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7 Ways to Use Live Chat for Website and Grow Customer Engagement

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    Website visitors often want to talk with a company in real time. They expect a fast and convenient way to connect with agents. 

    All this however is not possible with channels like social media, email, or phone. This is where live chat for website enters the scene.  

    When there is live chat, customers find it quite convenient to get in touch with a service team. It also ensures quick responses. In fact, the overall support experience goes up when the agents use live chat on their end. 

    Live chat for website benefits doesn’t just end with customer service alone. It can contribute to boosting agent productivity and also help a business know its customers better. 

    On top of all, a quality live chat window often has advanced features that add value to various tasks across sales, marketing, and support. 

    In this blog, we will discuss the various benefits of website live chat and how companies can use them to elevate the experience for customers.   

    What is Live Chat for Website?

    Live chat for website is an online communication app or software designed to help businesses connect, engage or interact with visitors in real-time. It’s one of the easiest ways for website visitors to get in touch with service agents and find help for their problems. Take a look at how to integrate Live Chat with a WordPress website? 


    Customers love using live chat because it does not require them to install anything on their devices. Plus, doing conversations with someone on the other side is equally easy as one just has to type the message inside the chatbot and press the send button.       

    Top Features of Website Live Chat 

    Live chat is a great tool when it comes to engaging customers through various stages of the journey. It makes it easy for agents to serve customers by being there as and when needed. However, not all live chat software is created equal and you need one that has advanced features to deliver value to visitors. 


    Some of the top features of REVE’s live chat software are as follows –    

    • Message & Widget Customization – You can easily modify the look & feel of your live chat widget and have it matched with your website branding. It’s also possible to send personalized welcome greetings.
    • Chat Queuing – The queuing feature can empower you to put incoming chat requests on hold when agents are not available. You can then accept the requests or specify the maximum number of chat requests in a queue. 
    • Customer Satisfaction Ratings – Using online live chat for the website gives you the option to get instant feedback about your team’s performance right after every chat session with post-chat customer satisfaction ratings. 
    • Chat Auto Triggers – The live chat software enables you to connect with visitors by sending personalized messages at the right time. Doing that can help you proactively engage with the audience based on the URL.
    • Department Management – You can create and manage departments, route chats faster across teams, and ensure quick responses by using this important feature.  
    • Visitor Analytics -WordPress Live Chat helps you get visitor analytics and real-time insights about customers. It thus becomes easy to understand the website journey, have better conversations, and serve them well. 

    Online Live Chat Benefits for Your Business

    Having a live chat on the website can positively impact many areas be it sales, support, or customer service. It can help serve customers better by being available 24×7 and enhancing their experience with the brand. When your website has live chat integrated, you’re assured of better customer engagement. 


    There are many website live chat benefits for your business. 

    • Improved Customer Experience – Support agents feel empowered with live chat and thus offer quick responses and proactive assistance to visitors and customers. Customers can easily connect with a business and all this can improve their experience in a big way. 
    • Contextual Support – Live chat software comes with a complete toolkit that agents can leverage to offer contextual support. Tools like co-browsing software and video chat can help agents gain the context and therefore deliver personalized solutions. 
    • Proactive Assistance – You can set up automated personalized messages with the help of live chat and start conversing with visitors proactively. In fact, agents can guide visitors in the right direction through proactive conversations.  
    • Reduced Cart Abandonment – The smart use of live chat by agents can help reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment in various ways. You can answer queries quickly, start a proactive chat session with visitors based on the search history and target them according to their interests and stage in the sales funnel. 
    • 24×7 Engagement – Businesses now combine live chat with an AI-powered chatbot to automate routine customer queries and ensure round-the-clock availability to customers at different stages of the journey. 

    7 Ways to Use Website Live Chat for Customer Engagement 

    One of the great things about live chat is its ability to add value to businesses of any type and any size cutting across industry verticals. No matter what products or services you offer, having the best live chat for website can always prove beneficial for your business in the long run. 

    You can use the live chat for the website in a variety of ways to transform your business. 

    1. Real-time Support 

    Approximately 66% of customers expect quick replies to their queries. 

    Well, most customers want to reach agents quickly and get instant responses. Maybe that’s why they prefer live chat over email or phone.  

    Plus, live chat ensures real-time support which other channels can’t. And when customers get quick replies, they feel delighted and decide to stick with a brand.   

    When you use live chat, you make sure customers get attended to at every touch point and be delivered with better experiences. 

    Tips to use live chat for real-time support   

    • Your agents can use the advanced features of live chat like canned responses & tags and easily handle multiple conversations simultaneously.   
    • Support teams can organize chats better by routing them to the right agent and this often improves the first contact resolution (FCR) rate. 

    2. Help at Every Stage of the Journey 

    The use of live chat can help you be available for customers throughout the buying journey and positively impact the sales decision. It can also let you engage prospects at the right time and guide them through the hassles and confusion of decision-making. 

    More so, personalized messages can be triggered based on the buyer’s action which gives a boost to the conversion rate.    

    Plus, live chat software can ensure pre-set answers for common queries and that spares you the hassle of ensuring the agent’s availability at crucial stages of the journey. 

    Live-chat-for- helping-customers-at- different-stages- of-the-journey


    Ruffwear is a good example of how to use live chat to send targeted proactive chat invitations and help customers at different stages of the buyer’s journey.  

    How to use live chat at different stages of the customer journey? 

    • There are video chat and co-browsing features with a top live chat solution that you can use to deliver a virtual-in-person experience.
    • You start a conversation with automated triggers and welcome messages. 
    • Brands can deliver promos or offer using proactive triggers and engage with customers for the final sales.  

    3. Personalized Engagement 

    Customers feel happy when they receive a personalized experience. They expect service agents to know about them and then personalize the whole experience.

