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    Android is, no doubt, a top platform. It’s so full of useful features that most businesses all over the world trust it to grow their base and boost audience engagement. 

    From the open-source nature to ease of customization, from marketing to security, everything is great about this platform. Maybe that’s why brands show faith in it. 

    Plus, you can add a chatbot to it as well, therefore, enhancing its capabilities manifold. 

    With an Android chatbot, most facets of your business, be it sales, support, or conversion, can easily get a positive impact. This is how a better ROI ( return on investment ) becomes a reality.

    In this blog, we will discuss the best chatbot app for android and see how such a powerful tool could add amazing value to your business. 

    What is an Android Chatbot?

    An Android chatbot is an advanced computer software program with the ability to understand a user’s query and respond in a natural manner without the intervention of a human. Such a bot is AI-powered and developed using an algorithm to automate customer communication on any scale.  


    By using a chatbot for Android, your business can improve customer support experience on any channel and boost customer engagement. On top of that, the bot can automate sales, customer service, and marketing activities apart from helping you engage with the audience round the clock. 

    Top Features of an Android Chatbot 

    A top chatbot for Android is one that is built with the right kind of technology and has all the features necessary for handling customer interactions without any human assistance. Plus, a world-class bot must also blend together the best of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities as it can pave the way for natural and contextual responses.  


    REVE’s chatbot for Android has all the essential features you would expect. Some of those include – 

    • Visual Flow Builder – You can now design an intelligent and feature-rich chatbot without any coding knowledge. Using the visual chat builder feature, you can develop a chatbot in a drag-and-drop manner and realize your business goals. 
    • Intuitive UI/UX – Simple and intuitive UI/UX is one of the hallmarks of a top chatbot. When the design meets the standards, the bot will always be easy for users and also easy for conversations.  
    • Sentiment Analysis – Thanks to the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, chatbots are now capable to decode sentiments from text or audio data. This helps them understand the mood of the customer through sentence structures and verbal cues.   
    • Chatbot Analytics – A good chatbot comes with the power of analytics and also enables the feature of tracking chatbot KPIs. This means an advanced bot can help you know the customers inside out and therefore make quick data-driven decisions. 
    • FAQs-trained – A top-quality chatbot is one that is easy to be FAQ-trained. When that happens, your business can support FAQ automation easily and handle queries on any scale without any human intervention.   

    Benefits of an AI chatbot for Android  

    Making customer communication fast and easy is always one of the top qualities of a chatbot. And when the bot is smart, and fitted with AI+ ML technologies, it adds a huge value to customer engagement by making responses automated and instant. 


    Using the best chatbot app for android can bring a whole range of benefits to your business. Some of them include –  

    • Automated customer service – AI chatbots have the features to help automate various aspects of operations and reduce the need for human intervention. You can thus deploy one and ensure automated replies to everyday customer queries.  
    • Quick replies – An Android chatbot can be very helpful when it comes to offering quick replies to queries. When the replies are quick, it reduces the wait time and boosts customers’ satisfaction levels with your brand. 
    • Better customer engagement – Using a chatbot can help you achieve better customer engagement on the back of direct communication and quick answers. Plus, you can also offer personalized messages.
    • Round-the-clock availability  – When you have an AI chatbot, it gives you the freedom and flexibility to stay available for customers all the time, offer support without bothering for time zone, and handle multiple queries simultaneously.   

    7 Ways to Use Android Chatbot for Your Business 

    Android is a feature-rich and business-friendly platform. Adding a chatbot makes it even more powerful. When you have a chatbot for Android, it will help your business do a range of tasks easily and without any human need. 


    Your business can use the best chatbot for android in many ways for serving a variety of purposes. Some of them include – 


    1. Omnichannel Strategy 

    As a business, you should never ignore the value of consistently engaging with customers across channels. You must also need to ensure the engagement is seamless and frictionless for them. 

    It’s also equally important for a business to focus on providing customers multiple ways to interact and engage with your brand. This can boost their overall experience.

    Since there are so many channels around, it’s never easy to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. After all, you also can’t expect customers to stick with one specific channel and ignore others.   

    This is where omnichannel customer engagement can help. You can adapt it to maintain consistent messaging and information across channels.  

    Plus, companies that adopt omnichannel customer engagement see a 9.5% year-over-year increase in annual revenue.  


    Benefits of an omnichannel strategy 

    • Your business can always be available for customers irrespective of the channels.
    • Your business can meet and delight customers almost anywhere on the web, and anytime, without being worried about missing out on one channel or the other
    • You will get the analytics as well which you can use to provide contextual support and ensure value for customers.  

    2. Lead Qualification

    When you run an online business on the Android platform, you know how much important it’s to consistently gain leads. After all, without leads, there will be no sales. 

    The good thing, AI chatbots are now a top tool for supporting your lead generation strategies. You can use them to collect user info anytime and that too, without needing a team in place. 

    A chatbot for Android can help you automate the lead qualification process. The bot will help you collect useful info like email, age, gender, etc.

    More so, lead qualification will become easy when you have user attributes or information. 

    How does an Android chatbot help in lead qualification?  

    • The best chatbot for android can segment the audience based on the data which subsequently helps generate more qualified leads automatically.  
    • The bot can start engagement with users on cue and with more engagement, there will always be the possibility of more leads. 
    • The bot can replace the tedious form-filling option that customers hate and make engagement more interactive, which can improve the chances of conversion. 

