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8 Customer Service Training Tips Your Employees Need To Learn

7 Customer Service Training Tips Your Employees Need To Learn

Customer service is becoming the basis of differentiation among companies. They want to retain the customers with their exceptional service.

In these competitive times, the role of a customer support team leader is very important as he has to motivate the team to perform better.

But with the increasing demand of customers, it is no longer easy to provide exceptional customer service. Yet you may strive to provide best experience to your customers

As a leader, you job is not just to ensure your customer are satisfied but also to ensure that your team is rightly equipped with the training and skills to manage your customer service effectively.

Here are some of the best practices your organization can follow to make it happen.

1. Set Right Expectations

Saying “yes” to everything what your customer demands is easy, it may leave your customer happy talking to you over the chat. However, it can be disastrous if you agree to all customer demands because you’ll be setting unattainable customer expectation level. This leads to two issues-

It makes the customer unhappy when his demands are not fulfilled.

It lowers the team morale for not fulfilling the job.

So, as a customer support team lead you should train your agents to be realistic and say yes to only practical demands of customers. This lead to right expectations and hence makes the customer experience better. Your live chat agents may also have to say no to customers but it should be such that you don’t loose them.

2. Define your Metrics and Measure


Make the goals of your agents cleat so as to know what is expected from them. Define their KPIs clearly so that they know what to achieve.

When you define the metrics to your team, you also need to guide them along the path in order to help them reach the goals. You can set different parameters or KPI’s like higher customer satisfaction, agent rating, query resolution time. By defining these criteria, you are telling your agents a goal to achieve and a motivation to perform better.

3. Maintain an Internal Knowledge Base

Your support  team agents must have the full knowledge of your products and services. Your customers would love the agents who have better product knowledge since they would resolve the issues quickly.

Knowledge Base

You should also give training to your agents of various tools which they might have to use such as logistics software, CRM etc. This helps the agents to process the customer query faster and reduce the query resolution time and bringing the customer satisfaction score(CSAT) in the positive direction.

4. Train them to Improve their Communication Skills

According to a research, 79% of customers say that they prefer live chat because of the immediacy it provides.

People tend to utilize the live chat service because they want instant answers. But at the same time, one of the key component of a live chat interaction is good writing skills.

You must train your love chat agents to be polite, use proper grammar and to type without spelling mistakes. It instills a positive image of your brand in the mind of consumers and increases the chances of a repeat purchase.

5. Use Customer Contributions

Customer Feedback

A customer is the best teacher which tells you what is right and what’s not. As a support team leader, you may agree with me that a customer feedback is a great learning source.

You need to hold regular meetings with your team by giving them the customer feedback and asking them to improve. This will instill a culture in your live chat agents to take customer feedback seriously and act on it.

It will certainly help your team to perform better and increase customer satisfaction rate substantially.

6. Involve Top-Performers in Training

As a team leader, it is your duty to reward your top performers and motivate the other team members to perform well.

By including your top performing live agents take a training session will boost their morale and gives them a chance to share their experience with others. The new joinees can learn a lot from sessions like these since they would get sound and practical advice.

This will also motivate the other love chat agents to perform better in order to be seen knowledgeable.

7. Escalate Issues to Right Team

Everyone has a different role and if we ask a technical question from a logistics person, he may not be able to answer it. So, it is very important to route the queries to the right team.

Your live chat agents should know the correct team to approach when a specific query comes. Your live chat agents could use the department routing feature to transfer the chats to specific departments.

It helps in reducing the query resolution time and improve customer experience.

8. Use of Right Tools

As mentioned in a point above, you must train your customer support agents to use the tools. The tools may range from using live chat dashboard to raising a ticket in CRM.

For example, if you may have to check the customer computer screen while providing tech support then your agent must know how to use the screen sharing feature.

This helps in providing better support to your customers.


If you train your customer support agents on the points above, then you would definitely see your customers more satisfied and provide better customer experience.

As they say, “Customers may forget what you said but they’ll never forget how you made them feel”.

Follow this mantra and let your customers be your ardent fans.

Author’s Bio

Anurag Mehra is a Growth Hacker and a Digital Marketing Enthusiast who believes that learning never stops in this ever evolving domain. He likes to share his knowledge and learn form others.

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