Tips to Provide 24/7 Live Chat Customer Support with Limited Resources


Implementation of a good live chat for customer service on your website undoubtedly will be one of the best investment to make for your company. Compared to other traditional methods for providing customer support like phone or email, live chat is more cost-effective, user friendly and efficient.

But, in spite of having this extremely effective live chat tool, if your visitors are unable to reach to your support team whenever they need any help, it will be of no use.

So, here we will discuss how with limited resources, you can provide 24/7 live chat support to as many website visitors as possible.

Please note here that to achieve this, you don’t need to have extra resources. Let’s discuss!

a) Be available during prime hours

I hope, you have a pretty good idea about your website visitors: who they are, their geographic location and so on. If you don’t, live chat’s ‘Visitor Tracking’ feature will help you to get all the info about them.

Customers who stay near to your office may not mind to visit your office during the normal office hours, but clients on the web don’t follow the same rule. They may come to your website and seek online customer support any time within 24 hours.

So be available 24/7 with live support software.

Even if you are unable to provide online customer support 24/7, you should make sure that the live support chat facility is available at prime hours convenient to your website visitors. So have minimum 2 support agents available during the prime hours for providing assistance.




One good thumb rule for this will be to make your support agents available until 11 PM at least.

*** Best practices

With this live support software, as an admin, you can assign the total no of concurrent chats for every agent. Each agent should be able to handle 5-6 concurrent chats altogether. So don’t waste your resources by assigning less than that.

b) Be mobile, provide support even on the go

Ensure that your live chat customer service is available as long as possible.

One way to achieve this will be using such a live support chat software which also offers mobile app.

Through a mobile app, agents can provide live chat customer service to your website visitors, even when they are outside of the office. So assign one or two of your support agents to handle all the chat requests through the mobile app. Don’t forget to appreciate and reward them for providing excellent support even after hours.

c) Outsource to manage your support service more efficiently

If you have a global business with customers all around the world, and getting a huge volume of chat requests, you may think of hiring some full time employees to manage the workload.

Instead of assigning your support agents to handle chat requests after hours or even during weekends or hiring full time employees, you can think of outsourcing to several freelancers or agencies.

They will gain product knowledge from you and may help to reduce overall cost of human resource.

Another advantage of customer service outsourcing will be the freelancers or agency can provide support when your employees are out of office. So it ensures that your website visitors will get 24/7 customer support whenever they need.

d) Use ‘Canned Response’ to save time 

Use ‘Canned Responses’ for providing answers to the frequently asked questions in order to save agent’s time. With just a few keystrokes, your agents will be able to reply with detailed answers of various lengths.

With canned response, agents can type faster, manage customers more efficiently and handle more chat requests at any given time.




Let’s have a look at the above image. Here you can set your responses based on the common questions asked. There is also ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ options, clicked on which you can make changes if required.

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