Chatbot Template for Marketing

Power up your marketing, personalize customer engagement at scale and increase conversions with the right chatbot.

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Benefits of Marketing Chatbot Template

Promote Products and Services

Make product promotion engaging with marketing chatbot. Spice up conversations and boost your marketing strategy with a bot.

Generate Leads

Add a chatbot to your website homepage and ask sales-driven questions. Effectively guide customers through the checkout process.

Build Email Lists

Ditch the old method of collecting emails. Engage in thoughtful conversation with your customers using chatbot and build your email lists.

Make Product Recommendation Fun

Add fun to your product recommendation system with a marketing chatbot. Use images, GIFs, emojis to make prospects hooked.

Quizzes and Contests

Use marketing chatbot to conduct regular quizzes. Increase website engagement levels and gain new customers easily.


Use Cases for Marketing Chatbot


Fashion Brand

Give personalized customer service to visitors using a chatbot. Present relevant options and drive your sales.


E-commerce Industry

Recommend right products to customers with marketing chatbot. Save their time with relevant offers.


Insurance Sector

Implement your upsells, downsells and cross-sells offers using a chatbot. Boost the chance of getting a sale from customers.

You are in good company

Over 10,000 happy customers use REVE Chat



Grace Chipofya
Contact Centre Operations Manager
Telekom Networks Malawi

REVE Chat helped us to assist our customers virtually with co-browsing and live chat support. We were also managed to get a better idea on our visitors activities and guide them properly.

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