How to build your first chatbot?

Chatbots or Virtual Assistants are boon for businesses as it automates the business processes and offers 24×7 support. Building a bot for your business helps to streamline interactions between customer and services, enhancing the customer experience. By using REVE Chat live chat platform you can automate as well as scale your customer communication to deliver a conversational experience.

You can build your own chatbot in few simple steps:

  1. Once you login to your REVE Chat dashboard you have to click on “Bot Builder ” button for creating your first chatbot.

    how to build a chatbot

  2.   When you click on “Bot Builder” you get the option to “Create New Bot”. You have to click on the option to go further.

    how to create a chatbot

  3. When you click on “Create a New Bot” you get the different options.

    how to make a chatbot

    You can also do the following activities:

    • You can give a name to your bot that matches your personality. Say for example Eva or Aliza. The name makes your customers feel that they are chatting with human agent.
    • Just like name you can give a specific visual identity by changing the bot avatar.
    • You can also enable it with Facebook Messenger.

    Enable actually don’t make the bot live. There is a live Button turning it on will make bot live.

  4. After you submit the next step is to define your bot flow.

    create your own chatbot

    You have to add new nodes with the help of different actions to build the bot flow.

    What is a node?

    Node is defined as a bot scenario. It could be anything – a welcome greeting or a product overview. These messages to set according to the target customers.

    Read more about actions: What are the actions available in the chatbot?

  5. Now add the required action such as add Text Message action to define your bot flow.

    build your own chatbot


    For e.g. if you want to add a message go to the “Text Message input field section” type your message and click save button. You can also set a trigger event according to bot flow. build a bot

  6. Before making it live you can test the node by clicking “Test it out” button. Once your bot flow is functioning properly you can save it.

    bot building platforms

  7. Once you click this button a test website open & chat banner open with trigger message.

    create a bot for website

    Pro tipIf you want to use a particular trigger, select and add it as a part of your bot flow.

Read more about triggers: What are the triggers to use for chatbots?

Voila! Your first bot is created successfully. You are ready to access your bot on your workflow.

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