    Sadly, most businesses don’t value personalization and therefore fail to convert visitors into prospects. 

    With live chat, it becomes incredibly easy to assist customers at a personal level and enhance their overall experience with the brand. 

    Live-chat-for- personalized- engagement


    ModCloth is a good example of how to use live chat to deliver personalized engagement and be available for each customer as and when needed. 

    To deliver personalized engagement  

    • You should leverage visual engagement tools such as video chat, identify customer issues quickly, and ensure effective support.
    • You can also personalize chat conversations and make customers valued as this often has a positive impact on sales. 

    4. Smooth Check-out Process

    Customers feel bad when they face hassles with the checkout process. They don’t mind leaving the purchase mid-way if things don’t move smoothly in the buying process. 

    This is why cart abandonment happens and poses a big challenge for brands all across the world. No business like the cart being abandoned but most of them don’t know how to stop that from happening. 

    An online live chat for website can help with that. It can minimize the chances of customers leaving the cart before completing the purchase. 

    How live chat helps with the check-out process? 

    • The use of live chat can empower brands to answer customer queries in a quick time and solve those issues that often occur in the checkout process.  
    • Live chat can help brands target customers based on their interests, search preferences and stages in the sales funnel which can bring down the cart abandonment rate. 
    • It’s easy to connect a tracking tool to live chat and get key stats about the customer journey.   

    5. Automation with Human Touch 

    Some 3 in ten customers on your website will expect live chat. 

    Many companies now combine live chat with an AI chatbot to ensure hybrid support to customers. This proves a great way to improve operational efficiency and reduce customer service costs.

    Live chat for support becomes very handy for situations where a chatbot alone can’t handle complex queries. In such scenarios, a hybrid approach can help a lot as bots can take care of routine queries while a person can tackle hard issues. 

    When there is a bot and human-powered support together, brands find it easy to delight customers and win their trust.  

    Live-chat-for-automation-with human-touch


    American Well is a fine example of how to use chatbots and live chat smartly to determine user intent quickly and enhance customer experience. 

    Tips to use automation with human touch  

    • Bots can be deployed to answer frequently asked queries (FAQs) while a human touch can be pressed into action when issues are complex. 
    • When the agents are busy or not available a bot can engage customers and offer answers to various types of queries.  

    6. Agent’s Performance Metrics 

    You can monitor agents’ performance with the help of live chat analytics. There will be tons of useful visitor data to easily evaluate the effectiveness of your chat and agents that engage with customers.    

    More so, live chat analytics can be used to make the support team more efficient and ensure value to customers. There will be key data like chat history, agent performance report, and wait-time report to get a deep insight into the way your team handles customers. 

    When there is a continuous measurement and analysis of the key chat KPIs, it becomes easy to not only boost the team productivity but also the chat performance experience of visitors.

    Key metrics to measure with the help of live chat  

    • You can measure the “Response Time” and understand the total time spent from the start and finish of a chat, giving you a good idea of how agents engage with visitors. 
    • There will be the metrics of “Final Contact Resolution” to better understand how well your team handles the chats and resolves customer issues in the first contact itself. 
    • Businesses can also know the total number of resolved conversations out of the total chats assigned to an agent.   

    7. Website Bounce Rate

    Live chat not only boosts website engagement but also reduces bounce rate. 

    By using a feature-rich live chat tool, you can connect with visitors in real time and respond to their queries immediately, resulting in better engagement and a lower bounce rate.  

    You can place the live chat smartly over various pages on a website and help visitors easily navigate through the pages. This is how their experience with your brand grows. 

    How can live chat helps reduce bounce rate? 

    • Your business can set up automated personalized messages with the goal to engage with visitors proactively as this often boosts the engagement rate. 
    • Multiple chats can be handled together, therefore, reducing the wait time for visitors and enhancing the experience with your brand.  
    • Live chat tools can help you gain key insights about visitors’ journeys and serve them better.   

    How Does REVE’s Website Live Chat Add Value to Your Business? 

    A business can grow and realize its true potential when it knows how to handle customers well. And when customers are handled well, nothing is hard to achieve.

    REVE Chat is aware of the huge value that comes with giving customers great experiences. Our omni channel live chat software solution is aimed at boosting conversions and ensuring help as and when needed.

    Some of the advanced engagement tools of our live chat include co-browsing, video chat, and an AI-powered chatbot.

    Plus, you can leverage the top features of our live chat like smart routing, automated triggers, tags, etc, and drive the rate of conversion.

    Redefine Customer Engagement with REVE’s Live Chat for Website 

    Live chat is a wonderful tool when it comes to engaging visitors on the website and turning them into prospects.

    More businesses now understand the huge value that the best live chat for website can add across support, sales, and marketing.

    You can also add a new meaning to customer engagement with top tools from us. Now start a free trial of our live chat and achieve a long list of happy customers. 

    And when you have the support of top engagement tools, it can set your business on the path of growth and success. 

    Start using REVE Chat now!

    Start a 14-day free trial, no credit card required

    Praveen Singh

    Praveen Singh is a content marketer, blogger, and professional with 15 years of passion for ideas, stats, and insights into customers. An MBA Graduate in marketing and a researcher by disposition, he has a knack for everything related to customer engagement and customer happiness.

    As a writer and analyst, he pours the heart out on a blog that is informative, detailed, and often digs deep into the heart of customer psychology. He’s written extensively on a range of topics including, marketing, AI chatbots, omnichannel messaging platforms, and many more.

    Mr. Singh also has a passion for subjects that excite new-age customers, be it social media engagement, artificial intelligence, machine learning. He takes great pride in his learning-filled journey of adding value to the industry through consistent research, analysis, and sharing of customer-driven ideas.

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