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WebChat Software – Features, Benefits and Examples

Webchat software

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    Customers are quite impatient these days. They always expect quick answers to their questions on a website. Most of them also wish for fast, efficient, and convenient support when they reach out to a support team. 

    Since channels like social media, email, and phone can’t deliver that kind of response, you then look for a tool that can meet the lofty expectations of customers in every situation. This is where webchat software helps. 

    Using this software, it’s possible to solve customer problems faster, engage them better and ensure superior support. In addition to boosting the support experience, it can also improve agent productivity, fetch analytics and ensure 24×7 availability for support teams.

    In this blog, we will discuss in detail webchat software, its features, and its benefits for your business. 

    What is Webchat Software?

    WebChat software is an advanced tool that assists support agents in having real-time and back-and-forth conversations with customers. It is also a medium that allows businesses to engage with website visitors in real time and solve their problems via messaging. 


    When a company uses webchat software on its website, customers can send their queries to an agent who can swiftly respond in the same small window. The software is feature-rich and helps in prompt conversation with first-time visitors and live engagement with existing or returning users.  

    Using webchat software, it becomes easy to offer a personalized customer experience and deliver enhanced experiences to customers across their journey with your brand. By implementing this software, your business can make sales, marketing, and support teams more productive and agile. 

    Key Features of WebChat Software

    WebChat software makes customer support extremely convenient for agents. It ensures prompt and personalized responses based on the customer journey stage. With this software, support teams feel more powerful in answering customer queries and boosting the rate of engagement. All this would not be possible without the many features that this software brings. After all, 50% of customers buy again or engage with a business that offers support via the webchat tool. 


    Some of the key features of webchat software include – 

    • Automated Triggers – When a support team uses webchat software, it can reach out to customers proactively and offer assistance based on the data such as last visited page, total time on page, etc.  
    • Canned Responses – Your agents needn’t manually type for each customer query as they can now save replies to all common questions and use them as and when needed. The strategic use of canned responses makes the team faster and more productive. 
    • Targeted Messages –  The use of web chat gives you the flexibility to send in-app messages quickly and target customers based on personal data. You can also target the audience based on the browser type, browser language, and other key personal details.  
    • Live Visitor Profiles –  It’s possible for your support team to quickly access key customer data like location, time zone, browser language, etc., understand the profile better, and deliver the best possible support to the audience. 
    • Intelligent Routing – You can set advanced routing rules for your agents and help them deliver efficient web chat experiences to users. With intelligent routing, your team can reduce the wait time and also improve the overall experience for the visitors. 
    • Chat Widget Customization – The option of widget customization is helpful in adjusting the chats to your website design or overall branding. You can easily modify the look & feel of the webchat widget and deliver personalized welcome greetings as and when needed.

    Benefits of Using WebChat Software

    As a business, you should know that over 41% of customers expect a webchat widget on websites. The use of web chat software has added great value to the way customers are handled. A business can now be quick and personal at the same time, delivering round-the-clock support and ensuring value across various tasks. 


    Some of the key benefits of using webchat software are – 

    • Improved support experience for customers – Customers now prefer webchat over other communication channels as it helps them reach support agents at the exact moment they want. The ability to get help as and when needed is one reason why customers get an improved support experience with a brand. 
    • Increased customer engagement – Your business can do more interactions and handle more customers when it uses web chat software. With a higher rate of interactions, there will always be a possibility of increased engagement. 
    • Help with customer acquisition and onboarding –  WebChat software is a very helpful tool to connect with new and prospective customers and win their trust. You can thus give them the confidence to spend more with your brand and make their journey smooth. 
    • Enhanced productivity of the support team –  Using web chat can make your support agents more capable and resourceful in terms of handling more than a few customers at the same time. No other channel gives the freedom to connect with multiple customers simultaneously and that’s why this tool is good for productivity. 
    • Reduced dropouts during the purchase process – Webchat software is much more than just a tool for customer support. It can also be an effective channel for helping buyers throughout the purchase process and therefore reduce the dropout rates considerably.

    7 Popular WebChat Software in the Market

    WebChat software has become integral to modern businesses not only for boosting support but also marketing and sales as well. It can help a great deal in engagement and also positively impact customer experiences through various stages of the journey. Plus, its utility is always huge when it comes to both internal and external communications. 


    Some of the most popular webchat software in the market are – 


    REVE Chat  

    WebChat Software from REVE is developed to help businesses engage in best-in-class customer communication and handle customer queries in the fastest and most convenient method. The software is feature-rich and ensures instant assistance to customers.

    Using the software, it’s easy to gain complete insights about your customer interactions across channels. In addition, you can also manage multiple customers simultaneously and improve the quality of service in a cost-effective manner. 


    Key features of REVE WebChat   

    • Co-browsing – This feature enables collaborative browsing where your agents can browse together with customers, share browsers and offer help in real-time. This is how you can deliver a better CX and ensure help as and when needed.  
    • Screen Sharing – You can solve complex customer problems in a quick time with a screen sharing feature and help them navigate the website easily and thoroughly with screen sharing. 
    • Real-time Visitor Analytics –  The software will bring you real-time insights about your customers so you can personalize every interaction with customers based on location, IP address, history, etc.  
    • Queuing & Department Management –  You can queue customers, provide them with the right information about waiting time and then minimize their frustration. Similarly, you can route customer queries to the right department and boost the response time. 


