To design such an interface, you need to consider adding visual elements and keeping messaging clear.   


    Here are the key things to consider when designing a user-friendly interface –  

    • Go for the clean layout with a simple design and easy navigation  
    • Keep the message clear and concise in your prompts and responses to avoid confusing users 
    • Complement the conversations with relevant images, graphics, or GIFs
    • Keep a consistent brand color, font, and design element throughout the landing page 
    • Make sure the interface and landing page are mobile-friendly and responsive across devices and screen sizes 
    • Avoid big files or scripts to ensure fast loading time for the landing page 

    6. Implement a chatbot or live chat interface 

    Now you move to the most important stage in building a conversational landing page – implementing a chat interface on your page. This interface will enable interactions and engage visitors. To implement the chat interface, you first need to select the right platform, test its functionality, and consider other options. 

    Here are key things to consider when implementing a chat interface to your landing page – 

    • You can either choose from 3rd-party platforms and create the chatbot with little coding knowledge or consider customer development.
    • Once the chatbot is developed, you can integrate it through HTML and JavaScript, or consider a plugin for integration. 
    • The script and dialogue structure you have already created can be used for configuring the chatbot’s conversation flow and personalization options.   
    • Check and test the chatbot’s functionality across devices and analyze its responses against various types of queries 

    7. Test and refine

    How would you check the effectiveness and usability of your landing page? Well, you need to test and refine the page. This step involves collecting user feedback and analyzing the strands of user interactions.

    The insights you gained can be used to make iterative improvements to your conversational landing pages. When you test and refine the web pages continuously, they adapt to the conversation flow and can meet the user’s needs well over time. 

    Here are the key considerations for testing and refining your landing pages – 

    • Conduct a usability test to check how well the interface works and then collect feedback on navigation, responses, and overall user satisfaction. 
    • Do A/B testing where you need to play with the different variations of the interface, conversation flow, and chatbot responses to know the right versions for use.  
    • Implement the feedback to make changes to the design, flow, and chatbot responses.  

    Conversational Landing Pages Examples

    When landing pages are conversational and dynamic, they lead to more interactions and better user engagement. Many businesses understand the benefit of using these landing pages to boost conversations which ultimately drives conversions. If you however are still searching for examples of conversational landing pages, we can help you down below – 


    HubSpot is a popular brand that offers a suite of sales, marketing, and CRM software. Its conversational landing pages stand out for the subtle use of chatbots. These bots assist visitors in many ways.


    The bots engage visitors with interactive elements and guide them to relevant solutions. More so, users are given content or solutions based on their queries or preferences. 


    Airbnb is a well-known platform for room reservations and experiences. It has implemented dynamic landing pages with chat-like interfaces to help users differently.


    When visitors land on the web pages, they get guided through the booking process in a hassle-free manner and find suitable accommodations quickly and based on their specific needs and criteria. 


    Salesforce is a worldwide name in offering CRM and cloud-based software solutions. Being a big tech firm, it knows how to design engaging landing pages and engage users better.


    Some of its landing pages have bots to provide product details and info to visitors. These bots answer common queries and assist users through their offerings. 

    Final Thoughts 

    Conversational landing pages have become important tools for engaging and converting customers. They are replacing static pages on more websites and ensuring value to customers who engage and interact with a business. 

    We, at REVE Chat, understand the huge value that conversational landing pages bring and how they drive the range of engagement for the business. 

    You can sign up with us, check our tools, and see how they can help you engage your visitors better. 

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    Praveen Singh

    Praveen Singh is a content marketer, blogger, and professional with 15 years of passion for ideas, stats, and insights into customers. An MBA Graduate in marketing and a researcher by disposition, he has a knack for everything related to customer engagement and customer happiness.

    As a writer and analyst, he pours the heart out on a blog that is informative, detailed, and often digs deep into the heart of customer psychology. He’s written extensively on a range of topics including, marketing, AI chatbots, omnichannel messaging platforms, and many more.

    Mr. Singh also has a passion for subjects that excite new-age customers, be it social media engagement, artificial intelligence, machine learning. He takes great pride in his learning-filled journey of adding value to the industry through consistent research, analysis, and sharing of customer-driven ideas.

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