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Tips to Use WooCommerce Chatbot to Grow Your Online Store


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    A chatbot can do wonders to your WooCommerce store. It can help your online business successfully tackle challenges that often affect growth. In fact, a smart bot can add value to various aspects of an e-commerce enterprise be it sales, support, or marketing. 

    Right from engaging to communicating to converting, everything turns easier when your web store integrates the WooCommerce chatbot.  

    With an artificial intelligence chatbot plugin, you can automate customer service and take engagement to the next level. In addition, you can deliver the right information as and when the customers need it. 

    On top of that, your bot could easily resolve customer issues by handling requests and queries in a quick manner. It can also increase conversion by enabling smooth interaction with visitors. 

    In this blog, we will discuss how a quality chatbot for WooCommerce can help transform the face of your online store.  

    Benefits of Chatbot for WooCommerce 

    A chatbot has a range of advanced features to complement the WooCommerce platform. You can integrate the bot with your online store to engage, acquire, serve and support customers through different stages of the journey. In fact, e-commerce platforms that use AI bots get lots of value out of their customer engagement effort.   


    There are many benefits of using an excellent chatbot for the WooCommerce store.  

    • Better Customer Engagement – Using a chatbot can help you stay available 24×7 for your customers and handle all the queries easily. The bot will help engage customers based on the stages of their journey and serve their specific requirements perfectly. 
    • Improved Support – You can train the bot with the frequently asked support-related queries (FAQs) by the customers and automate support. And when the support is automated, it makes conversations quick and effective therefore ensuring a better experience for customers. 
    • Personalized Offers –  Shoppers love personalization and an AI-powered chatbot on your WooCommerce store can enable that. There will be user behavior analytics to use which can prove quite helpful in ensuring personalized offers at various stages of the customer journey. 
    • Growth in Sales – A chatbot for WooCommerce makes it easy to sell to customers through the use of user analytics and data. It allows a good understanding of customer behavior and targeting them on a personal level which ultimately impacts the sales. 
    • Easy Tracking – Intelligent chatbots can track visitors’ behavior, browsing history, past order, etc., and help your online store better serve them. You can leverage the tracking feature to turn visitors into loyal customers.   

    10 Ways to Use WooCommerce Chatbot to Grow Your Online Store 

    Chatbots have literally changed the way online stores go about their business. They bring a totally new dimension to customer service and conversion. Your WooCommerce store can integrate an artificial intelligence chatbot and see a huge difference in different facets of operations. 

    You can use a good chatbot for WooCommerce in many different ways. 

    1. Send Personalized Welcome Messages 

    A personalized welcome has a huge value when it comes to engagement. It appeals to visitors and grabs their attention straight away. Plus, such messages connect shoppers on a personal level and therefore make them feel special.

    Your WooCommerce chatbot too can greet each person with a warm welcome message and convince them to visit the store. Since the bot remembers previous chats, it mostly ensures relevant conversations which customers like a lot. 

    The good thing, you can create the right messages to capture attention and keep visitors hooked on the store for longer. This is how online stores send well-informed and timely proactive triggered messages to their visitors, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and more sales. 


    Best practices 

    • Set a customized welcome message based on the type of visitors and the stages in the customer journey. 
    • Trigger proactive messages for situations where your visitors may get stuck at any specific page and need a little guidance through the purchase cycle. 
    • Send chat greeting messages based on demography, previous order status, or browsing history to cater perfectly to varied needs.  

    2. Start Conversational Commerce 

    Buyers would love online shopping more when it came with chatting and personal touch. Sadly, e-commerce stores often fail to provide that. Not anymore though as the rise of conversational commerce powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots is filling that gap.

    Many online stores have already used chatbots through channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber to ensure shopping. So, now buying products through chat interfaces is a reality that e-commerce platforms are waking up to. 

    In conversational commerce, web stores have to use chats, messaging, and natural language technology as an interface so that potential buyers can use any channel to interact with your business.  

    A chatbot plugin that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology is a perfect fit for supporting this kind of commerce where the goal is to engage, interact and convert visitors across messaging platforms. 