    LiveChat is considered one of the best webchat software around for a great range of features and ease of use. You can use this software to create a chat box on your website and then easily communicate with customers. 

    Plus, you can also send canned responses, files, and links that will help common customer queries through the chat box. It also gives the flexibility to organize all your communications in a user-friendly dashboard.  

    In addition, LiveChat helps agents see what customers are typing before they even send their message and this can prepare them for offering quick answers. You can also assign tags to each chat and also access earlier chats using an archive.

    By using this chat software, you can ask customers to rate chats, get chat notifications, and carry out short surveys. What’s more, the software supports integrations for tons of platforms including Facebook Messenger, WP, Salesforce, and many others. 


    Zendesk is a popular web chat software known for a range of powerful functions. It helps you speak to customers in real-time and start targeted behavior-driven chats. Using the software, you can send files via chats and also ask them to rate chats. 


    One of the key features of Zendesk software is that it enables you to log and analyze all the live chats across your business. Plus, you can respond to customers beyond working hours and also reduce the workload. 

    With Zendesk, you will get a JavaScript API and make your live chats smarter. The option of widget customization means you can change the appearance of the widget and make it in tune with your website branding. 


    Olark is one of the most popular web chat software around and most of its success relies on easy setup and a host of features. It’s a wonderful tool that is highly customizable as well. Using the software, it’s easy to engage with people and create canned responses.

    More so, Olark offers live reports and analytics that help your business track agent’s performance and customer satisfaction. By using the software, you can automatically engage with users and provide them with instant responses.  

    You can change the colors, shapes, and positions of chat boxes and make the software in tune with your website branding. You can also humanize your live chats by adding webcam text and an agent photo. Like many other top live chat solutions, Olark allows easy integration with various CRM software, automation tools, reporting platforms, and CMSs.  


    LiveAgent is a 360-degree web chat software with a range of features for customer communication. It offers video chat and multilingual chat boxes and gives you the freedom to set chat assignment rules so that the best suitable agent can solve the problem.

    Tons of customization options are also available with this live chat software. Proactive chat invitations are one of the key features. You can set the chat invitations to reach out to website visitors on a specific page with follow-up in real-time.

    The software uses AI to trigger proactive chat invites when agents are not busy with customers. Similarly, it can integrate with multiple channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Viber, and Slack to ensure all queries are available under one roof. 


    Tidio is a well-known web chat solution that combines live chat with chatbots and makes customer communication as smooth as it can get. This software is developed to support businesses in achieving sales and customer satisfaction goals and its features make it perfect for quick customer communication. 

    It connects Messenger, website chat, email, and Instagram and that’s why it works for your support team. Using the software, you can collect emails for further communication and the quick reply feature helps agents save time with FAQs. 

    What’s more, this web chat software comes with automation templates and a drag-and-drop editor so that you can build chatbot workflows easily. Using it, you can send welcome messages, reach out proactively to users and suggest products in the chat window. 


    Many consider Intercom to be the most popular web chat software purely for the kind of features it has. Among SaaS businesses, it’s considered a very helpful tool for swift customer engagement at various stages of the journey. 

    Using this software, a business can automate customer engagement in real-time and make communication as prompt and hassle-free as it can get. It allows setting up promotional banners and helps proactively reach out to users on particular pages.

    With Intercom, you can broadcast outbound messages and leverage in-app messages to announce a new feature and catch the attention to a product. Thanks to the self-support functionality, it’s easy to send automatic templated answers and ensure quick responses to everyday customer queries. 

    Drive Your Business Growth with WebChat Software From REVE 

    Customer communication has a key role to play in the success and growth of your business. And the better you communicate, the more you will grow. 

    We, at REVE Chat, realize the huge value that webchat software has in making communication prompt and hassle-free.

    Using our product, you can provide help in real-time, guide customers through various stages of the journey and meet or exceed their expectations with your brand.

    You can also combine the web chat software with an AI chatbot and automate responses at key junctures across sales, support,, and marketing.

    In addition, we have some other equally helpful engagement tools such as video chat software and co-browsing to let you enhance customer experiences with your brand.

    Make Your Engagement Strategy Progressive with REVE’s WebChat Software 

    Your customer engagement strategy is only as robust as the kind of quality tools you have at your disposal. At REVE Chat, we are aware of the challenges that you can face on the front of communication with customers and that’s why we always strive to best the best tools.

    You can start a free trial of our web chat software and assess it on various performance parameters.

    We have more tools that can help you strengthen customer engagement and deliver value as and when needed. 

    Start using REVE Chat now!

    Start a 14-day free trial, no credit card required

    Praveen Singh

    Praveen Singh is a content marketer, blogger, and professional with 15 years of passion for ideas, stats, and insights into customers. An MBA Graduate in marketing and a researcher by disposition, he has a knack for everything related to customer engagement and customer happiness.

    As a writer and analyst, he pours the heart out on a blog that is informative, detailed, and often digs deep into the heart of customer psychology. He’s written extensively on a range of topics including, marketing, AI chatbots, omnichannel messaging platforms, and many more.

    Mr. Singh also has a passion for subjects that excite new-age customers, be it social media engagement, artificial intelligence, machine learning. He takes great pride in his learning-filled journey of adding value to the industry through consistent research, analysis, and sharing of customer-driven ideas.

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