    3. Customer Analytics 

    Serving customers better should always be a top priority for your business. You must first be aware of their tastes and preferences to achieve that goal. You have to know what engages them better as only they can enhance their experience with your brand. 

    And analytics is always the key when it comes to customer engagement. An Android chatbot will fetch your user data which you can use to track purchasing patterns and behavior.   

    You can also rely on the best Android chatbot to collect feedback through simple questions. All this can help you bring changes or improvements to your products or customer experiences. 


    How does a chatbot help with analytics?  

    • You can get useful demographic data with the help of a chatbot and the data can be used for creating a customer profile or persona. 
    • The customer persona thus created can be used to send personalized messages or push notifications.  
    • The use of analytics can also prove handy in suggesting relevant content or offers to customers.    

    4. Personalization 

    Customers feel happy when they get a personalized shopping experience. In fact, they expect brands to add a certain level of personalization to the mix as it makes them feel special.

    However, not many businesses pay heed to the basic needs of customers and maybe that’s why only those who do end up getting happy customers. 

    The best part, it takes only a chatbot to make personalization possible. You can use a chatbot for Android and ensure customized experiences for users. 

    To personalize the experience, the best Android chatbot must also be smart enough with AI and ML capabilities as only they can it collect user analytics and help you present personalized offers.   

    When the bot is smart, it can leverage the user data automatically which can give you a chance to personalize customer experience based on key user information.  


    Tips to personalize the offers for customers  

    • The more your chatbot gets into conversations with users the more it gets details, bringing you a chance to personalize the offer.
    • You can also use chatbot surveys to gain relevant customer data which can be used to deliver customized offers. 

    5. Customer Service Automation 

    It’s true that around 9 out of ten employees feel burdened with repetitive tasks that can easily be automated.

    Similarly, customers too often feel happy when their experience with a brand is positive. And quick delivery of customer service is one of the ways to keep customers happy. 

    When the service is quick, it means customers don’t have to wait for replies. Plus, they can ask any question any time of the day and could expect instant replies from agents.   

    Such a type of service is possible when your business relies on a chatbot for Android. With an AI chatbot for help, you can automate the support, train the bot with FAQs and ensure quick replies every time a customer comes up with a question. 

    AI chatbot Android is perhaps the best tool to adopt customer service automation. And when service is automated, your business can always respond quickly even without human intervention. 


    Benefits of customer service automation 

    • Quick replies become a routine for any type of questions that customers come up with and this often enhances their overall experience with your brand.
    • The need for human agents is minimized for offering quality support when you deploy a chatbot for the process.    

    6. Real-time Customer Feedback 

    A survey says 85% of customers will give feedback only when their experience with the brand has been good. 

    For most online businesses, getting customers to give feedback is an arduous task. This happens for two broad reasons – first, customers, in general, hesitate to share feedback; and second, they don’t like the old way of filling up feedback forms or answering questionnaires. 

    So what is the way out? Should your business not seek feedback? Well, you definitely should, but make sure the method of getting customer feedback is different. 


    After all, if you don’t get feedback, how would you know the kind of improvements needed in the product and service? 

    You can deploy an AI chatbot for Android and make the feedback process easier than ever before for both customers as well for your business. An AI chatbot can make the entire process interactive, quick, and easy. 

    The best thing is you can now get feedback anytime, at the end of the chat conversation or at the time of product purchase. You can simply collect feedback at any stage of your customer’s journey.

    Elevate Your Customer Engagement with REVE’s Chatbot for Android 

    Android is too good a platform to miss out on. And if you have the right tools at your disposal, there are great chances of making the most out of it in terms of customer engagement and conversion. 

    We, at REVE Chat, know exactly how and why your business may need quality support tools to engage with customers more meaningfully.

    You can thus benefit from our AI-powered Android chatbot and take a solid step towards customer engagement.   

    Since our chatbot software is advanced, you can expect it to help streamline all your customer interactions from across channels under a single platform.

    The AI chatbot can assist you in many ways, be it boosting the response time, minimizing the wait time, or offering contextual answers to customers at each stage of the journey.

    Plus, you can use the Android chatbot together with live chat software, co-browsing tool, and video chat software to make conversations more valuable for customers.  

    Get the Most Out of the Android platform with REVE’s AI Chatbot  

    Your business needs a chatbot if it aims to get the most out of the Android platform. Using the best AI chatbot for Android, you can automate activities across support, sales, and marketing, therefore making it easy for customers to reach you.

    With REVE’s chatbot for Android, you can put your business ahead of competitors and make sure your customer experiences with your brand are always awesome. 

    You can start a free trial of the chatbot and see how it can elevate your Android engagement.

    So, benefit your business from the Android chatbot and start delivering an amazing experience to your customers. 

    Start using REVE Chat now!

    Start a 14-day free trial, no credit card required

    Praveen Singh

    Praveen Singh is a content marketer, blogger, and professional with 15 years of passion for ideas, stats, and insights into customers. An MBA Graduate in marketing and a researcher by disposition, he has a knack for everything related to customer engagement and customer happiness.

    As a writer and analyst, he pours the heart out on a blog that is informative, detailed, and often digs deep into the heart of customer psychology. He’s written extensively on a range of topics including, marketing, AI chatbots, omnichannel messaging platforms, and many more.

    Mr. Singh also has a passion for subjects that excite new-age customers, be it social media engagement, artificial intelligence, machine learning. He takes great pride in his learning-filled journey of adding value to the industry through consistent research, analysis, and sharing of customer-driven ideas.

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