    Best practices   

    • The focus behind initiating conversational commerce should be to mimic face-to-face customer service without requiring the human-driven infrastructure for the same. 
    • Success with this kind of commerce is achievable only with innovation around chatbots that enable your businesses to talk back to customers in an easy manner.  

    3. Detect User Intention 

    Chatbots are turning quite advanced these days. You can expect them to adapt to new AI features with ease. Some even have a sentiment analysis feature that helps them easily understand the emotion in the customer messages.

    So, your WooCommerce stores can integrate these AI-powered bots to recognize user intent efficiently and decode the mood of users instantly. When that happens, your store can drive the flow of conversations in tune with customers’ emotions. 

    It shows how chatbots can help web stores provide a more customized support experience to their customers. In fact, the chatbot sentiment analysis feature makes it easy to know if customers have had a good experience with your brand. 

    Best practices 

    • You can build a truly human-like intelligent chatbot, fit it with the relevant “Intents” and “Responses” and train it to handle customer queries effectively. 
    • Create a series of questions based on the user inputs so that a customer product search query is created for all your online products.   

    4. Onsite Retargeting  

    Not everyone coming to your online store would buy. Most won’t. In fact, a majority of first-time visitors don’t buy at all for various reasons. 

    And when more than 9 out of ten people who visit your site for the first time leave without buying, should not you make attempt to get some of them back?   

    This is where online retargeting campaigns can help. They are used to remind lapsed visitors about your products or services. And AI chatbots can make this process more powerful.

    When your WooCommerce store uses a smart bot, it can retarget the lost visitors by showing relevant visual or text ads. 

    The best part, bots prove very handy in displaying targeted offers to your visitor determined by you. 

    Best practices 

    • You can set perfectly-timed messages with the chatbot builder and ensure targeted offers that could be anything be a coupon code, free ebook, etc. 
    • A chatbot can help you redirect visitors toward the landing page or the desired conversion goal where you can present the content or product in front of them and boost chances of conversion. 

    5. Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment 

    Cart abandonment is always a big challenge for online stores. For the e-commerce industry, the average cart abandonment is 69.82%, which is whopping by any yardstick.  

    However, e-shops can reverse the trend a bit if they have the right tools and software at their disposal. 

    In fact, a growing number of e-commerce brands now integrate chatbots and live chat software to manage or minimize the impacts of cart abandonment. 


    • The use of a smart chatbot can fill the gap between what customers expect and what they get from web shops. 
    • Online stores can use bots to trigger customer messages at various stages of the sales funnel to target abandoned customers efficiently. 
    • WooCommerce chatbot can remind users to complete the checkout process in situations where some products have been added to the cart but the purchase is not done. 

    All this could eventually reduce the chances of cart abandonment, therefore translating into a higher rate of conversion.  

    6. Track Customer Conversion Rate   

    Stats don’t lie, do they?  

    And when you’re armed with the right set of data, it’s always easy to see through the problems and do the course correction easily.

    With chatbots, you can keep a track of customer conversion rate and understand exactly what is going wrong and where.

    More importantly, bots powered by artificial intelligence empowers online store to track the data related to customers leaving or converting. 

    So, you should use the WooCommerce chatbot plugin to first get an inside-out view of the conversion rate through reports and stats and then take the necessary steps in boosting the conversion.

    7. Recommend Products to Buyers  

    E-commerce stores with product recommendation feature often record better sales compared to the rest. In fact, 91% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a brand that provides recommendations or personally relevant offers. 

    With chatbots, your WooCommerce store can start recommending products to buyers straight away. They save buyers the inconvenience of scrolling down pages after pages to find what they need. 


    Top bots use the conversation as a filtering system which enables them in presenting the right product in front of customers. 

    • Smart bots can remember previous purchases and conversations to recommend products based on the chat history and buyer’s preferences. 
    • Using a chatbot to recommend products is quite like having somebody guiding or advising customers and pushing them through the sales funnel smoothly. 

