10 Tools to Boost your Conversion Rate Optimization Efforts

10 Tools to boost your Conversion Rate Optimization Efforts

Conversion Rate Optimization is one of the most important aspects for any website. You may bring traffic using various tools but if you’re not able to convert the traffic into sales then the effort is useless.

But how can you increase the conversion of your website?

You’ll find a lot of articles discussing the tips to boost conversion rate optimization but do you know there are some tools which can also help you improve sales.

And if you’re a small business owner, then the resources would be limited, and you may use a lot of free tools.

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So, we are discussing these 10 conversion rate optimization tools which will help you grow sales:

1. Hotjar

Despite putting the best design and copy on the website, your website conversions are low, and you want to know why. You need to understand the behavior of the customers on your website. We are also using Hotjar on our website and it has really helped us in making the design of our landing page better.

Hotjar is one of the most effective tools to record and check the heat maps on your web pages. It shows you how much of your content is being read, and highlights the are where mouse hovers the most. With this you’ll be able to understand the better placement of your CTA, hence increasing your conversions. It also records sessions which help you understand the customer journey and experience on your website.


Pricing: It offers a free plan and a paid($29/month) plan for personal/small business use. Pricing for business use increases with pageviews/day.

2. REVE Chat

REVE Chat helps you to provide instant assistance to your website visitors in real-time. It also helps in increasing conversion by offering help to customers in real-time. Offering plugins for almost all the CMS, eCommerce platforms it is very easy to integrate on your website.

It has a simplistic dashboard which is easy to understand for anyone. After integrating with your website, a chat widget will appear on the front end. Whenever you see a website visitor on your dashboard, you can initiate proactive chat offering help.


This builds the trust amongst the customers on your brand and increases the chances of conversions.

According to a research, around 77% of customers said that they won’t make a purchase if there’s no live chat support.

3. Sumo

Sumo has proved to be one of the perfect lead capturing tools. It has a lot of different set of tools which helps in increasing conversions. Having plugins/ modules on almost all the major platforms, sumo is easy to install on every website.

One of the most famous tools of Sumo is its “Welcome Mat” feature. It covers the whole screen to capture lead of an eBook download or some other offer. Its interface is easy to use with simple drag and drop solution. After capturing the lead, you can send it in most of the email marketing software. On the back end, it can integrate with Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact etc. It has recently introduced a reply message feature with which you can send the email message to the lead directly from Sumo.


Pricing: Three versions of Sumo is available- free for Basic version, $10 per month for Starter version and $100 per month for Pro version.

4. HelloBar

HelloBar allows you to capture leads using a pop up or adding a smart bar on your website. It is mainly known for the smart bar, it adds on the top of your website.

It is a simple yet effective tool since it does not hamper the user experience and grabs the attention of the user. Apart from capturing email it offers you other options as well depending on your objective namely, promoting social pages, showcasing an award, diverting traffic on a particular page etc. All you need to do it to set the copy and a well-defined CTA.


Pricing: It offers different plans depending on the number of click throughs. Hallobar plans are $4.95 per month for 100 click-throughs, $12.95 for 500 click-throughs every month, $29.95 for 2500 click throughs per month.

5. Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Web Optimizer helps you understand the customers better by testing different pages and check the behavior on each page.

This is one of the best and most user-friendly A/B testing tools. Users are able to change headlines, pictures, CTA buttons and every other item for testing purpose.

User can create landing pages for webinar signups or eBook downloads etc. for lead capturing. The process is so easy that you don’t need to have technical knowledge for creating a landing page.

When the test ends, user can check which copy/design won and then implement those changes on the website.


Pricing: Pricing ranges from $299/month (Growth Package) to $599/month (Pro Package). There is also an enterprise package (pricing available upon request).

6. Optimizely

Optimizely is also a testing tool which allows you to A/B test various elements to know which performs better.

It makes your task of testing easy which otherwise would have been quite hard to execute. You can test across all the platforms and devices to get best results. You can do multi-page, A/B and multivariate tests on your website.


Pricing: It offers a 30 Days Free Trial for all its services but for prices beyond that you need to contact their sales team.

7. Qualaroo

Qualaroo, as an effective CRO feedback tool provides chat windows and popups for collecting the live feedback from target audiences and website viewers. Qualaroo lets you have a database that aids you in designing customized strategies for each visitor.


Qualaroo lets you know issues; visitors of your site face, and it aids you tailor your site as per your target audience, which ensure conversions. It is extremely beneficial at all the different stages of an e-commerce site’s online optimization.

8. WebEngage

Webengage is an easy to use tool which allows you to show notification popups(discounts), collect information in form of surveys.

It can be really powerful from driving traffic from one page to another when you’re running some promotions.


Their free plan offers good functionality and can be called as ideal for a small business website. Though the paid plans are not expensive, but it is not much customizable.

9. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg comes from one of the most sought after digital marketer, Neil Patel. It offers an array of tools to optimize your website for conversions.

This tool generates heat maps of the webpages to help you analyze which portions of the page are getting more traction. It builds the heat-map on the basis of clicks and mouse movement showing you the maximum engagement areas of your page. Providing simplicity of the usage, this tool helps you concentrate on the main job of analysis. You can check the maximum engagement area and then place your CTA accordingly, thereby increasing the conversions.


Price: $9/mo for Basic, $19/mo for Standard, $49/mo for Plus, $99/mo for Pro

10. Survey Monkey

When selling something on your website, you must know your customer needs. What do they really want and what challenges do they face.

Survey Monkey helps you in conducting a survey which helps you in understanding your customers in more detail. You can embed a survey on the website asking few questions or you can send the survey to your customers asking their feedback. It helps you in understanding the customer needs and why did he purchase the product.

Survey Monkey

You can make the changes on your website after taking considerable number of responses.


If you use these tools, your conversion rate will definitely go up. But if you’re using some other tool which is helping you to grow, then please share it in the comments section.

Anurag Mehra
Author’s Bio

Anurag Mehra is a Growth Hacker and a Digital Marketing Enthusiast who believes that learning never stops in this ever evolving domain. He likes to share his knowledge and learn form others.

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