Transform Customer Communication with Instagram Chatbots

Let me start today with a stat!

“As per a recent study, with 90% of Instagram users following at least one business, it provides an ideal opportunity to expand your audience and strengthen your relationships with existing and potential customers.” 

But the truth is, most businesses can not convert those followers into loyal customers. Here, the Instagram bot comes into the picture as a savior. Instagram chatbot lets you reply to each and every query of the consumers regarding your product offerings and convert them into paying customers.

On June 2nd, at Facebook’s virtual developer conference (F8 Refresh), Facebook launched a new messenger API, especially for Instagram. It was introduced for helping companies with their customer communication on social media platforms like Instagram.

As digital communication becomes increasingly prevalent in various spheres, the use of automated messaging platforms has gained widespread popularity. Keep on reading my article to know about Instagram chatbots and how they can be beneficial for your business. 


What is an Instagram Chatbot?

In simple terms, this chatbot provides instant responses to user queries on Instagram. The Instagram chatbots don’t mimic real people or try to make them feel that they are talking to a real human agent. Moreover, they act as intermediaries, facilitating real-time communication between a brand and its customers.

If a user comes across a post from a preferred brand while scrolling through their newsfeed, they can initiate a chat with the brand directly by using the “let’s chat” option, instead of simply liking and commenting and waiting for a response. Engaging in a detailed conversation with the brand can rekindle the user’s connection and allow for a more personalized experience.

On the other hand, on behalf of that specific brand, Instagram chatbot will interact with them and thus automates the whole customer service process. Here, the company doesn’t need to reply to each and every message of the users, manually. The bot itself works for that. 


Why to Choose Instagram Chatbot?

With nearly 2 billion active users all around the world, Instagram is amongst the most popular social media channels in today’s time. Approximately 17.54% of the global population, which is equivalent to the combined total of Europe and North America, uses Instagram on a monthly basis.

Instagram was first created in 2010, and since then all of us use it as a beautiful and engaging platform to share our memories, personal lives, browse different types of content, and communicate with our friends. 

Over the past few years, Instagram has undergone transformation and has emerged as one of the top channels for businesses to engage, promote and sell their products online to their customers.


The Advantages of Instagram Chatbots for Business Operations

Online selling through Instagram is definitely a big advantage for many brands. Users of Instagram tend to be very interesting and can be potential buyers. Through posts, stories and ads in Instagram will help greatly to engage with the target consumers and convert an interested user into your valuable customer.

In this article, we will explore some of the compelling reasons why you should consider implementing a chatbot on your company’s Instagram account.


  • Instant Response

Being a human, yes, you will take some time to reply to Instagram DMs, but for robots, it’s instant. When you integrate an Instagram chatbot with your business account, it will reply to any DMs automatically. You will get lots of DMs throughout the day. The time that you will spend reading and replying to those messages, can be put to better use.

While the Instagram bot will reply to those messages you can brainstorm new ideas for your marketing, advertising promotions, and other fruitful tasks.


  • Automated Lead Generation

Opting for an Instagram chatbot is like having a top-performing employee with an unusual passion for achieving the highest sales figures.

If you are running an online business, you must know that there is no downtime for you. If you have one, then it’s obvious that you are going to lose some sales. Your support agents do need rest, but the Instagram bot does not. Having a global business with customers from all around the world, sticking to only human managers may lead to missing out some valuable leads.

The Instagram chatbot can efficiently answer customer inquiries related to your product and direct them to relevant store pages, thereby boosting your sales efforts. It can also recommend product offerings within the chat window itself, thus leading to much more efficient and faster sales conversions. 


  • Understand Your Customers in a Better Way

The Instagram bot stores all the interactions with the users and keeps a tracking of the pattern of queries coming from them. It’s a great way to understand your customers and their requirements.

For example, if a large number of people are continuously asking about your return policy, then you have to relook that section and update the content for better understanding.

Also, if your chatbot successfully converts multiple customer inquiries into sales by recommending the same product, it’s time to review your inventory and ensure a sufficient stock to meet the demand. Yes, this information you could also get while interacting with the customers, but having the chatbot to automate the whole process saves huge time to focus on other important tasks. 


  • Multi-Lingual Assistance

You have to offer multilingual assistance if you have a global business with customers from different corners of the globe. As per research, 70% users want to be loyal to those companies that offer assistance in their own native language.

You can set up a multilingual chatbot in many ways. If you have created your own chatbot, you can translate responses into multiple languages. On the other hand, if you are not a tech-savvy language expert, you can utilize platforms that offer a built-in multilingual chatbot.


  • Strong Brand Recognition

Being ignored always feels bad. Not responding to customer queries and making them feel ignored will be definitely harmful for your brand in the long run. Instagram chatbot makes sure that whoever sends you messages always get a reply from your side.