    When you design a chatbot for WooCommerce, you can always use real-time data and observations about what customers prefer, and what they don’t. Based on that, you can always prepare the bot flow and ensure a robust product recommendation system in your store.  

    8. In-Chat Support 

    Quality support is always the key to a successful e-commerce business. And when customers are served well, they convert. 

    So, where does chatbot fit in this support thing?

    A good chatbot for WooCommerce can help you support directly from the chat window itself. Many online stores now present a bot immediately as soon as the customer enters the site, making it easy for visitors to get support. 


    You can also build the bot in a way that it shows answers to FAQs as and when a user reaches the support area.

    Bots can also be programmed to present users with options for navigating the site and finding what they look for. 

    A good example of in-chat support comes from Impulse Creative as the company uses AI-chatbot and makes it very clear for customers to get support from the very start.  

    9. Easy Order Tracking 

    A powerful chatbot plugin for WooCommerce can help you provide all the order-delivery-related details to customers. 

    Your online store can integrate the bot in the chatbot widget which can prompt the customer to ask and find details about their order status. 

    In a way, 24×7 order tracking feature can be allowed to customers which can add great value to your e-commerce business. 

    • Build the bot to respond to all order tracking related details accurately 
    • Ensure a hybrid bot + human support so that live chat could come in handy for more complex inquiries into product order status. 
    • Apart from checking order status, bots can also provide an option where customers may also file return requests or damages via the chat widget. 

    10. Collect Customer Feedback

    Feedback is never more important than it is for e-commerce businesses. After all, it helps them know whether or not customers are satisfied with the products. 

    However, it’s always a big challenge to get customers to provide feedback info, fill up such forms, or answer questionnaires. This stops most online stores from getting feedback, resulting in a poor understanding of customers’ opinions of the brand.

    With a chatbot, all this could change for good. A chatbot for WooCommerce makes the whole process of gathering customer feedback quick, simple, and interactive. 

    Plus, bots make it easy to get real-time feedback at any stage of the customer journey. The good part, is now AI-bots can be used for feedback at any time whether at the end of the chat conversation or post the purchase of a product.

    Turn Your Visitors Into Customers with Our WooCommerce Chatbot 

    An online store needs an advanced chatbot to stay competitive in the market.  

    With REVE Chat, your WooCommerce store finds the perfect bot to elevate customer engagement to the next level.

    The chatbot is powered by artificial intelligence technology and can contribute to different stages of the sales, marketing, and support process. 

    Whether you want to scale the sales or auto qualify leads, our AI chatbot can help your webshop power ahead of the competition and serve customers well.

    More so, you can easily automate support and grow your sales conversion when a top-rated chatbot is integrated with your store. 

    Engage the Audience Better with REVE’s WooCommerce Chatbot 

    Running a successful WooCommerce store needs some planning and tools. And when you have a powerful chatbot, it’s always easier to face the challenges head-on and make the business grow.

    With REVE Chat, you get a whole range of customer engagement tools, including an advanced chatbot, to power your WooCommerce store to a new height.

    You can start a free trial of the bot today and see how it can transform the face of your online store in the true sense. 

    And when you have the right WooCommerce chatbot at your disposal, there is no reason why your online store can’t achieve its true potential.    

    Start using REVE Chat now!

    Start a 14-day free trial, no credit card required

    Praveen Singh

    Praveen Singh is a content marketer, blogger, and professional with 15 years of passion for ideas, stats, and insights into customers. An MBA Graduate in marketing and a researcher by disposition, he has a knack for everything related to customer engagement and customer happiness.

    As a writer and analyst, he pours the heart out on a blog that is informative, detailed, and often digs deep into the heart of customer psychology. He’s written extensively on a range of topics including, marketing, AI chatbots, omnichannel messaging platforms, and many more.

    Mr. Singh also has a passion for subjects that excite new-age customers, be it social media engagement, artificial intelligence, machine learning. He takes great pride in his learning-filled journey of adding value to the industry through consistent research, analysis, and sharing of customer-driven ideas.

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