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Proactive Chat

Let’s take a situation! Merry wanted to order a cake online for her mother’s birthday. On the website, she had selected that specific cake and tried to add it to the cart. But because of some technical issues, she could not place the order. To get instant assistance, she started searching for their contact no and finally contact them for help. 

Familiar issue?

Several companies respond to customer issues when they actually arise. This reactive way of customer support may solve the problem, but it will not delight or satisfy them. Instead of that, just think if you could solve the issues much before the customers had to contact you or even they come to know about it. The proactive approach will not only differentiate you from your competitors, but also will win the heart of your customers. 

There is no harm in answering only when you are asked. But through proactive communication, it’s far better to reach to the customer for solving any problem even before he or she asks for it. Let’s discuss!

What is Proactive Customer Support?



Take the initiative to show customers that you really care. Here you will tackle and solve the problems much before they are being noticed. In proactive customer support, you will always put the customers in the first place and go some extra miles to make them happy and satisfied. 


1. Proactive customer support helps to satisfy customers

2. Offer help and stop customers from leaving your website being frustrated

3. Increased sales conversions through proactive customer care initiatives

4. Make your presence known to the website visitors proactively

5. Your support agents become more efficient and effective

How live chat support helps you to engage PROACTIVELY?



This shows that, visitors who have used live chat on the website, would be more likely to return for repeat business.

There are several advanced features a live chat offers. One of them is ‘Proactive Chat. Connecting with your customers has become easier with ‘Proactive Chat. It lets you reach to the website visitors for offering instant help even before they ask a question.

With proactive live chat you can target specific website visitor and then by using visual sound effects can deliberately invite him to initiate a live chat support session. The chat invitation message can be a small chat window with a custom message saying for example, “Welcome. How may I help you today?”

In the market, there are a couple of live chat software available that include this function. REVE Chat is one of them. My advice here will be to choose a live chat software which allows to you take care of each and every customer in the best possible way. REVE Chat also allows to monitor the website visitor in real time and provides information like their geographic location, IP address, name, email address, past visits and many more. All these help you to make your proactive live chat invitation much more personalized and customizable. 

How does Proactive Chat work?

From the REVE Chat dashboard, the agent can check who all are present on the website at any given time. Select one visitor to whom he wants to send the Proactive Chat invitation. 




  • A pop up box will appear asking whether you really want to initiate ‘Proactive Chat’ or not. Click on ‘Yes’. The Chat request will be sent to that website visitor.




  • The visitor on the other side, will see that message, in the REVE Chat window. 




Countless reasons are there to make proactive live chat a must have feature. As a proactive customer care tool, it helps website owners to provide instant assistance, makes customers happy and satisfied, keeps you ahead of your competitors, reduces website bounce rate and many more.

If you have not tried yet, REVE Chat will be a great choice to say ‘Hola’ to your website visitors.

Suvashree Bhattacharya
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Suvashree is responsible for handling the website content, blog and social media marketing activities at REVE Chat. Graduated in English literature, she has done her Masters in Journalism and Mass Communications. Her interests include reading, painting and travelling.

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  • Giang Nghĩa

    Proactive chat is most useful feature of REVE Chat I have found. It doesn’t feels good when you see some visitor is visiting your website but you are unable to talk with them and they are not initiating chat. So proactive knock will help you out to eliminate this obstacle. Thank you revechat for your nice article.

    • Thanks Giang. Yes, Proactive Chat is an excellent feature to engage with your website visitors. It helps to increase online sales conversion and level of customer satisfaction.

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