Customers always expect instant assistance and if they get it, they will definitely remember you and come back for business. Yes, you can definitely work on your marketing and advertising promotions to create a positive brand image. But the more you offer a positive experience to your customers the more valuable recommendations your brand will get from them and Instagram DM chatbot makes it possible. 

 The Use Cases of Instagram Chatbot

If you are using an Instagram business account and have huge followers, you must be overloaded with lots of mentions, interactions and DMs throughout the day. These will spike even more during high-traffic times like Black Fridays, Thanks Giving, new promotional launches or any of the holiday sales.

It will be very tough for you to personally reply to all those DMs, mentions, and comments but you have to. Here, the Instagram bot can be your savior. Keep on reading this section to learn more about the different features of the Insta chatbot that can be useful for you.


  • Reply to Story Mentions

One of the coolest features of this Instagram Chatbot is here you can send automated replies to the story mentions of your brand name.

Suppose, someone has posted an Insta story and tagged your brand name with it. The chatbot here will send an automated reply on behalf of you such as, “Hello @username, thanks a lot for the brand mention.”, or even offer a discount as a marketing trick to increase brand loyalty, saying, “ Thanks @username, for mentioning us in your story. Here’s a 10% discount for you on our wide range of products! Use our code GREATDEAL10 on your next purchase and get a 10%  instant discount.”

Isn’t it GREAT?


  • Quick Replies

If you have used chatbots on websites, Facebook and other messaging platforms, you must know what quick replies are. In simple terms, it is a button that we click to send a reply.

Quick replies are user-friendly and streamline communication with your brand, making it faster and more efficient. So, you can easily use it wherever required.  A maximum of 13 plain text quick replies can be configured, with each button capable of holding up to 20 characters.


  • Templates

It is also a specific type of Insta auto-replies that lets you shoot a well structures message to the users which includes text, an image and buttons. A generic template that consists of multiple templates will send a carousel of items that can be scrolled horizontally, each composed of an image, text, and buttons.

This is a great feature to display your offerings and at the same time give them options to buy that specific product, learn more, or even talk to your sales team about it.


  •  Ice Breakers 

This specific feature of Instagram bot helps you to initiate an interaction with your user. Ice Breakers are basically a set of FAQs provided to the customer at the beginning of an interaction. However, here you can set a maximum of 4 questions.

As of October 19th, 2021, Ice Breakers now includes localization capabilities, enabling businesses to customize their questions based on the customer’s locale.

For example, when customers initiate a chat session with you over Instagram, you can automate welcome messages to them for queries like:

“I need help”

“I want to know more about your products”

“I want to know about my order”

These FAQ questions will appear as quick reply buttons, allowing customers to initiate a conversation either by selecting one of the buttons or typing manually.


  • Links for Redirecting to Chat Window

An link is a shortened URL service provided by Facebook to redirect users to interactions on Instagram. You can easily use them on the web, newsletters and other different places.

It’s a great feature to redirect users directly to Instagram chat rather than sending to your Instagram profile, where they may get confused and completely forget about their raised concerns or requests. 


Streamline Customer Communication with REVE’s Instagram Chatbot Solution

If you don’t opt for Instagram chatbots, your users will be redirected automatically to another platform for making any purchase or getting in touch with your customer support team. With REVE Chatbot, the picture will be completely different.

Integrated with your business Instagram platform, REVE Chatbot can engage with your customers at every stage of their journey, from product discovery to sales to support, to drive action-based interactions, resulting in fewer drop-offs and higher conversions.

REVE Chat is an omnichannel customer engagement platform that lets you offer instant assistance to customers on web, mobile and other social media messaging platforms like Facebook, Viber, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp and so on. 

Apart from live chat assistance, it also offers an AI powered chatbot to automate your different business operations including customer service. It can handle multiple chat sessions at a time and responds to customer queries when your team is not available.

It enables you to offer exceptional customer service regardless of where they are and what channels they choose to interact with your business. 

With REVE Chatbot now you can manage and respond to all of your Instagram direct messages from a single place and offer efficient customer service through your social media channels.

Key Features:

  • By integrating it on your Instagram account, you can manage and send automated replies to all your DMs, comments and mentions from a single place.
  • It is available 24/7 to assist your customers. For global business with customers all around the world round-the-clock availability is a great advantage. 
  • With complex issues, the bot directly transfers the chat sessions to real support agents for better assistance. 
  • The bot stores all the interactions on your Instagram account and provides analytics to have a detailed understanding about the bot’s performance and improvement areas. 
  • It can be configured with various FAQs to provide prompt and accurate responses to customer queries. 

REVE Chat offers 14 day FREE TRIAL to try out all its features and understand how it can benefit your business. So SIGN UP today!

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